Twisted Fate: Out-takes and Bloopers.

Scene #1, dramatic shot:
Khamul reaches out to pull Murazor into the saddle, the fell beasts wing catches on the ground and both Nazgul fall. The fell beast flies off frightened.
Murazor: …In pain… lots of pain…

Gandalf and a Troll in the Ruins of Minis Tirith:
Gandalf: "What's my motivation right now?"
Troll: "You're dead..?"
Gandalf: "You know, I do hear that a good deal…"

Scene #3, Riding for Mordor/ Listening to Their Taking the Hobbits to Isengard:
Gimli: What is it Elf? You see something?
Legolas: He has headphones on, he starts laughing, when he sees Gimli's face he laughs harder. By the time Aragorn looks at him he's shaking.
Gimli: Are you all right Elf?
Legolas: Still laughing. "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
Aragorn: "…What?"
Legolas: "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
Gimli: "What did he say?"
Aragorn: "Oh not again. No Legolas, no they're not."
Gimli: "Taking the hobbits to Isengard?"
Legolas: "They're taking the hobbits to Isenguard!"
Gimli: To Aragorn. "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!"
Aragorn: Giving up. "Stupid fat Hobbits."

Scene #5, Hunting the Ring-bearer:
Khamul and Adunaphel run dramatically down the obsidian hallway, they stop, look out the window. Frodo falls screaming from above and takes out Khamul.
Adunaphel: Not good! Not good!

Commentary between Mouth and Khamul, behind the Scenes:

Mouth: "What do you have against me anyway?"
Khamul: Eh?
Mouth: "You avoid me, and are generally unpleasant when I walk in."
Khamul: …Care for a mint?
Mouth: "…Ah."
Eye of Sauron: "Oh sure… He believes it when you say it!"

Scene # 8, Commentary between Aragorn and Hobbits:
Aragorn: "I know not where the wraith has gone, but he will surely retaliate when he discovers this. I leave now for Mordor, but pray thee, follow another road. I will feel better… if I know at least someone is safe."
Merry: "Will, will we see you again Strider? Will we, see anyone, again?"
Aragorn: lowers his head. "…What would you have me say?"
Marry and Pippin looked at each other.
Pippin: "Um… Yes? Common Aragorn, way to depress the hobbits!"
Legolas: Running by, "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!"
Aragorn: Yells after him. "I'm going to take that CD away!"

Mirror malfunctions, Murazor's memories:
Three strait minutes of Murazor trying to read the inscription on the mirror. First up close, then far away, from the front, from the side…
Murazor: Crap…
Gandalf: "What's the problem?"
Murazor: Let's see you read tiny print when you can only see in shadows...

Mirror Malfunctions, Murazor's memories 2:
Murazor, wearing reading glasses on his helm, face a few inches from the mirror.
Murazor: Ah… I don't understand it…
Gandalf: "But you can read it?"
Murazor: Does it say, Property of Warner Brothers Studio, Orlando Florida?
Gandalf: "…no…"
Murazor: Then no.

Black speech trouble:
For reason's still completely known, Akhorahil is not fluent in the Black Speech. This was made clear several times…
Akhorahil: "Fauthûrz izubu pizdur. Uf izubu kranklûk…"
What that means: Our captain is hidden. Our brother is frightening…
Akhorahil Tries again: "Fauthûrz izubu pizdur. throquûrz izubu kranklûk…"
What that means: Our captain is hidden. Our brother is edible…
Akhorahil's last try: "Fauthûrz izubu pizdur. Lob izubu kranklûk…"
What that means: Our captain is hidden. Our brother is a female…
Akhorahil: Why can't Dwar say this line! No one can tell us apart!

Scene # 2, Mission from the Eye:
Murazor walks over side of Black Tower, however, the Fell beast is not in position.
Murazor: AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Scene #4, Hunted:
Aragorn bends down beside river to drink. Dramatic music as the Fell beast lowers behind him, jaws stretching out to bite…
(Merry and Pippin have had pony trouble, they aren't there.)
Aragorn: As Fell beast nips him in the rump, "YEOWCH!"
Witch King: HAHAHAHAhahahahaha! Hehehee! Oh, oh hey, hehehe… you all right?

Collected, 'What's my Line?' Moments.
Sometimes these things just happen… Personally, I blame it on sleep deprivation.

Aragorn: "TO MORDOR! AND FROM THERE, TO… where again? Line?"
One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them… I really think you should include that somewhere, that is the point of everything.
(And so we did, here)
…If that be so… then repair it… cause… I said so, yesss… Line?
"Izg lat iist-... golug…agh ufur- nar iist-…narash… … …Ssssssiiggghhhh… Line?"
The Mouth:
"I, am the mouth of Sauron. Um… say something. No, Line?"
"They're everywhere Sam… how will we get… … Line?"
"My pony ate my script, so this could be a little rough…Um, Gandalf! Something-something-something… Script?"
Samwise: "…He's, no threat to, us now?"… "… …What? Is there more?"
"I am Gimli! Son of Glóin, and I… we… … …Line? Oh wait, that was it wasn't it, eh? Ah well."
"…Torn to pieces? I must… oh darn. Line?"
"…We took a gamble when she struck at the Witch King. Had it only succeeded… but now the rest have mud in their eyes… Oh drat."
From my lord you drew me! In the blackness of a centuries sleep you… Set me free! Yes! No, really, Line?
Stoned Dude:
"Dude… um… yeah… these colors are rocking my socks man… zzzzzzzz"
Mouth: "…I see, a mortal king whose time… an elf who fled from the Orcs of Mordor? …A Dwarf! I see a Dwarf! This speech is too long, Lines? Any lines at all?"
"We think So! …Not! We think not! Augh!"
"…It does not have to be. I know you heed me not, but listen! For our time, both yours and mine, grows short. Will you help them? Fallen one! Will you raise up your sword for the land once more, as you did when you were new! Sauron will destroy all if he is not hindered, even his own, …he cares not for you, and you know it, don't you. … … …What? That's it? I finally had something creative happening! Darn you Nazgul! You don't give me enough to talk about! No, no, I'm fine, I'm calm."

Finale, Black Breath blooper:
(We are Family) song blasts in the background as the entire cast dances, slowly the humans, dwarfs, hobbits and elves start to drop like flies. Then the orcs, trolls, and Wizard.
Alone on the field the Wraiths look around confused. The Mouth of Sauron descends from the tower and holds out a small box.
Mouth of Sauron: "Mint?"
Nazgul: Ah…
Khamul: Sarcastic. Hahaha.. Oh, you kill me MOS, You really do…