Sailor Strata Moon 4

Sailor Strata Moon 4

Soul of Life

I do not own Sailor Moon or Ronin Warriors. SSM is however, my made up char. She rocks!

"Darien!" Luna cried, climbing through the window. "The scouts and ronins are in trouble!"

"Where's Rowena and Rini?" Darien asked.

"I can't find them!"

"They must have known they were going to fight the soul stealers and followed them," Mia said, right on the button. She looked at Yuli, "he's getting weaker."

"We'll show you the way," Artemis said, "come on, Luna!"

"Let me catch my breath first!" Luna groaned. Mia sighed and picked up the exhausted cat.

"Do you get enough exercise, Luna?" Mia teased.

"I beg your pardon?" Luna straightened up, "have you forgotten that Serena is the one who takes care of me?"

"She doesn't take care of you very well, does she?"

Luna gasped and turned her head away, as she told Arteimis to stop laughing.


"Sailor Neo Moon?" Sailor Moon mumbled.

"I'm too big to be Sailor Mini Moon!" Neo Moon cried.

"Oh, right," she nodded.

"How touching," Ninaria said. "Now be off to play with your toys! I have souls to steal!"

"You can't get my father's soul!" Sailor Strata Moon shouted, "his armor protects him!"

"Then I'll just have to remove it," Ninaria reached her hand to the collar of his armor.

"No!" Sailor Strata Moon said, "I have the soul of life! If you want my soul, then come and get it! I'll sell it to you in place of the souls you have already stolen, you, you, despicable, soul-stealing THEIF!"

Rowen smiled, impressed, "that's my girl!"

"You've stolen over a hundred souls and you continue still and yet you still don't have one of your own," Neo Moon added, standing close in front of Sailor Strata Moon. She knew that she had the soul that Ninaria wanted and she wouldn't let her get to Sailor Strata Moon. She used the jewel of life to protect them both. "You're sick!"

Where's Tuxedo Mask? Sailor Moon thought, he should be hearing this!

Ninaria growled and walked up them, "how dare you insult me that way!"

"Moon Beam Rose Aim!" Sailor Neo Moon shot moonbeams and a shower of pink roses with quadruple the thorns into Ninaria's face. (Better than Tuxedo Mask's single rose toss, huh?!) Ninaria screamed and jumped back.

"Let the others, out, Neo Moon!" Strata Moon urged.

"Righto!" she held up Luna P, "Luna P Break out!" the bands around everyone's wrists and ankles broke apart and they all fell to their knees.

Sailor Jupiter wouldn't stand up until Sage walked to her, "are you alright?" he asked, pulling her to her feet.

Jupiter shook her head and walked away and stood by the other scouts who had just had their souls looked into. The other ronins shrugged and looked at each other.

"You," Ninaria looked at Strata Moon, "I can see into your soul of life. It will make me invincible!"

"Come and get it then!" Strata Moon pushed her back. She tightened her hands and her muscles tensed up, her mouth turned into a sneer and her head tilted forward as if she had the heart of a bull inside of her, ready to charge. Amazingly, her blue boots changed to the metal boots her father wore and her legs were covered with the white under armor. She wore the dark blue sub armor of strata, only that the torso section of it looked more feminine, shaped somewhat like a bathing suit.

Rowen gasped, "how in the world?"

Strata Moon snarled and leaned back, balancing on her left leg, her right leg collided into Ninaria's chin. (This part's gonna be kind of, well, graphic because Rowena kicks the living daylights out of her!) Ninaira fell back and the ronin warriors groaned in pain, thankful that she was on their side.

"Where did she learn to fight like that?" Kento asked and they all looked at Rowen, who blushed.

"Well, I guess I taught her," Rowen said coyly.

"How dare you teach our daughter violence!" Sailor Moon snapped.

"This if for every soul you stole!" Strata Moon cried, jumping up turning around as her leg kicked rapidly over Ninaria.

"Get her away from me!" Ninaria cried to her soul stealers. They started to get to her and Neo Moon got in the way.

"Don't think so! Moon Beam Rose Aim!" She shot her attack to the soul stealers, "go for it, Strata Moon!"

Strata Moon's tactics were different than the ronins. Her kicks were graceful as theirs were just plain kicks and punches. Sure, the ronins were all strength, but they weren't all that fun to watch. The ronins and the scouts stood there and watched Sailor Strata Moon beat Niniara until she was bloody. She flipped back, kicking her in the face. She used many kicks and not many throws or punches. Ninaria licked her lip and wiped her nose.

"Now why did you do that for?" Ninaria demanded. "Don't you know I'll get your soul anyway?"

"I'll never let you win!"

"Child of Life, you don't have a choice! Soul Stealing Strike!" She raised her hand over her head and a large, black shadowy hand reached forward to steal Strata Moon's soul. She jumped to dodge it, but other pair of hands restrained her.

"No!" Neo Moon cried, "let her go!"

Strata Moon lifted her head up, "I'm not beaten yet! Armor of Strata Moon, Tao Inochi!" she was having trouble arming up because her soul was being taken away in the process, the full armor would come on and then blink back to the sub armor and also to her sailor scout uniform.

