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This guy is such an idiot, Raven thought in disgust about the new villain the Titans were fighting. He sounds like a plumber. Stupid parasite.

Indeed, his name was Drainer, based on the fact that his power was to drain the power of others. For this reason, the Titans were staying far out of his reach. He had already drained some bystanders, so now had incredible strength.

Cyborg toppled over after being hit by a car thrown by Drainer, and was apparently unconscious. Raven hurried over to him to get him to safety, knowing that she had to hurry before Drainer got to him.

She floated Cyborg to safety as Robin fired freeze disks and Star Fire shot lasers at Drainer, and Beast Boy had become a gorilla (or whatever that thing was, Raven really didn't care) to throw things at him.

Raven took her eyes off the fight to secure Cyborg behind a shop; a mistake she would regret. Suddenly she felt herself being held up by a bizarre energy, and the weirdest sensation creeping over her body. It started in the pit of her stomach, something heavy, yet light, an unexplainable numbness. Then she could feel it spread throughout her body, tingling at first, but then going cold, and Raven could feel herself slipping away…

The last thing Raven was aware of before the numbness conquered her was a flash of green and a scream.


Raven sat up in one of the Titans' hospital bed with a start. There was still a tingling feeling throughout her body, and she felt lightheaded. Then she remembered the green, and immediately directed, to any random person, the question, "Where's Beast Boy?"

The random person happened to be Robin. "He's fine," he said seriously. "It's a good thing he jumped in front of you, or you could have lost more than your powers."

It took Raven a moment to grasp this. Beast Boy had jumped in between her and Drainer? Wait a minute, she didn't have any powers?!

"I'm powerless?!" Raven shrieked in anger. She glanced around, wanting something to

explode because of her accidental magic, but nothing moved the slightest bit in the room.

Robin winced. "Yah, you and Beast Boy both. But don't worry, it'll only last three weeks at most."

"Three weeks," Raven repeated in her usual sarcastic monotone. "Three damned weeks." She fell back onto the bed with a thump.


Beast Boy sat in his room, staring into the oblivion that was his shadowed ceiling with a splash of his imagination. Raven should be awake by now. Shit, he had never been without his powers. Not since he had gotten them. What would it be like to be powerless?

He concentrated with all his might, but he remained the same. No animal appeared suddenly to replace the small green boy lying on the top bunk, no monster emerged to cover the insecurities of this young mortal. He was alone, just left alone to be himself, with nothing to hide his insufficiencies and weaknesses. Alone, yet again, in this unforgiving world.

Beast boy gave a shuddering sigh. He closed his eyes, but even sleep had forsaken him.

It was the middle of the night by now, and sleep still hadn't found it in its schedule to relieve Beast Boy of reality. So, instead, he went to watch a movie.


Raven lied in her room, slightly dazed. She was making very little effort to control her emotions now. It didn't even matter. At least, not while she was alone. She wouldn't let anyone see her feel. That was just begging to get hurt.

Dang, I need some tea, Raven thought, her emotions not used to this much free reign. Duty was screaming in her head, and Raven smiled as she could feel Bravery and Rebellion doing at Duty's reprimands. Then Guilt overpowered all of them, and Raven let out a shuddering sob. Shut up! Duty finally screamed, and Raven was able to semi-control her emotions once more.

After she had made herself some herbal tea, Raven decided to catch that anime she had been hearing so much about at her café. However, she froze when she saw beast Boy watching Shrek there.

Shit, Raven thought, and turned around quickly. But, unfortunately, not quickly enough.

"You couldn't sleep either?" Beast Boy asked her.

"Nope," she replied guardedly.

He paused, then said, "You wanna watch this with me?" gesturing to the movie.

"Uh, sure."

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