Come with me my friends. Come with me and imagine a world where Harry Potter is no longer with us. A land where evil has won and only the good survive by slavery. What of the children of the evil ones? What of the Draco Malfoy's and the Pansy Parkinson's? What is there story? What part did they play in the war? Is everything as it appears? Take a journey through time and imagine what might have happened.

Chapter 1

She bit her lip nervously as she was lead in chains to the manor. Wife. She was now married to that beast. She knew she should be thankful that he spared her life, but she couldn't summon any joy. All her life she had been taught that good would always triumph over evil. How wrong everyone had been. In the end good was massacred by the evil ones. Her husband had been right in the thick of it. In the end he had sparred her life and presented her to the dark lord. As payment for his bravery and all his success in the war her husband had been given a pet. A pet which he could do with as he wish. He had been given Hermione Granger. Hermione watched her husband carefully as he shut the door behind him, "What?" he snapped. Hermione closed her eyes and slowly counted to ten, "Nothing," she mumbled. She felt silent tears slip though her lashes as she watched her dreams crushed by the shutting door. Her life had become nothing at all.

Draco sighed as he shut the door. His wife was watching him out of the corner of her eyes. Life was not what it seemed. War was not what it seemed. Too many dead. Too many injured. He closed his eyes and saw the horrific images flash though his mind. After the dark side won all Draco wanted to do was get married and settle down. He had to smirk as he recalled the look Lord Voldemort had given him when he requested a wife.

"Of all the things you want you want a wife?" Lord Voldemort asked.

Draco nodded, "My liege I have been nothing, but faithful to you and your cause. Al I humbly request is wife so I may start the family I so desire." Draco looked the up at the dark lord, "My liege I humbly ask that you grant my request so I may start on future generations to serve you."

Lord Voldemort smirked, "I see." He replied. "You will take any wife that is given to you?" he asked. "Even a mere slave?"

Draco bowed on one knee, "I would prefer to choose my mate, but if you feel it is in your better judgment to do so who am I to complain?"

The dark lord snapped his fingers and a slave appeared before him, "Draco," the dark lord hissed. "Do you know who this mere mudblood is?"

Draco felt his heart stop; Hermione. Hermione Granger was to be his possible wife. "Yes my liege. That is the same filthy mudblood that felt it was in her right to try and best all pure bloods in school. I know her type well."

The dark lord grinned, "I want you to marry her and have her bare your children. I want to see my subjects grow. You have one hour to ready for the ceremony."

Draco bowed in service, "My liege it would be an honor to serve you in any way you see fit."

Draco opened his eyes as he felt the scene leave him. Hermione was his. She was his wife. How long had he waited to marry? How long had he waited to have her under is heal. Now his wish had been granted. He sighed wearily. Was this what he truly had wished for? He looked at his wife and exhaled; he had his work cut out for him.

Chapter 2

"Master!" a house elf yipped. The tiny creature charged Master Malfoy and jumped on him. "Master is home! You alive!"

Draco let a genuine smile cross his features, "Dog what are you doing out of the kitchen?"

"Dog?" Hermione sniffed. "It's bad enough you have house elves, but to name them dog?"

Draco stood up and looked down at Hermione, "What I call my house-elves is my business. But," he paused. "I'm only telling you this because you are now my wife. His name is Dodger, but somehow in the mix up it got shorten to Dog."

"Master is home with lady," Dog replied. "She is Mistress?" Dog asked hopefully.

Draco nodded, "She is my new wife. I want you to meet Hermione Malfoy. Please have a room waiting for her and send Gippy to me at once."

Dog bowed respectfully, "Anything Master." The little house elf danced off singing a little dity, "Master home. Praise Merlin! Master home!"

Hermione watched the exchange in shock. Malfoy was nice to house-elves? Something was not right, "What happened to everyone being inferior to you?" she demanded.

Draco buried his face in his hands, "So many questions. Do you not understand what has happened to you? You are my prisoner. I am your husband. Don't you get it? If I wanted to I could kill you and nothing would be done about it."

"Why did you marry me?" Hermione asked suddenly.

"Lord Voldemort told me to," he replied.

"That's not the reason," Hermione answered. "Why did you do it?"

"Master?" an older house-elf asked.

Draco looked up, "Yes, Gippy."

"Her room is ready," the elf squeaked.

"Hermione go with Dog," he ordered as the tiny house-elf grinned from behind Gippy.

