The sound of heart wrenching sobs filled the entire room. Isis watched as amethyst eyes shed endless amounts of crystal tears. The owner of those eyes slowly looked up and locked eyes with her.


That was the only word Yuugi could muster. He was in pain and his very core was shaken up. This horrible feeling overwhelmed him and his body was tight with these negative and horrible emotions. He wept and his face contorted into a look of pain and betrayal.

She promised she wouldn't kill him…! She PROMISED! And…and I trusted her…a-and now…!

Yuugi let out another scream when those thoughts brushed past his mind. His voice filled the room and echoed loudly and painfully. He shed more tears and began to struggle with a renewed effort to break away from those restraining him. Isis watched silently. She waited until his voice had quieted before she spoke.

"I didn't do anything wrong." She said simply. "He needed his memories…and that's what he's received."

"He's dead!" Yuugi choked. "L-look at him…! His chest…it's not…it's not moving…!"

Yami's body lay completely still. His head was turned towards his love, but his closed eyes couldn't see the face he adored so dearly. His lips were parted slightly and his hair was being gently kissed by those lips. His skin was exceptionally pale; he looked cold to the touch.

"You killed him! You lied…! Y-you said you wouldn't kill him!" Yuugi screamed in heartbreak. "A-all he wanted was to learn about himself! Now he's DEAD! Why…w-why…?!" Yuugi managed to free his arms from his winged captors and he ran over to Yami. He watched as the binds on Yami's body vanished. He managed to pick Yami's cold body up and he sat on the floor with Yami in his lap. He gripped the limp man, and cried miserably for him.

"Mou hitori no boku…! Mou hitori no boku…!" Yuugi sobbed and whimpered. "I'm so sorry…! I failed you…! All…all you wanted was to learn about yourself…!" Yuugi paused in speaking when he realized something which made him weep harder. "I-I can finally feel you, mou hitori no boku…! But it's too late now…! You're gone…! I-I wish I stopped this sooner…! Please…please forgive me…!"

Yuugi's tears gently landed on Yami's neck and the side of his face. Yuugi wiped the droplets away. His hand gently traced Yami's jaw. He began to caress Yami's cold cheek. A stream of endless tears flowed down Yuugi's cheeks and skidded over his nose as he watched Yami's cold and lifeless form. He felt how cold Yami's body already was and he missed the warm presence that Yami once possessed.

"He needed to move on…and his memories allowed him that." Isis said calmly. Yuugi gave her no response. He was too distressed to speak. He gently traced Yami's lips and forced himself to smile.

He looks like he's sleeping…is he…is there actually a chance that he's alive…?

Yuugi desperately find a pulse on Yami, but his fumbling hands couldn't track one down. His normally bright amethyst eyes turned to a dull violet. He embraced Yami and closed his lachrymose eyes.

"…Mou hitori no boku…" Yuugi whispered softly. "…I never…even got to say I love you one last time…!"

Yuugi gently caught Yami's lips in a soft goodbye kiss. He could taste his own tears in that tender gesture. Yuugi then heard a peculiar sound.


Yuugi pulled back and saw Yami's body start to glow a light golden color. His eyes widened when he saw Yami's skin change from a soft pale to a beautiful tan. His clothes also changed into a short white tunic with a red cape and blue sash. The puzzle was around Yami's neck, while Yuugi had no necklace around his neck as of now. Amethyst eyes stared in shock at the shocking events.

"M-mou hitori no boku…!" Yuugi gasped. Yami let out a slight grunt and his eyes opened slowly. Yuugi began to cry renewed tears and he held Yami close. Yami's eyes slowly blinked slowly as he tried to focus his vision. He was breathing normally and he was perfectly fine aside from being in a daze.

"Gkk…" Yami slowly glanced around and he spotted Isis. He abruptly pulled away from Yuugi and stood up. Yuugi had to slam his hands against the ground to stop himself from falling. He looked up at Yami in shock.

"Isis!" Yami said with a strange accent.

"Pharaoh?" Isis replied.

"What has happened…answer me!" Yami was speaking to her in a foreign language; one that Yuugi had never heard of before.

"Your memories have been revived, Pharaoh." Isis bowed.

"…I had lost my memories?" Yami asked curiously. "What else can you tell me?"

"There is much to tell you, my Pharaoh…your soul had been trapped in the puzzle that hangs around your neck. You were trapped there for thousands of years until that young boy revived you by completing the puzzle." Isis said and gestured to Yuugi.

