A Twisted Christmas

by Shadow Rise


It had been a year since that Christmas, but everyone was still trying hard to get used to the new Draco Malfoy. It had made it much easier when Draco paid for the training and medical things that Daniel Weasley needed. Needless to say, Bill was very fond of Draco now.

The blonde man had not completely changed himself, for there are some things that make some people who they are. But, he was more like the guy Ginevra Weasley had fallen for in her fifth year than the man she had broken it off with in his seventh year.

Draco and Ginny had decided to take it slow for a while, just to date and hang out, trying to get to know eachother again. Eleven years was a long time to remeber everything about some one, even if you did love them with all your heart.

Currently, it was the 24th of December and most everyone in the wizarding world had showed up for Ron and Hermione's wedding.

Ginny stood as the maid of honor to Hermione's right in a dress of light pink with her hair up in a strict bun, while Harry was the best man. Draco sat on the bride's side of the hall, in the very back.

"I do." Hermione stated, smile gracing her face.

"You may now kiss the bride." Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling.

Instantly, as if he had been holding it in all day and night, Ron grabbed her petite frame to him and pressed his mouth over hers. Draco looked away, deeming Ron an animal with the way his needs came out and showed themselves.

"I present to you all, the wizarding community, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley."

Applause and there were catcalls and such as Ron scooped up his bride in his arms and carried her out to the carriage that awaited them. The crowd followed quickly...

Well, all except for Ginny and Draco, hanging back in the hall and meeting at the doors.

"All this happiness." he said lightly, looking down into her face.

"Yes, but your brother attacking Hermione like that. It was disturbing." he shuddered.

The little redheaded woman hit him on the arm. "Oh hush."

"Hush?" he said, eyebrows raising, playful glint in his eyes, "Did you just tell me to hush?"

She grinned and put her hands on her hips. "Why, yes, Mr. Malfoy, I did. Do you have a problem with it?"

He only smiled that smile that made her knees weak and wrapped his arms around her waist. "No ma'am, I don't."

He leaned his head down and pressed his mouth over her own, lifting her off her feet a little bit and spinning her around.

She threw back her head and laughed, her hair falling down around her face. You're so beautiful. he whispered to her in his mind.

"I love you, Draco Malfoy." she laughed.

"I love you more, Ginevra." he whispered in her ear, setting her on her feet.

His hand slipped from her waist up to her neck as his pressed another kiss to her lips. She leaned into him, placing her hands on his broad shoulders.

I missed you so much. she whispered in her mind.


The two broke the kiss, but did not move out of their embrace. They turned to see Harry standing there with a goofy smile on.

"We're gonna be late to the reception." he said, blushing lightly, "You have to make a toast, Ginny."

That evening, Ginny was curled into Draco's chest, the two of them sleeping easily. Until a woman and a teenage girl showed up in his room.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"We're here to thank you, Draco." Blaise said, smiling sadly.

"We didn't want you to end up the way we did, you're one of the good ones and you deserve an angel to love you." Pansy added.

"Thank you for changing, Drake."

"Good luck with the triplets." Pansy said, fading away.

Blaise walked forward and placed a soft kiss on his lips. "I always loved you, Dragon. I wish your embitterment had not been when I died. But you saved yourself from my fate, thank you."

"No, Blaise," he whispered, "You saved me."

She smiled at him. "Good luck with the kids." she said, "Don't let her get away."

The girl ran a hand over Ginevra's stamache and smiled at him coyly. "You animal."

Draco grinned. "I'll see you, Blaise."

"Yes you will."

She faded away and Draco fell into sleep again, holding Ginny in his arms.

"I will always love you."

.. the end ..