Sailor Strata Moon

Part 1: Meet the Sister

Disclaimer: Yeah, I don't own Sailor Moon or Ronin Warriors. But I thought up this story by myself and the only character I own is Rowena/Sailor Strata Moon! (that sounds so cool, doesn't it? Better than Sailor Mini Moon if you ask me!) enjoy the story!

A girl by the age of twelve sat by the fountain. (AN: There's a reason why I'm making her twelve) The fountain was two statues looking each other in the eyes. The statue was the girl's parents, Neo Queen and Neo King Serenity. Rowen and Serena. This girl had her father's brains and personality but her mother's good looks. She took more after her father then her mother. Her hair looked like her fathers, almost. They were in pigtails like her mothers, except they were smaller pigtails and they were more wavy. The meatball shaped buns on her mothers head were cones on her own. Close to the hair of the half sister she didn't know, Rini. Her hair was the same color of her father's, blue like the sky. She had the piece of hair that hung down to her nose just like her father. She sat reading a book. A bird flew by her head and she the book down to her lap. Deciding to stop reading, she looked at the bird for a second and watched it fly around. She knew her mother was Sailor Moon and knew her father was a Ronin Warrior. When she was around the age of four, she was walking around the gardens and heard him training. She asked if he would train her and he trained her hours a day. But she didn't know how they met or why Serena was Sailor Moon. They didn't tell her that much.

She didn't know her mother was looking at her through the window. This whole time I never told her who she is. Or who her half sister is. She heard her husband walk past the room.

"Rowen, come here please," she said.

"Something wrong?" he asked, walking into the room and taking her hands.

"It's Rowena," Neo Queen Serenity replied. "I think it's time we told her, before someone else does?" (Rowena, I think it fits!)

"Who would tell her?"

Down by the fountain, Luna (she's on her fourth life!) hopped on Rowena lap. Rowena smiled and pet her fur.

"Rowena, I must tell you something," Luna spoke.

"Sure, what is it?" Rowena asked, still looking at her book. She blinked and brought her book slowly down her face. She looked at the cat oddly. Her lip quivered and she started to whisper, "Dad, Dad, Dad…" then she finally found her voice, jumped up, throwing the cat off her lap and screamed like she never screamed before.

"What's wrong with Rowena?" Rowen asked then he ran down to the fountain.

"Dad!" Rowena ran into his arms. "Since when does our cat talk?!!!!!!"

Rowen sighed and patted her head when he saw that it was nothing serious. Serena eyed Luna. Luna looked at the ground with that "okay, you caught me" look.

"Come on, Rowena," Rowen said, "we have something to tell you."

They told her all about the Moon Kingdom, how the scouts met the ronins and Serena's decision to be with Rowen instead of Darien. She told her everything except one thing, her half sister.

"You had your life planned out for you?" Rowena asked. "That's insane!"

"Didn't you leave something out Serena?" Rowen demanded.

"No, don't think so," Serena said.

Rowen folded his arms. Serena sighed.

"Rowena, this might be of a shock," Serena warned her, "but I before I go one, I want to tell you that your father and I love you very much and--"

"Just tell me," Rowena said.

Rowen nodded for her to finish.

"Rowena," Serena mumbled, "you have a half sister."

"What?" Rowena gasped.

"She's from the future. The future I had before I chose your father. It's kind of complicated."

"You already had a kid in another future?" Rowena asked, "how many kids in another future do you have?!"

"Rowena, honey, settle down," Rowen rubbed her back. "It's all right."

Rowena nodded and took a deep breath, "what's her name?"

"It's Rini." Serena answered. "We have something for you to do."


Serena sighed, "we are going to let you go back to the past to meet her."

"Huh? Is that possible?" Rowena asked.

"That's the same thing that happened to Rini," Rowen explained. "She came to your mother's time when she was just a teenager. But Rini was younger when she met her. Probably five."