"This conversation," Hermione started.

"This conversation is closed," he snapped.

Suddenly an owl swooped in and dropped a parchment off in Malfoy's hands. Draco opened the letter and read it, "I must leave," he informed Hermione.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"That is none of your concern," he growled. "Gippy," Draco replied calmer. "I'm sorry to cut this meeting short, but when I return we will meet about my absence."

"As you wish master," Gippy replied with a bow.

"I'll be home late," he told Hermione. He quickly picked up her hand and gave it a delicate kiss. "We will finish our conversation later."

As he apperated away she stared at him. He had just kissed her hand. He had touched her without harming her. Was this the same Malfoy she knew? What game was he trying to play? She spotted the piece of parchment that had fluttered to the ground in the confusion. She unrolled it and began to read, "I need you," it was signed P. Parkinson.

Hermione began to laugh, only married for an hour and already Malfoy was cheating on her.

"Mistress," Gippy called softly. "Are you ready to go to your room now?" he asked.

She nodded, "Please."

Malfoy appeared at Pansy's house and rushed inside. "Pansy?" he called.

"Master Malfoy," Tippy called. "She is in studio."

Draco took off for Pansy's art studio. He entered the room, "Pansy?" he called.

Pansy looked up at Draco with a tear stained face, "What happened?" she asked. "What did we do wrong? What did we do to deserve this?"

Draco sat next to her and wrapped his arms around her, "What did he do?"

Pansy let out a hollow laugh, "It's what I had to do. I had to have him under Imperius Curse just to keep him from killing himself. Why do I have to harm him?" she wailed as the tears started again.

Draco felt his heart break for her. Pansy had been one of his oldest friends. He had loved her with all his heart. As youngsters there was talk of an arranged marriage between the two. By their fourth year any love they had felt for each other had become strictly platonic. Draco had fallen for an obtainable woman and Pansy? Well Pansy had fallen for the one man she knew she could never have. It didn't matter that he was a pure blood. Their circles were just too different. Poor Pansy had fallen in love with Ronald Weasley.

"How's Ron holding up?" Draco asked.

"He hates me," Pansy cried softly. "He'll never love me. What did I do to deserve this life?"

"It's not the end of the world," Draco soothed. "Give it time. Hermione isn't too happy with me either."

Pansy had to hold back a smile as she saw Draco's eyes light up at the sound of his wife's name. Draco had fallen in love with Hermione in his fourth year. Pansy had noticed the summer of their fourth that Draco's teasing of Hermione had become less and his threats were a little hollower. She finally found his journal that had included a sketch of his beloved as well as a few poems he had written to her. Pansy smiled fondly at the fight she and Draco had had. The insults they had hurled at each other as each tried to mask the pain and confusion that was brewing in their hearts.

"You love that mudblood?" Pansy accused.

"You love that traitor," Draco shot back. How had Pansy discovered his love for Hermione?

"I found your journal," she shot back.

Draco cursed her talent for mind reading. "How long? Were you ever going to tell me? You are my bloody girlfriend!" he screamed.

"You?" she screeched. "What about me! All the kisses and sweet words you were whispering to me and all this time you were thinking about Granger! How do you think that's supposed to make me feel?

Draco let out a howl, "What about me? Do you have any idea how it feels to watch the woman you love skip right by you into the arms of every other man but you? Do you know how long I have been repressing these feelings?

Pansy rushed for Draco and gathered him in a hug, "of course I understand. That's how I feel about Ronald."

Draco and Pansy held each other as they both cried. Cried for the love they knew they would never have and cried for families they were born in.

"Are you ok?" Draco asked.

Pansy wiped the tears form her eyes, "I'm fine. I think I'll go to bed now."

Draco stood up and offered Pansy his hand, "I must return home. I have to explain to her what happened. I know she must have looked at your note."

"Will I get a chance to see her?" Pansy asked.

Draco nodded, "Not yet. It's too soon. I want to give her a chance to adjust to the new world she lives in. Give it about a month and then you can visit. In another few months you can bring Ron. I don't want to separate them, but I don't want them holding on to each other."

"I agree," Pansy replied quickly.

Draco tenderly touched her cheek, "You are the sister I never had. He will love you one day. It's hard not too."

Pansy watched Draco apperate into the night, "I hope you're right, Draco." She whispered. "I hope you're right."