"I can feel the power of the soul stone now," Ninaria said, "I will be invincible!"

"No, Rowena!!" Neo Moon ran to her, taking the jewel of life off her head, knowing it was the only way to save her now. She threw it in front of Strata Moon and it stopped the Soul Stealing process immediately. Ninaria screamed as light beamed from the jewel and into her eyes. The other soul stealers cowered away. The jewel of life stayed floating in front of Rowena's chest.

"Try again, Rowena!" Neo Moon said. "You can do it!"

Rowena opened her eyes and called upon her armor again, "Armor of Strata Moon, Tao Inochi!" cherry blossoms floated around her and her long blue pigtails fell down passed her lower back. (this whole arming process took me a while to figure out!) First the gauntlets of the armor came upon her, like the armor of strata, only it didn't have that shield-like piece that Rowen wore, then the boots. With the gold symbol of the armor of strata. (What is it, a diamond or something?) Then the breast plate, smaller compared to Rowen's. The shoulder area of the armor looked like the flaps of a super sailor scouts and the piece that covered the top of her legs and her hips looked somewhat a sailor scout's mini skirt, but not too much to stand out. (I hope I'm explaining this so you could see this in your head.) She reached for the helmet as her hair turned up to one single long blue braid. The helmet did not have the horns or the long hat shaped cone that was between Rowen's. On the front of the helmet though, was a long crescent moon shape that served as the horns. There was a hole on the top where her braid went though so it would be more comfortable for her head. (I was thinking of putting two wholes in the front for her cone-shaped buns, but that would look kind of cheesy! I wasn't sure what to do with the helmet, I wanted it to be like Rowen's but a little different.) In her hand appeared a bow that matched Rowen's and she had a quiver that held special moon life force arrows. The arrowheads on Rowen's arrows where shaped like Rowen's. But Rowena's were shaped like crescent moons. She held her bow next to her thigh and raised her head up proudly.

"I am Rowena of Strata Moon!" Rowena declared, "Daughter of Sailor Moon and Rowen of Strata. My crescent moon arrows of life force will give you all the touch of life that you will need!"

"I will not tolerate this from you!" Ninaria cried.

"Shut up, you're beaten!" Rowena stepped back and reached for an arrow. She loaded it on to her bow, aimed it at the ceiling, "Moon Arrow Sky Scratching!" she let go of the arrow and it zoomed though the ceiling and up to the sky. Everyone looked up as the arrow pierced the sky and they heard a thunder, as it scratched. Gold streaks scratched the sky and wind picked up, pulling everything up like a giant vacuum.

A rose hit the ground and stood Tuxedo Mask and Mia. "I believe you need to get a new hobby!" Tuxedo Mask said.

"No, this cannot be," Niniara cried.

"You want a soul stone?" Neo Moon held her Luna P ball behind her back and she grinned, "then hold onto this one until you get a soul of your own!" the Luna P ball changed into a soul stone and Neo Moon ran up and slammed it into Ninaria's forehead.

"Arrow Shock Wave!" Rowena let go of another arrow into Ninara's body and it sent her up to the sky and she was gone. The tower disappeared and they stood in the street.

"Whew," Rowena sighed, "glad that's over." Her full armor of strata was gone and she stood in the sub-armor.

"I'm so proud of you!" Sailor Moon praised. Neo Moon smiled and held her arms up, waiting for Sailor Moon to tell her how proud of her she was but she walked right passed her and embraced Rowena.

Neo Moon dropped her arms, "Hey!!"

Tuxeo Mask put his hand on her shoulder, "good job, I'm proud of you."

"I'm proud of you too!" Sailor Moon hugged her two future daughters and looked at her two future husbands, "aren't we lucky to have such wonderful daughters!?"

Tuxedo Mask and Rowen raised their eyebrows, "you're choking them!" they cried in unison.

"Oh," she let go immediately and Rowena and Neo Moon gasped for breath.

Rowen and Darien looked at each other and shook their heads as if to say, when you think you know a woman… And then they both put an arm around their own child.

"So, when could I say you can still my roses?" Darien teased Rini.

"You saw that?" Rini whispered.

"Don't you begin to think that you can take away my cane too!"

"Y-yes sir!"

"So, who taught you how to fight like that?" Rowen asked Rowena.

"Well, duh!" Rowena said, "you did!"

Rowen crossed his arms, "well, you have to release your kicks from the hip! And pull back harder when you let go of your arrows!"

"Yes, Daddy," Rowena mumbled.

"But don't do it too much. You'll become a better ronin than me!"

"Yes Daddy," Rowena mumbled again. Darien and Rowen went on telling their girls what and what not to do and Rowena and Rini sighed as they hung their heads. Darien and Rowen looked at each other as if to say, kids these days!

The sailor scouts seemed to lose self confidence after having Ninaria seeing into their souls. They felt like they were under a giant microscope and being poked and prodded at the same time.