Yami's eyes turned to look at Yuugi. His eyes widened when he really looked at him. Yuugi's skin was a bit flushed from crying and his amethyst eyes were bloodshot. He was sobbing a few times, but he was quiet otherwise. He was on his hands and knees on the ground and his eyes were locked with Yami's.

"…Little one, why do you stare at me so…?" Yami breathed.

"Mou hitori no boku…what are you saying…?" Yuugi blinked and sniffled. Yami couldn't understand what Yuugi was saying and his eyebrows furrowed. He walked over to Yuugi and knelt in front of him.

"What language are you speaking?" Yami questioned, but Yuugi only stared at him strangely.

"He doesn't speak this language, my Pharaoh." Isis said calmly.

"How am I to communicate with him, then?" Yami asked with annoyance; his eyes glowering at Isis. Yuugi couldn't understand anything that was going on and he felt his heart clench tight in his chest. With each foreign word Yami said, he felt as if the one he loved was slipping farther away from him. Another wave of tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Little one…" Yami said soothingly. "Why are you weeping…?"

"N-nn!" Yuugi couldn't understand what Yami was saying, but he could hear the soothing sounds in his voice. He absently threw his arms around Yami and held him close. He whimpered and whined miserably. Yami pushed Yuugi away a bit roughly and Yuugi stared at him with the most pained expression on his face.

"…Why are you so upset?" Yami asked and quickly realized that no matter what he said, Yuugi wouldn't understand him. Yuugi's heart grew cold and he felt the room spinning around him. Yuugi gripped his chest as his entire body shook. He collapsed to the ground.

"Isis, do something immediately!" Yami said in panic. He picked Yuugi up and held him carefully. Yuugi's eyes were squeezed shut and he kept whimpering.

"As you wish, my Pharaoh." Isis went over to Yuugi and knelt in front of him. She beckoned the winged creatures over to her. The winged ones put their hands on Yuugi's head and a soft light surrounded their hands. Yuugi's eyes slowly closed and he calmed once he fell asleep. Yami stared at Yuugi silently for a long while.

"…Isis…" Yami finally spoke. "I cannot understand him…he seems to know me…he seems to want to be near me…but…I do not remember who he is…"

"He's your lover." Isis said softly. Yami stared at her in disbelief.

"My…lover? A paramour?" Yami questioned in shock as he looked at Yuugi again.

"I know not the full extent of your relationship…but before you awoke he said he loved you with a deep passion." Isis explained.

"Dear Ra…!" Yami gasped. "I…I do not remember him…! My own lover…"

"Do not stress yourself, my Pharaoh." Isis said.

"Do not tell me how I should react!" Yami snapped in annoyance. Yuugi whimpered and tried to shift in Yami's arms. Yami steadied the shifting form in his arms.

"Mou hitori no boku…!" Yuugi whispered as a silent tear ran down his cheek.

"...Is…he calling for me?" Yami asked softly; he remembered Yuugi said that to him earlier.

"Yes. It means 'my other'." Isis said.

"You can speak his language?! And you told me not?! Isis, I want to speak with him…I want to remember him!" Yami said angrily.

"My Pharaoh…is that such a good idea?" Isis asked. "I know not as to how you obtained your own body, and I do not know for how long it will last. It might be more stressful and heartbreaking if – "

"I care not how long it lasts." Yami interrupted. "I want to remember him, even if I die doing so." Yami said firmly.

"…As you wish, my Pharaoh…" Isis spoke softly.

"Wake him." Yami commanded. Isis nodded and shook Yuugi carefully. Yuugi's eyes slowly opened and he looked around slowly. He saw Isis staring at him and he gasped in surprise.

"Relax…the Pharaoh wishes to speak with you." Isis offered a smile.

"Mou hitori no boku…?" Yuugi murmured and he turned his head to see Yami staring at him. He frowned when he realized Yami was tanned and clad in a tunic. Yami stared at Yuugi with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Ask for his name." Yami said.

"He wants to know your name." Isis said. Yuugi stared at her in disbelief.

"He…doesn't remember it?" Yuugi asked slowly.

"He doesn't remember anything about this current time period." Isis said softly. Yuugi felt his entire body go numb.

"What did you tell him?!" Yami snapped.

"I told him you do not recall this time period, my Pharaoh. That is all." Isis explained. Yuugi yanked himself away from Yami and stepped back. He looked at Yami in heartbreak. All those sweet times and blissful moments with his love were just memories now.

