Chapter 1 - Stranded!

Tea tapped her foot in the water's edge. She was tired, she was hurt, and she was upset..... and, she was hungry. She flopped back on the rock she was sitting on, her foot dangling in the water. She was at the water hole while she thought. He was bound to come back sooner or later. This was the only fresh water source they had. She hoped he would come back soon. It would be getting dark soon.

Oh god, was she worrying about him now? She huffed loudly, blowing her bangs off her face. If it was one thing being stuck on an island with him, it was another that she was beginning to get attached and perhaps used to his very presence by now.

Why was he so upset? Oh yeah, she insulted his family and his entire ego-maniacal, self centered, crummy attitude. Well, it wasn't like he had said anything nice to her, though. They had gotten into a fight, the biggest of many they had already had for the past few days.

This was a complete nightmare.

And when were they going to be found? Surely someone as important as him would have thousands of people looking for him. Then again, maybe the people who were after him in the first place were making sure no one found where he had disappeared to. For all anyone knew, they were both dead.

The sky was getting darker by the minute. Maybe she would go back to the hut..... then again, that brought back a bad memory from this morning. There was no way she was going back there without him. It wasn't like he was any help this morning, though. She growled again at herself. Where was he already? He must have gotten thirsty. She pulled her feet out of the water, and sat Indian style on the rock, watching the small waterfall in the distance.

Then she saw a figure come from behind a row of trees. It was him. Even from far away, she could hear him cursing and mumbling something, as he literally ripped off his shirt and discarded his pants, and jumped into the cool water. Tea almost felt her jaw drop ten feet. Never once during their few days here had he taken off his clothes with her in the vicinity. Maybe he didn't see her. She confirmed this as she watched him scrub his head, still cursing. She lay down on her belly to watch him with a little more stealth.

He was definitely still angry. He dunked his head in the water briefly, before pulling back out. Tea literally died; it was like slow motion suddenly. His chin and neck were stretched backwards, his shoulder blades perfectly square and set, his chest toned and flat, his hair was even dripping water down all those wonderful features. She gulped.... even she had to admit that he was hot! She suddenly forgot that he was a total jerk, and realized that he was an extremely perfect specimen of the ideal male body. She bit her lip.

He seemed to sense someone, and scanned the perimeter, and his eyes fell on hers in the distance, and he stared at her for a moment with something strange in his eyes. Then his brow furrowed into the perpetual frown she was all too used to by now. She almost hit herself in the head; this looked really awkward.

How in the hell did she get into this damn mess? How in the hell did she get stuck on a deserted island with Seto Kaiba?!!!

Four days earlier..................

"This time, Yugi, you can forget about playing your dark magician, because I activate my crush card, destroying all high level monsters from your deck!" Kaiba spat, laughing maniacally. He watched as Yugi stared down at his duel disc, his high level cards slipping away. Kaiba smiled evilly.

"You may think you have the upperhand, Kaiba, but I know I have faith in the-" Yugi was cut off.

"The heart of the cards...... yes, I've heard it before. Don't bore me with your little one-liners, because quite frankly, it's not going to do you a bit of good this time, because I'm not done with my turn yet. I know what you were planning to with the winged dragon of Ra, but I'm way ahead of you. I play monster reborn and bring back Ra as the Phoenix god on my side of the field! Rise my fiery beast!" Kaiba began to laugh harder as Ra was released from Yugi's graveyard and appeared on his side of the field, facing Yugi.

"No!" Was all Yugi could get out, looking very surprised.

"Oh yes..... and you can believe that you're going to be history as soon as I call my attack! Phoenix, attack Yugi's life points dire-" As soon as Kaiba was calling the attack, he noticed Yugi activating a trap, but before he could even see or hear what it was, he was thrown to the ground by a large explosion. He looked around, and suddenly saw fighter jets zooming by in the air, firing at them. Who in the-? Another explosion, and the duel holograms flickered. He growled, and looked up to see Yugi on his knees as well, shaken by the blasts. The holograms completely shut off and an alarm began to sound.

"What's happen' here!?" Shouted Joey, running up to help Yugi to his feet. "Is like we're in da middle of a war or somethin'!" Joey was followed by Tea Gardner, Tristan, and Duke Devlin out onto the dueling platform that was situated on Kaiba's massive yacht.

"We have to get out of here!" Tea eclaimed, looking around frantically. The planes were circling back around. She looked over to where Kaiba was. He was just staring at the planes intentively, not making a move. Joey, Yugi, Duke, and Tristan were already jumping down off the platform. They called after her when they realized she wasn't with them.

Kaiba looked up and squinted his eyes, trying to make out the model of the fighter planes attacking him. He could almost make out the logo, just barely. It looked really familiar. Then the planes started to fire again, but he was shoved out of the way by something. He frowned, but then saw that where he would have been was now steaming with fresh bullet holes. He looked down to see what had shoved him out of the way. It was that annoying cheerleader of Yugi's –Tea Gardner.

"Kaiba, we have to get out of here, quit daydreaming!" She exclaimed, and he grunted as he stood up quickly and scanned the yacht's deck. Another stream of bullets pierced the dueling platform and broke it in half, the ship groaning as water flooded inside.


Yugi and the others watched in horror as another parade of bullets separated them from Tea and Kaiba. The platform was broken and now too nunstable to walk across to get to them. Mokuba Kaiba ran up besides them.

