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Chap 1: I'm Who?!?!

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I look back to where I was standing a half a second ago to see a young girl with strange markings on her face, "Who are you and why are you trying kill me with a FREAKING MALLET?!?" I ask the psycho chick.

"I'm Skuld and I'm trying to send you home not kill you," she says trying to look like an innocent little girl but loses all effect because of the mallet behind her back.

"Yeah, home in a body bag," I grumble and fall into a defensive stance I remembered learning in basic training, "you ain't taking me without a fight," ' I hope I can bluff my way out of this,' I think, 'I can fight but I'd rather not.'

"Why would I want to fight you, I just want to send you to your home dimension," she says brightly.

"Home dimension?" I say thoroughly confused, 'did she just say home dimen(SMACK) my thoughts were interrupted by a mallet that I didn't notice due to the fact that I couldn't quite comprehend that she was telling me that I belonged in another dimension.

The last thing I see as everything fades to black is the girl waving to me and saying "Good luck, you'll need it."


When I wake up I look around and I see myself surrounded by springs with bamboo poles stickling out of them, 'This place looks vaguely familiar but from where?' I think.

Then I hear "Are we done already, old man?" curiosity getting the better of me I go to find out what is happening. Then I see it a sight that will haunt me for the rest of my life, I see Ranma, the animé character, larger then life not more then 20 feet away from me, I stare at him not even realizing that I understand him when he was talking in Japanese.

Just as I was about to say something a huge panda jumps out of the spring in front of Ranma. He says something but I'm too shell-shocked to hear him, 'I'm in Ranma ½ , what the hell am I doing in Ranma ½?!?' again too distracted to see something very important.


Ranma's father hits him toward his destiny and I look up just in time to see which spring he is headed for, the one just behind me, of course he has to go through me to get to it so I say exactly what anyone in my position would say "Oh SHIT!!"


'It could be worse, I could have gotten pushed in with Genma and spent half the rest of my days as a panda, maybe I'll get lucky and it won't work with two people,' I think to myself, but know that no matter what my life has changed forever.

As we both break the surface gasping I look over to the now busty redhead then look down to my own inflated chest "shit" I say under my breath.

"Mr. Customer and boy that get in way fall in "Spring of the Drowned Girl", now you change into girl, but why you look same? Supposed to be girl version of boy body." the guide says.

'We look the same? Must be some sort of coincidence.'

I look over to see Ranma looking like she is going to explode, "Calm down, buddy this curse is reversible, besides something funny is going on here, I shouldn't look like you when we are like this." 'funny how I'm so calm, must not have fully sunk in yet.'

"Other boy is right, hot water change you back," says the guide.

Ranma visibly calms, 'good, I'd like to avoid Ryoga if I can.'

I look up to see a large panda looking at us, it's eyes go wide and it looks like it's ready to run for the hills.

I look over to Ranma "It could be worse, this could be the spring of the drowned cat or something," that had the desired effect on both of them, Ranma goes stiff and the panda is shaking it's head yes.


Back at the guide's hut, and currently in our natural forms (at least those two were), 'Why the HELL do I look like Ranma?!' I think.

"My name is Genma Saotome and this is my son Ranma" the old fart says while eying me up strangely.

"My name is Ryu" I say instinctively, then recoil 'why did I say that that's not my name? What's going on here?' I think just before a pillar of light hits me.

I feel all kinds of information filling my head but before I get a chance to sort it out I hear a voice in my head 'Yes, your name is Ryu. Did you think that we would send you home without a name or the ability to protect your self? The knowledge we gave you is a powerful form of martial arts, though not as powerful as Ranma's. We are glad we were finally able to find you and send you home. Good luck in your new life.'

As the voice stops, I feel dizzy and fall to the floor unconscious.


I wake up with a groan "I never want to do that again," I mumble to myself.

I look over to see a fat bald man and a teenage boy looking at me intently, "Why are you looking at me like that?" I ask them.

"What was with the light show?" asks Ranma.

"Did you say your name was .... Ryu?" asks Genma.

I think for a second "The 'light show' was a gift from the gods, as for my name, yes it is Ryu."

"MY SON!!!" Genma screams before enveloping me in a bone crunching hug.

"W..w..what!?" both Ranma and I yell at the same time, mine slightly weaker because of the lack of oxygen.

"Ranma, when you were born you had a twin brother named Ryu, he disappeared when he was a month old and we haven't seen him since" the bald man explains.

Our eyes go wide, mine because of the trouble I am sure this will cause, Ranma's because he has a brother.

"I can't believe that we stumbled across you here, I must test your skill in the art at once!" he says as he leaps at me. I'm stunned for a moment which is all he needs to press his advantage while I put up a barely passable defense. That's when I remember what the voice said, so I concentrate on that knowledge and instantly my fighting improves, my defense is almost perfect and I start to push my new father back a little but the style that I was given is based mostly on the sword with a foundation in unarmed so I am still at a disadvantage, then I remember that the case and back pack I was caring came with me to this new world and I smirk, you see I'm somewhat a sward enthusiast so I was actually on my way home after picking up my newest samurai sword and kodachi when I was sent here, so I jump back for some distance and take a quick look around and see what I'm looking for. I mad dash to the case and rip it open to show a beautifully designed samurai set, I quickly unsheathe the sword and use one of the moves that I now know.

"PIECERING STRIKE" I yell as I slice downward. A crescent moon shaped energy blast is sent in the direction of Genma as he stands there shocked at the technique that I pull off. Lucky thing I blunted the edge of it or I would have two halves of a father instead of a whole one. He flies back and slams into a tree knocking him out cold.

I run up to him to make sure he is alright. As I am checking him over for wounds, Ranma comes up next to me "you took him out with one blow with that strike thing of yours, how did you do that?" he asks.

Without looking up I say, "All you have to do is channel a little bit of your ki into something, preferably something sharp like sword, and hit the air at the proper speed and angle then release your ki and there you go. Add more ki to make it sharper, less to make it dull, I made that one dull so I didn't kill your .... our father."


"Yes, son that was amazing but I can do the same thing with my hands so there is no reason to use a sword, weapons make you weak," Genma says regaining consciousness just before my explanation.

"How did you compensate for the negative ki?" I ask, not only did I receive the moves but the history of them and how they work so I was curious.

"You don't it is a deterrent not to use the move unless you have to."

"Well that's stupid," I say rather upset, "to not use a skill is to let it degrade until it is useless to you."

"How dare you back talk your father, oh what an ungrateful son I have."

"I didn't even know you WERE my father until ten minutes ago, add to that I know your reputation, I have no problem 'back talking' you," I reply coldly.

Genma starts to sweat when I mention his reputation. 'So, he doesn't want Ranma to know, well it might make it harder for my new brother but if I do say something he might not get together with Akane. I want them both happy.'

Just as I am about to say something to my new brother about trusting him and telling him my story I feel my newly acquired danger sense go off and I look back just in time to see Genma hitting me with enough force to knock me out again.


"Not again" I moan as I fall to oblivion.


I wake up to see a note on my chest (which is now female because of the rain coming down). It read, "Sorry bro, pop says that you can't come with us 'till ya can block that or have it not hurt ya. We'll be goin' back ta Japan soon an' I hope ta see ya there, Ranma."

'Well, this just sucks, I was hoping to limit some of the chaos because it affects me now too. I'll just have to bring in one of the players early' "MuhahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" I laugh evilly.

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