Chapter 1

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-May 15th-

"Hey Ben," said Riley coming up behind Benjamin Gates. He followed his friend's gaze and gave a slight smile.

"You know, I can see little blotches where we spread the lemon juice," Riley laughed. Ben smiled and nodded.

"You should really take Tom and Andy here sometime. They'd be interested." Ben took his eyes off of the glass case, stuffed his hands in his pockets and started walking towards the door of the Archives building.

"They still don't know where the money came from," he said.

"Then tell them."

"I'm not setting a bad example for them. They shouldn't think that everyone should steal the Declaration of Independence. Especially their dad."

"Well where do they think the money came from?" Riley asked. Ben stopped and looked at him.


"Inheritance? Who in your family could have possibly died for you to become a millionaire?"

"Riley, they're both ten years old."

"Ten's old enough!" Ben stared at his friend for a while and continued walking. "I'm just saying I think you should tell them the story. That's all," Riley said quietly.

"No, I know. They'll be ready when I'm ready." The two descended the high staircase, piled into Riley's car, and drove to Ben's estate. When Ben unlocked the door and opened it, the pair found the two children running around the house, black waterguns in hand, one dressed in blue, and the other in red.

"Freeze or prepare to meet a most excruciating death!" cried the one in the blue.

"Tis you, not I, who shall be falling slain this day!" said the one in the red. He was positioned on the balcony upstairs, while the child dressed in blue was on the downstairs floor.

"Not if I can reach you first!" The blue child began scrambling up the stairs, and the red child jumped on the banister and slid down, only to trip off and land straight in front of his father. Ben raised an eyebrow, looking at the slightly Shakespearian war going on in front of his eyes, then down at his son.

"Hi, dad."

"Thomas Edison Gates..."

"It's the American Revolution, dad! Here, you can be a redcoat with me!" Tom turned around, but Ben put his hand on his shoulder.

"Andrew, come down here." Andrew Jackson Gates slumped down the stairs and stood next to Tom. Andy's hat slid over his eye, but he pushed it up with his hand which was covered with the oversized blue uniform.

"Where's your mother?"

"She's a POW," said Tom seriously. Riley hid a laugh, but Ben looked none too pleased. There was a pause and he grabbed a golden dish from the table near the door, held it in front of his chest and advanced on his sons.

"Take me to her, soldiers. Or you will experience three months grounding." He lowered his head a bit. The twins smiled, bowed, and Andy spoke softly to Ben.

"Right this way, sir." Riley awkwardly placed a basket on his head, and the four started through the kitchen, and down the hall to the very last door. Ben opened the door, and looked at his wife, sitting inside a closet among piles of blankets and pillows.

"Benjamin Gates," she said, smiling.

"I'm here to rescue you, Lady Abigail."

"And Riley," said Riley.

"And Riley," repeated Ben. He held out his hand for her, which she took and stood. Tom and Andy looked at each other, and ran in the other direction. Riley considered this a good idea, and followed the two children.

"So, have they been driving you crazy?" asked Ben, smiling.

"Not entirely." Abigail smiled. "Apparently I've found I'm capable of sitting in a linen closet for a half hour." She stood on her toes, and kissed her husband on the lips. Suddenly, yells emitted from down the hall. The two headed into the living room where Tom and Andy had nailed Riley on the ground. Ben smiled.

"Having fun?"

"They think I'm carrying a gun!" Riley shouted, kicking his legs around.

"Alright, both of you - enough of this Revolution nonsense." Tom and Andy both looked at their dad.

"It's not nonsense, dad," said Andy, struggling to keep Riley down. When he stopped fidgeting, he and Tom remained stationary, looking most disappointed.

"You didn't say that when we went to Egypt last year," said Tom.

"Or when we were in Fort Sumter in South Carolina two years ago..." The two got off of Riley, and stood up.

"I know, I's not nonsense, you're right. I'm sorry." Ben said quickly, not really sounding the way he felt.

"Yeah. We are too," said Andy, "Come on, Tom." The identical twins went slowly up the stairs to their bedrooms, each taking off their hats, revealing their flattened reddish-blonde hair. Riley sat up on the rug and looked up at Ben.

"Nonsense?" he said.

"It just came out," said Ben. "I didn't mean it."

"Tell them, Ben."

"Not yet."

"Why? They'll end up finding out anyway - and - and when they do, they'll be angry with you because you didn't tell them before!"

"Look, Riley. We haven't had to worry about this before, and we still don't have to."

"Maybe you do now," said Riley, standing. "They need to know now, Ben." There was a pause and Riley sighed. "Think about it. See you later, man. Bye, Abigail."

"Bye," said Abigail. She left the room along with Riley, and Ben stood alone in the living room biting his tongue and thinking about how much his life could change if he told his two sons about the treasure...

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