"So, how do I get to the past?" Rowena asked, rubbing the back of her neck, then laughed, "make a time machine?"

"No, Sailor Pluto can take you there."

"Oh, yeah," Rowena blushed, "the lady who guards the gate of time, right? How long has she been doing that?"


"Well, she sounds really dedicated. When do I go?"

"Now," Rowen said. He looked to Serena and she gave Rowena a brooch.

"I want you to have this," Serena said, "if something happens, use this and it will change you into a sailor scout."

She put it on her bow. She wore a red skirt, black sandals and a white long sleeved shirt and a royal blue bow. "I'm ready."

They led her to a special place behind the castle. "Ready Serena?" Rowen asked.

Serena smiled and nodded. She held out her hand and used some kind of power to make a door. It was the door to the gate of time. "When you see Sailor Pluto, tell her hi for me."

"Sure," Rowena started to walk to the door. She stopped. "I can't do it."

"Why not?" Rowen asked.

Rowena held her hand in a fist and she sniffed. She turned around, "I haven't said bye yet!" she smiled and threw her arms around Rowen's waist. "Bye, Daddy."

Rowen rubbed her head. "You'll know how to get back. You'll be alright." He took off his headband and handed it to her, "here, this will bring you luck."

"Thanks." Rowena hugged Serena goodbye, "bye Mom." Rowena walked back to the gate and looked over her shoulder, "how am I supposed to know who she is? Can I have a picture or something?"

"You'll know," Serena said. "You'll know."

"This is going to be a long search," Rowena stepped through the portal and she was surrounded by a vast and strange place. "Uh, hello?"

"Come forward, Small Lady," a voice at the end said.

"Small Lady?" Rowena whispered. She followed the voice until she saw a shadow of a woman holding a rod. At a closer look, she saw Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Pluto smiled, "Oh, I thought you were Small Lady."

"Who's that?" Rowena asked.

"She's the daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and Neo King Serenity."

"No, I am."

Sailor Pluto looked confused.

Rowena laughed, "oh, well, I guess it does depend which King you're talking about! I'm the daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and Rowen of the Strata. Does that make any more sense for you?"

Sailor Pluto smiled, "oh, I've heard of you. I knew you were coming. You're older than when Small Lady came to see her mother. She was just a child."

"I thought her name was Rini," Rowena said.

"It is, but I just like to call her that," Pluto explained.

"Can you tell me a bit of what she looks like?" Rowena asked, "I'm kind of on a mission."

"She has pigtails like yours," Pluto answered, "but they're pink. Trust me, you'll know her when you see her."

"Can I choose the timeframe?" Rowena asked, "I don't want to find her when she's you know, three."

"I see," Pluto said, "You want to find her as the same age as you are."


"She is your age," Pluto said, "When your mother married Darien and had Rini, it was the same time she had you. It was just a different future. But I will let you go to the year she's twelve."

"Thank you Sailor Pluto," Rowena said, "oh, and my mom asked me to tell you hi."

Pluto nodded, "same to her." She opened the gate, "and when you find Rini, tell her I said hi."

Rowena laughed, "anyone else who has someone they want me to say hi to?" she shouted back to the dark of time. Pluto had to smile.

"Take care, Rowena."

Rowena nodded to her and stepped through the gate. It closed behind her and Sailor Pluto was gone. She was in a different time. It was the time where Serena was a teenager. Rini decided to stay in this time frame instead of going back to Crystal Tokyo. She stayed because she wanted to keep Hotaru company.

"Well," Rowena whispered to herself, putting her father's headband on her head, just over her pigtails. She pulled her bangs over it, "let the search begin." She began to walk down the street. It was quiet and then she heard voices. Kids came out of a school, screaming, shouting and laughing. Kerena studied the group but no one matched the description of Rini. Rowena was relieved. She wasn't sure how she talk to Rini. Hi, I'm your half sister, nice to meet you! She thought to herself as she continued to walk.