He forgot about me…about everything we went through…! Yuugi thought miserably. While part of him was glad Yami had regained his memories, the rest of him was torn and tattered. He felt like he was forgotten and unneeded. The loneliness ate at his heart. He was so numb that he couldn't even cry again.

"Please, come back…talk. He wants to know about you." Isis said. Yuugi slowly nodded and went over to them again slowly. He wouldn't sit near either of them. Yami leaned over and yanked Yuugi close. Yuugi gasped and blushed slightly as he looked up at Yami. His eyes lit up with hope that Yami remembered something about him.

"Tell me your name." Yami said.

"He still wishes to know your name." Isis said. The hope in Yuugi's eyes vanished and he looked away from Yami.

"Yuugi…" Yuugi muttered. Yami made an affirmative sound – signaling that he heard.

"Atem." Yami said and pointed to himself.

"Atemu…?" Yuugi murmured with a soft accent. Yami thought the accent was cute and he smiled.

"Yes. That is my name." Yami saw another tear roll down Yuugi's cheek and he caught the droplet with a finger, and he heard Yuugi gasp. "Why are you crying…?"

"He asks why you're crying." Isis translated.

"B-because…!" Yuugi whimpered and sobbed. "It…it's nothing…"

"He says it's nothing." Isis told the Pharaoh.

"I know that is not true. Tears are not shed for nothing. I want to know why he is upset." Yami kept Yuugi close.

"He insists on knowing." Isis said. Yuugi tried to answer, but only sobs and gasps came out of his mouth. He suddenly let gripped Yami and his body shuddered. Yami looked at Yuugi and slowly wrapped his arms around Yuugi.

"It hurts…! It hurts so much, mo – " Yuugi sobbed and paused. " – Atemu…"

"He says it hurts." Isis said and was instructed to figure out what hurt. She translated once again.

"Everything hurts…!" Yuugi whimpered as he spoke. "Especially my heart…it's throbbing and it feels so torn apart…! You don't love me now…y-you don't love me now…!"

Isis translated for Yami, and Yami's eyes watched Yuugi. He lifted Yuugi's chin. His heart clenched when he saw those desperate eyes look at him. He could see deep into Yuugi's soul just by gazing into those amethyst eyes.

"While I do not remember everything…I know there is something special between us; something that can never be taken away." Yami smiled gently. He heard Isis translate and he waited eagerly to hear Yuugi's response.

"You…you sorta remember…?" Yuugi smiled a little and his eyes glistened with happiness and hope. "Do…do you remember my nickname for you…? 'Mou hitori no boku,' remember?"

Isis translated once again. Yami nodded to answer that question. He longed to be able to speak to Yuugi without Isis' help. He touched Yuugi's slightly damp cheeks and he brushed the remaining tears away. Yuugi closed his eyes and allowed Yami to do as he pleased.

"Your skin's so soft…" Yami murmured and Isis translated for him. Yuugi blushed modestly. Yami chuckled and felt his heart flutter. He wondered if this was the love that he felt for this beautiful young man. He had no recollection of those warm and tender feelings, so he could only guess when he felt his heart skip a beat like that. Yami wanted to kiss Yuugi so badly, but something inside of him screamed for him to wait a little longer.

"Mou hitori no boku…" Yuugi held Yami close and he closed his eyes. "Don't leave me alone…!"

Yami heard Isis' translation and his entire body felt a horrible pang. He could hear the desperation in that sweet voice. Yami tilted Yuugi's chin up and told him he'd never leave him with his eyes. Yuugi smiled warmly and told Yami he loved him with but a simple glance.

Yami melted under that gaze and he gently pressed his lips to Yuugi's. Yuugi felt his heart pound roughly and quickly in his chest. His eyes closed as he kissed Yami back.

"I love you, Yuugi…my sweet little one…!" Yami murmured.

"I love you too, mou hitori no boku…my beloved Atemu…!" Yuugi whispered.

While neither of the two could actually understand the words being said, it only took a look and the sound of their voices to get their points across.

"Pharaoh…" Isis spoke up. "What will you do now?"

"I will say with Yuugi." Yami said.

"What if your soul is not allowed to stay here?" Isis questioned. Yami held Yuugi close.

"I will fight the gods themselves to stay here, Isis. I will never leave him." Yami looked at Isis seriously for but a moment before he kissed Yuugi lovingly.