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Chap 3: Brothers,... sisters,... whatever reunite


"Damn it!"

"Language young lady, I don't want my daughter to turn into a foul mouthed miscreant."

"Sorry mom," Ryu says looking down, "I just wanted to see Ranma as a guy."

"Don't worry about it, little one, I'm sure that he will be glad to see you whatever form you are in, besides, we are only 3 blocks away from the Tendou dojo now, we can get hot water there," Nodoka replies sagely.


"Oh my pigtailed goddess, how I, Takewaki Kuno, have missed your soft touch."

"EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK, PERVERT!" Ryu cries as she tries to dislodge the hand that is groping her breast. Finally, the hand comes free and she hides behind her mom. "Can I chop him into little pieces, please?" she asks her mother.

"No, but you may pound him into the ground," her mother says venomously.

"Good enough," Ryu says and proceeds to beat the living shit out of the misguided moron.

(2 blocks later)

"Ranma, prepare to DIE," yells a bandanna clad boy with an umbrella.

Ryu skillfully dodges, "What is going on here?" she asks her self. "Mom you go on ahead, I'll ketch up after I deal with this clown."

"Alright dear, but hurry up I want you to be there when we greet your brother."


"Coming," says a sweet voice inside the house. A few seconds later the door opens and Kasumi is standing there in greeting, "how may I help you," she asks Nodoka kindly.

"My name is Nodoka Saotome, I was told my husband, Genma, might be here."

"Yes he is, please come in while I go get him," the eldest Tendou says.

Ruy comes in behind Nodoka after Kasumi leaves the room, "So, are they here?" her still female son asks.

"According to that nice young lady they are, oh I hope Genma doesn't try anything stupid."

"How may I h.e..l...p, Nodoka, what are you doing here?" Genma says as he looks for a way to get the hell out of the district without his wife noticing, hopefully grabbing his son at the same time.

"Why I'm looking for my wayward husband and son, and it seems I found them," she says neutrally.

"Found who?" says a familiar female voice at the stairs.

"My child!" Nodoka joyously yells as she blurs to Ranma's side and gives the girl the same mega glomp that she gave Ryu.

Genma's jaw hits the ground, "B..b..but how did you recognize him," he stumbles.

"That would be because of me, old man," Ryu says to her father.

"Ranma? But. Hu?" Genma says intelligently.

"No, Ryu, the one you left at Jusenkyo, remember," she says icily.

Genma stairs in shock blinking.

"Can't breath, need air," Ranma chocks.

"Mom you're suffocating her," Ryu point out calmly.

By this time the entire Tendou family is there to see the commotion.

"What is going on here," Akane says fuming from seeing Ranma hugging a girl.

"Allow me to explain,"says Ryu.


'I knew I should have watched more of the anime,' Ryu thinks shaking her head trying to figure out what the Tendou patriarch is talking about, 'Just buying the first set and then reading endless fanfics won't help too much unless it's a crossover with sailor moon or tenchi muyo or something.'

Nine girls, two cats, a boy with a pig tale and a wooden sword, a space pirate, an alien princess, and the greatest scientist in the whole universe all sneezed at the same time.

A chill runs down Ryu's spine, "Is It me or did anyone else just get a really bad feeling?" asks she.

"The evil beast must be destroyed!" yells Soun, jumping up, ready to pound the young aqua-transsexual swordsman.

"My son you have found us! Oh what a wonderful day!" cries Genma glomping onto his wayward son, momentarily forgetting that he left the boy to his fate in China.

"Am I missing something?" asks Nabiki.

Akane is just too shocked to say anything.

"Oh my, maybe I should get some tea." says Kasumi

"I think that it is time to explain some things," says Ryu with a sweat drop.

After the story of what happened at Jusenkyo and the reunion of mother and son, everyone looks at Genma for an answer to why he left his son all alone in that cursed place.

"I thought it help him get stronger," he says lamely.

"And just who beat who in that little match we had," asks a now male Ryu condescendingly.

"Hay Ryu, ya wanna' spar, I want to test my new moves," an also male Ranma says taking the heat off his father, for now, 'gotta' make sure bro's good nuff to beat the snot outa pops before we beat the piss outa him toghter,' he thinks with an evil smirk.

'I know that smirk,' Ryu thinks, "Sure, mom may I?" Nodoka nods and separates the bundle she has into two and unwraps a wooden bokken and hands it to Ryu who smiles and nods in return. "Lets go"

(In the dojo)

"Isn't Ryu going to change clothes first?" asks Kasumi.

Akane notices Ryu's attire for the first time, he may look like Ranma but he has a totally different fashion sense, he is dressed in a pair of kahki pants and a light blue polo shirt and a pare of loafers on his feet, also she didn't notice when she looked at his face but his hair was only about as long as Kuno's but stiled different, kind of like Ranma's but cut off at the base of the pig-tail. Finally she noticed the eyes. They were the same as Ranma's, only somehow more mature.

She breaks from her observations when Nodoka speaks, "Why would he, you never know when you will have to fight a rival of some other type of challenger and not have time to change."

"But isn't he a little dressed up for fight?" asks Nabiki almost drooling, 'he looks like a college student, only he looks like Ranma, but he's hot! Wait, dose that mean I'm attracted to Ranma? Not really, but I am attracted to Ryu? This is weird.' she thinks shaking her head.

"You're right, he usually wares a pair of dark blue jeans and running shoes, but he likes that type of shirt for some reason."

"The blue in the shirt really brings out his eyes," Nabiki says with a sigh, then slaps her hands over her mouth.

Nodoka smiles knowingly.

Over in the corner of the dojo another conversation is happening. "so you see Soun, if we engage Ryu to Nabiki, we'll have an even better chance to unite the schools," old fool 1 says to his old friend.

"Quite right, we will tell them after you're sons are done sparring. "says old fool 2

They turn to the fight just in time to see Nodoka gasp, "What's wrong aunt Nodoka?" asks Kasumi.

"That style that Ryu is using, it looks like my family style," she replies shocked.

"What style is that?" asks Akane.

"The Juraian royal style of swordsmanship."

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