"Brother!" He shouted, but a wall of flames blocked their view. They couldn't see across the platform anymore. "No! Brother!" Mokuba felt tears in his eyes, but he had to be strong. He had to be strong like Seto! He turned to the others, who were shouting for Tea as well as Kaiba. "We have to get to the life boats!" He exclaimed, and led the way. Everyone followed. Mokuba knew that if Seto had survived that last attack, he would be heading straight for his Blue Eyes jet. Maybe Seto was okay.


Kaiba had to get to his Blue Eyes jet to escape. Good thing it was on this side of the boat, since getting across the surface was now impossible due to the platform being completely destroyed. The planes were circling back around, and he noticed a weight on his arm. He looked down, and saw that Gardner girl holding onto him tightly. She looked up at him. "Kaiba! What's wrong?!"

He spun and began to run towards the Blue Eyes' hanger. She followed close behind him, nowhere else for her to go. Her friends were hopefully getting in the escape boats on the other side of the yacht. She hoped they were alright. Kaiba led her to a large hanger where a massive Blue Eyes White Dragon jet sat. Kaiba ran up to the head, where the seats were and punched the sequence in to open the hatch. The ship shook again, and the ceiling looked like it was about to fall down on them, and water was beginning to gather at their feet.

Kaiba jumped in, and began to start up the Blue Eyes. He hadn't even noticed Tea crawling into the back seat. All he was concered with was getting the Blue Eyes started and getting the hell off the yacht. He closed the head of his jet, and the engines fired up with a loud blast. He put on his headset and tried to open the bay doors, but they wouldn't work. He then readied the missiles and fired it at the side of the hanger, tearing a massive hole in the side. He fired the engines up and roared out through the hole, but was emmediately met by the fighter jets attacking them.

He saw for a moment that there were life boats sailing away from the yacht, and he was sure Mokuba was on one of them. He had to lead away the fighters so they wouldn't go after the lifeboats. He circled once around, making sure to draw the attention of the fighter jets. They definitely saw him, because he was met with a barrage of bullets. He zoomed away from the sinking yacht and the others.

He didn't know who these fools were, but they were about to meet a very pissed off Seto Kaiba. A very pissed off Seto Kaiba with guns. He zoomed away, being followed by the fighter jets. Whoever they were, they wanted him dead. But he wouldn't go down without a fight!


She was sure Kaiba had forgotten all about her. He hadn't even said anything to her. Not anything, like 'get in' or 'come on' or anything! She was gripping onto the seat belts tightly. It was a rough ride, and the jet was spinning and turning really quickly, making her sick to the stomach. There were gun shots and alarms blaring. A sharp turn made her squeal uncomfortably, but there was a giant explosion, and she guessed Kaiba had gotten one of them by a barely audible satisfactory grunt he made.

He spun the jet to dogde some bullets and then took them straight up. She closed her eyes. This was too much! Before she knew it, he was nosediving something, and he fired two big missiles from the sound of it. There was two more explosions, but then she heard Kaiba curse. There was a loud beeping. He muttered something like 'another target?' before she heard a loud explosion again. But this time it sounded different.

"Shit!" Kaiba exclaimed, before pulling them into a streamline of evasive maneuvers that made her dizzy. She covered her head with her hands, and heard loud mechanical screaming noises from either side of the jet. She dared to look out the window to see giant flying blades all around them. Kaiba was desperately trying to lose them, but there were too many of them.

"Oh god!" Tea exclaimed, as she saw the blades suddenly veer towards them with great speed, and Kaiba tried to dodge, but the blades sliced though the entire jet, cutting it into pieces. Tea screamed as a blade cut right behind her and sliced the head off of the Blue Eyes. They were now tumbling, wind and alarms blasting her ears until they felt like exploding.

The hit the water with a loud thud and crash. She hit her arm against a cut piece of metal and screamed in pain, but her mouth was filled emmediately with water. She reached for her seat belt and undid it, and tried to crawl out the back where the head was cut off. She managed to get out and float towards the surface. She looked down briefly and saw the head sinking away quickly. On no! Kaiba!

She hit the surface and gasped for air. She looked around at the dark and turbulent sea. Debris littered the surface of the water. She went for a floating piece of plastic, which she realized was the top of the Blue Eyes' cockpit window. If this was blown off, then Kaiba would have been able to get out of the cockpit. She looked around.

"Kaiba! Kaiba! Are you out there?!" There was no answer, and the waves were loud. "Kaiba!"

Suddenly the plastic tipped, and she thought it was losing balance, until she heard a grunt besides her. She looked over to see Seto Kaiba crawling onto the plastic with her. "Quit yelling." He commanded hoarsely. He coughed, and spat up some water.

"Kaiba!" She exclaimed, and almost hugged him, but he was on the other side of the plastic, holding on. He looked exhausted and very pissed. He looked at her oddly then for a moment.

"Why are you here?" He asked accusingly.

Tea made a confused face. What in the –no matter the situation, Kaiba always found a way to be rude and cynical. Would he not have cared if she had been left on the yacht? He did forget she was with him! He had already forgotten that she had literally saved his life when they were being shot at! She was fuming, but too exhausted to yell at him about it. She sighed and gripped the plastic tightly as the seas began to calm.

She looked into the horizon, and thought she saw something. She squinted. It was something! It looked like land or and island. She pointed and turned to Kaiba, who was already staring in the direction.

"I see it." He replied coldly, and pushed off the plastic and began to swim towards it. It only took a moment for tea to follow behind him and swim towards shore.

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