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Raven stumbled out of her room late at night, mind blank and just wanting some herbal tea to calm her nightmares. As the fumbled for the light switch in the living room, something caught her hand and pulled her onto the couch. "Beast Boy?" she whispered, supressing the shaking of her hands and the nearby speakers.

"Do you love me?" Beast Boy asked, still holding her on the couch. His fingers were digging into Raven's upper arms, and she distinctly felt bruises forming.

Words to deny everything she had ever felt sprang to her lips, but as she caught the look in his eyes, she new she couldn't lie. (heheh... deny everything... oh, sorry.) "Yes," she whispered levely, but still something in the nearby kitchen exploded, a little too loud for comfort.

Beast Boy grinned a wide smile, his eyes flashing. "Great," he said casually. "Then I know I don't have anything to worry about."

Raven attempted to steady her breathing after he walked out of the room. She slowly flicked the light on and opened her eyes, before shutting and opening them again. There, sitting in the middle of the room and framed by couches, was the giant-mini pyramid she and Beast Boy had never completed. It was finished now, though, and both of their lego people stood at the top together. Raven walked toward it in a sort of trance. It seemed ages since he had explained what a "gainat mini pyramid" was, when they had planned out the most strategic place to hide the "Stone of Disaster". Raven sighed and wondered what he meant by leaving it here, when she saw a piece of paper attached at the bottom of the pyramid.

Raven's eyes watered. It was a poem, cheesey and childish, yet so, so perfect. She grabbed it from the pyramid and ran back to her room. Among the shaking vases and other random objects in her room, Raven let herself, for the final time, cry.

I'll wait forever and a day

I'll wait no matter what they say

I'll wait until time stands still

I'll wait for you, until, until

I'll wait for you till you're at peace

I'll wait for you and never cease

I'll wait until the end of time

I'll wait till I can make you mine

I'll wait without a second thought

I'll wait until your freedom's bought

I'll wait even when all else is killed

I'll wait for you for longer still

I'll wait to be sure you never lack

I'll wait without looking back

I'll wait forever and a day

I'll wait no matter what they say

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