"Hotaru, you're Rini's best friend," she heard a dark brown-haired boy say in front of her, "what do you think she wants for her birthday? Can you tell me what you're getting her?"

"Yuli," Hotaru, said with a laugh, a girl with chin length black hair, "you're not supposed to tell people what you got for someone's birthday!"

"I just want to make sure so we don't get the same thing!" Yuli stopped walking and folded his arms.

Rowena gasped and hopped into an alley and spied on them. They know who Rini is.

Hotaru smiled, "okay, I'm getting her a new hat."

"Really?" he asked. "What do you think I should get her?"

"I cant' beeive you haven't gotten a present for her yet!" Hotaru cried.

"I just want to get her something special," Yuli said. "Something that no one else can get her."

"You like her, don't you?" she teased.

"Well, yeah," he moaned.

"Her party is in the park today at five," Hotaru informed, "you have two hours!" Hotaru left Yuli to think of a present to get Rini on his own.

"Oh, well, now what am I supposed to do?" Yuli groaned. He kicked a soda can and started walking.

"Psst, hey you," he heard a voice from inside the alley say.

"Huh, who's in there?" Yuli stepped into the alley. He gasped when he saw a girl that looked so much like Rini step into the light. He started to try to say hello or something but his words came out in baffled stammers. "You, I, whoa, dude…man…!"

"I couldn't help but overhear you talking abut Rini," Rowena said. "I'm looking for her."

"If you're from the dynasty or the nega--"

"Actually, I'm from the future." Rowena corrected. "Now, could you tell me a little bit about Rini?"

"Why should I?" Yuli demanded. "I don't know who you are!"

Rowena smiled and held her hand out, "I'm sorry, let me introduce myself. I'm Rowena, Rini's half sister."

"No way," Yuli mumbled.

"She doesn't know about me. That's why I'm here." Rowena explained, "my parents sent me here to meet her."

"What's in it for me?" Yuli crossed his arms.

Rowena smiled, "I'll help you pick a gift out for her."

"Deal!" he shook her hand, "I'm Yuli."


For the birthday girl, Rini wasn't very happy. She sat at a picnic table with her chin propped on her hands. Of all the guest who couldn't make it, it had to be Yuli. She thought

"Hi Rini," Hotaru sat next to her and put her present next to the others, "Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks," she moaned.

"What's the matter? Are you sick?"

"No," she replied, "the party's missing something."

"What do you mean?" Hotaru asked, "we've got the food, the presents, the cake and ice cream the--"



"I know I invited him," Rini brought her hands down and hit the table, "he was the first person on my list!"

"Don't worry," Hotaru said, "he'll be here."

"Hey Rini," Lita said, holding the birthday cake, "happy birthday!" Everyone began singing happy birthday as Lita walked over to her and placed the cake in front of Rini. "Now make a wish."

Rini moaned and didn't blow out the candles.

"Go on, Rini," Hotaru said, "make a wish. It could be anything in the world."

Rini leaned forward and closed her eyes, I wish Yuli was here. She opened her eyes, took a deep breath and blew out all twelve candles. Everyone cheered and began to applaud. Rini sighed.

"Let's eat cake!" Serena cried, taking the candles off and licking of the icing.

"I want to open my presents," Rini said.

"I'll cut it while she opens them," Lita began to cut the cake.

"Open mine first," Hotaru handed her present.

"Thanks, Hotaru," Rini went through the package and found, just as Hotaru told Yuli, a new hat. "Aww, it's so pretty!" She continued to open the presents and then she heard a loud:


Rini nearly fell back, "what?"

Yuli ran to her side and panted, "open mine before anyone else's." He placed a big box in front of her.

"Yuli, I thought you wouldn't make it!" she cried.

"I'm sorry Rini," he apologized, "I just wanted to find the perfect present."

She smiled, it's so big, I bet it's good! She ripped the colorful paper off the box and opened it. She stood still and looked at him like you got me this?!

"What did you get, Rini?" Serena asked.

