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Chapter six:- Things unsaid

The nurse quickly yelled out for help on a flat line. Jimmy said there in disbelief until the doctor pushed him and the chair into a corner. He watched in horror as the doctors worked to save her. Jimmy threw his head into his hands agian and started pleading.

"Please Cindy. Don't leave me....Don't leave me. I promise to keep you safe just don't leave me right now." Then he heard the beebing noice to signal her heart was beating agian.

"The antipoison is working." The doctor said in disbelief. "I want her watched very closly. Take careful note on what goes on here."

"What's going on?" Jimmy asked a little dizzy himself.

"It looks like she's going to make it...with no side effects." The doctor said staring at a chart. "She's very lucky. The antipoisons we have don't normally work that quickly." Jimmy saighed and smiled. He said a silent thank you then as the room cleared out he approached Cindy.

"Keep hangin' in there." He knew she was saying she would try...he just knew. Jimmy walked out of the room to leave her alone to find Libby. "She's going to be okay."

"Oh thank god!" Libby yelled. She smiled then stood up and hugged Jimmy.

"What was that for?"

"An 'I'm sorry'. You guys shouldn't have felt you needed to run off."

"It wasn't your fault."

"Yeah I know but after you guys ran off, the school held a meeting and man was everyone dead quiet. Everyone's sorry."

"That's good to know but right now we need to focus on Cindy."

"You said she going to be okay." Libby said a little confused

"Yeah but for the next few days she's not going to be able to do much so..."

"Is she able to talk right now?" Jimmy paused a little unsure on how to answer.

"Yeah in a way she can..." Jimmy turned away and layed down on a couch and fell asleep feeling everything was going to be okay.

I hoped you liked it...I have started a new fic that will be posted soon.