Kawaii-hikari3: YAY! MORE YxY GOODNESS! ::bounces::

Yami: Aren't you supposed to be working on your other ficcys?

Kawaii-hikari3: Yeah, but you can't ever get enough ficcys!

Yuugi: She's right.

Kawaii-hikari3: ESPECIALLY if it's YxY!

Yami and Yuugi: ::smiles::

Kawaii-hikari3: ANYWAY! Here'smy newest YxY ficcy!

The harsh rain that pounded against the windows tuned out the near-silent cries of a hurt soul. A crown of red, black and blonde hair adorned his head, giving it the look of fire. His school uniform was tattered and ripped from the beatings he had received. Usually cream skin was now a pale white and had deep gashes on his cheek and arms. He closely closed his soft violet eyes and held back the tears as his whimpers grew a little louder.

He sat up on his bed, hugging his knees tightly as his only protection. He hated being small and always being picked on. He gently wiped at his eyes, hoping to stop the possible falling tears. His whole body was aching as he gently breathed and listened to the rain. He was bullied at school and no one defended him. It hurt him even more to know he was alone.

"I'm always picked on…I'm always alone…I'm always crying to myself…I'm always sick of it…" He whispered to himself. He heard someone calling to him. He listened as someone gave him some instructions.

"Yuugi, I'm going to be out of town for the weekend! I left money and a gift for you on the counter. Take care of yourself." An elderly man called out.

"I will, Ji-chan!" Yuugi called back, trying to keep his voice steady. Once the door closed and he saw his grandpa leave in a taxi, he slowly went downstairs. He put the money he found laying on the counter in his wallet and held the wrapped gift carefully in his hands.

"Wonder what it is…" Yuugi said as he gently shook it. He heard clinking noises and smiled a little. He knew it was a puzzle and he went back into his room. He unwrapped the gift and stared at the beautiful gold box that was revealed. He took off the lid and saw the gold pieces glistening. His eyes grew wide as he touched one of the pieces.

"It's so beautiful…" He murmured to himself. Out of boredom and curiosity, he started to put the puzzle together. Connecting the pieces easily, as his specialty was solving puzzles, he smiled widely. It took him a couple hours to get all the pieces together, since his mind drifted every-so-often, and marveled at the completed puzzle.

"Wow…" He picked it up and stared at it. It was in the shape of an upside-down pyramid. There was a place on for a chain or something to be attached, so it could be worn around the neck. An eye positioned in the center of the puzzle stared at him coldly. A shudder slithered down Yuugi's spine as he gazed into that eye.

"That was weird! Anyway…" Yuugi gently hugged the puzzle close to his chest. "…I just wish that someone would love me…" A tear slid down Yuugi's cheek and splashed against the puzzle's cold surface. He placed the puzzle on his nightstand and slowly laid down.

Once Yuugi had fallen asleep, a bright light came out from the puzzle. A figure appeared and stood beside Yuugi and stared at him. He looked almost identical to him, except there were some striking differences between them. His hair had extra blonde bangs the jetted upwards. A mix of sadness and mystery were filled in his dark crimson eyes. He stood above Yuugi, staring at him carefully.

"Aibou…he's so innocent…" He murmured as he examined Yuugi closely. He noticed the cuts and made a disgusted face. He gently touched Yuugi's cheek and noticed his hand went through him. He retreated his hand and gasped, staring at his transparent hands. He examined himself and realized he was a spirit. His eyes filled with tears as he stared at Yuugi.

He sat on the edge of Yuugi's bed, continuing to stare. He noticed a couple bangs were covering Yuugi's face. There was a longing to touch was overwhelming to the spirit. He heard Yuugi gently moan and stood up in fear. He retreated back into the puzzle as Yuugi sat up. He noticed someone was standing beside his bed and he let out a gasp.

"H-hello?" Yuugi asked a bit fearfully. He looked around and saw no one was there. He sighed heavily to himself as he stared at his bed. 'No one was there…it must've been my imagination. I should've known that no one was there…but, I could've sworn I saw someone who looked just like me! I must be seeing things now…'

Yuugi sat up for a couple more minutes, still looking around the room. The feeling of being watched never left his heart or mind. He closed his eyes and groaned loudly, hoping he wouldn't get a headache from worry and stress. He flopped back down on his bed as he closed his eyes tightly. No sooner had his head retouched the pillow did he fall back asleep.

The spirit reappeared beside Yuugi's bedside. His eyes stared at the smaller form that lay sleeping soundly. Nervously, he leaned closer and gently touched Yuugi's bangs with the back of his hand. Even though he couldn't move the bangs, he felt a tingling sensation as if he could feel the silky bangs. He retreated his hand again as he watched Yuugi's light breathing. He sat on the bed again, hoping Yuugi wouldn't awaken.

"Sleep well, aibou…" The spirit murmured as he mentally vowed to watch and protect his sleeping partner.