"Yeah, let us see," Rowen chided.

She sighed and pulled out a calendar. "I can't believe you got me a calendar!" She shouted and Yuli. "Why a calendar!?" (I don't know why I chose calendar, I was trying to think of a stupid present and I just looked around my room and saw a calendar. Maybe the calendar will be of use later on the story though!)

"It's a nice calendar though," Yuli said, "I know how you like horses, there's even a photo of Pegasus in there!"

"Yuli, this is the worst present I've ever gotten in my life!" she took the whole cake and threw it in his face.

"No!" Lita cried, "three hours of hard work wasted!" she fainted and Sage had to jump to catch her.

Rini turned and walked away. Yuli stood still as the sweet scent of frosting burnt his nostrils. I knew that girl was bad news!

Rowena hid behind a tree and looked at Rini storm off. In her hand she held her own present for Rini. Well, this is it. Rowena followed Rini to a horse ranch. Rini went there when she needed to clear her head. Since the time she dreamed of Pegasus and could only see him and Elios in her dreams, Rini made riding a habit. She walked into a stable and walked to one of the horses.

"Hi Nightingale," Rini said, opening the gate. She rubbed the horse's head. "Want to go for a ride?" she heard a crunch and turned around to see a girl that looked like her. "Can I help you?" She looks so much like me.

"My name is Rowena," Rowena said as she stepped closer. "Rini, I presume?"

"Yeah, that's me."

"Rini," Rowena began, "I'm your half sister."

Rini stepped back and pulled on the reigns. Nightingale was between her and Rowena. "You're from the future?"

"Yes. I was sent to find you."

"I suppose I don't have to guess who your parents are," Rini said, " Neo Queen Serenity and Neo King Serenity, also known as Sailor Moon and Rowen of the Strata."

"That's right," Rowena held out the small box, "here, I heard it was your birthday."

"How did you know?" Rini asked.

"I heard some of your friends talking to each other about it," Rowena explained. "Go on, it's not a calendar!"

"I see you've met Yuli," Rini muttered.

"Yeah," Rowena said, "I helped him pick a gift."

"It was your idea!?" Rini shouted.

"Would he have given you something better?" Rowena asked, crossing her arms. "I figured since your twelve you'll be busy and you would want to keep up with all your events and he said you liked horses."

"I wanted, well, you know," Rini said, blushing, "something like jewelry." She looked down and to the little box Rowena held. She smiled and took it. When she opened it, she saw a small snow globe with a Pegasus inside. "This is the best present I ever got!" Rini exclaimed, "you really must be my sister!"

"Yuli told me why you like horses so much," Rowena said, leaning against the wall, "you had dreams about Pegasus. You even saw him in real life."

"He was very special to me," Rini explained, "he was also a human named Elios."

"You know what? I dream of Pegasus too."


Rowena nodded, "Every time I dream. But I never got to see him outside my dreams."

"I see we have something more in common than our hair!" Rini laughed. Rini then looked down, thinking of something to say. She had met the sister she never knew she would have. Someday she wished that she could have a sister. Rini was glad that Rowen and Serena would have a good too. She would hate to have a brother. Serena's brother was sometimes a little creep!

"I think we'll be the best of friends," Rowena said.

"I already have a best friend," Rini told, "her name's Hotaru."

"Oh yeah," Rowena mumbled, "I saw her talking to Yuli." Rini noticed the disappointment in her face.

"Hey, do you want to go on a ride with me?" Rini asked. "It's not like riding Pegasus, but you can pretend that we're flying." Rini grabbed a saddle and put it over Nightingale.

Rowena smiled, "sure. I'd like that."

Rini smiled back and led Nightingale out of the stable. Rowena followed her and Rini mounted first. Rini leaned down to pull Rowena up with her. They rode in silence for a while. Both of them were a little uneasy and not sure what to say. But one thing was sure, Rini wouldn't forget this birthday.

End Part 1. Oh, there will be more, don't worry!