"Ami," Sai said, "I think you're great at whatever you put your amazing little mind to."

Ami hugged her knees while she looked at her reflection in the river. "She said I was no good for a swimmer, no good for anything!"

"You need more confidence, Ami. You're great! You can do anything you want. You stood up to her."

"She knew everything I did and how I felt and what I thought."

"She was only messing with your head," Sai said, "you can be whatever you want to be. You don't have to be a doctor if you don't want to. No one will put you down, I'll see to that."

She sniffed, "thank you, Sai."

Sai smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulders and she laid her head on his shoulder. Ami realized that as long as she could put her mind to it, she could accomplish anything.

"Um, Sai?"


"Would you swim with me?" she asked. "To practice with me."

"Of course I will!" he blurted. "With my help, you'll be the best swimmer in the world!"

"Let's not get too confident here," Ami said.

Raye looked at her charms, "none of you could protect me," she said to them. "And I didn't see this coming."

"It wasn't your fault, Raye," Ryo said, leaning on the door frame.

"There was nothing I could do! I felt, so, so helpless!" Raye cried.

Ryo walked up and put his hands on her shoulders, "don't' let her get to you. That soul-stealing wench is gone. You did what you could do. Just be grateful that she didn't take your soul away."

"Yeah, I couldn't trust her with my soul," Raye mumbled.

"Are you going to be alright?" he asked.

Raye continued to look into the fire, "yeah." She raised her eyes to Ryo, "thank you for everything."

"I think you are the best priestess in the world." Ryo said. "If there's a tournament, there's no way you could lose."

Raye smiled, "okay, I'll be sure to enter in the next tournament."

"And I'll be there to make sure you do."

Raye pushed him back playfully and then pressed her head to his.

Lita sat on the park bench hugging herself. How could I let her get to me? How did I find myself to believe that what she said about my parents were true?

"Lita? You alright?" Sage walked to the bench and sat next to her, placing his hand on her knee.

She shook her head, "I'll never be able to look at another airplane."

"Lita, you can't hide your fear inside you forever. I can't believe you never told me about this."

"I didn't want you to think I had a weakness, just like Ninaria said," Lita admitted, her eyes straight ahead. "I wanted to be tough and fearless."

"You are, Lita," Sage said wrapping his arm around her, "you are. And you'll be even stronger once you face your fear. We can fly to Hawaii or--"

"No, Sage, I--I can't do it!" Lita blurted, turning to him. "I can't!"

"Yes you can," he cupped her face, "what happened to your parents was an accident. It was no one's fault. Especially yours. Lita, you've suffered enough already. Living by yourself, it had to be hard on you."

"It was," she said, the tears streaming freely. Sage's arms crept around her. Lita almost faught him back because she felt like she didn't' deserve the kindness, the love. She was tough her whole life but in truth, she needed someone like Sage. He was kind and gentle. Sage needed someone strong and fearless like Lita. He always wanted to be with a girl who had guts and brains. A girl with spunk and a girl who knew how to stick up for herself. He was impressed that Lita brought herself up all on her own. She melted into his embrace. "You're so kind to me."

"Because I love you," he whispered, rubbing her back.

"Love you too," she kissed his cheek.

"Now, how about that flight?" he pulled back, one hand on her cheek and another on her shoulder. "Think you can do it?"

"I'll try," Lita promised, "I'll try."

Kento couldn't find Mina any where. The scouts except Moon all ran off. "Where is that girl?" he said.

"Looking for Mina?" said a voice from a tree. Kento looked up to see Artemis.

"Hey, Artemis!" Kento cried. "Have you seen her?"

"She's really upset," Artemis said, "she wouldn't tell me what was wrong and she tells me EVERYTHING!"

"Yeah, you missed it--the soul-stealing witch looked into her soul--needless to see Mina didn't like it."

"Poor girl," Artemis jumped down and on to Kento's shoulder. "She saw the curse, didn't' she?"

"Curse, I mean, Mina really had a curse placed on her?" Kento gasped.

Artemis nodded, "yes. The curse says she will never have a happy relationship. Well, except with me, but I'm her cat!" Artemis said.

"At least she has you to talk to," Kento pressed, "so where is she?"

"I think she's at the arcade," Artemis said, "wait a minute though," he hopped down and got something behind the tree he was on and brought out a bouquet of flowers (remember that episode when Artemis dropped flowers to Mina? I thought that was soooo sweet!). Orange carnations. "These are her favorite flowers."

"Thank you, Artemis," Kento said.

"This should break the curse," Artemis meowed. "I know you care about her."

"She knows too, but I guess that witch made her forget." Kento looked over the flowres, thanked Artemis again and went to the arcade.

Mina was playing the Sailor V game but she couldn't seem to win. "Drat! I'm a loser at my own video game!" she fell upon the video game screen, "I really am cursed."

"Mina," Kento said, walking up behind her.

"Kento?" she turned her head, "how'd you find me?"

"Artemis told me you'd be here," he answered. "Here, these are for you."

"My favorite," she sniffed the flowers, "How did you know?"

"Oh, a little kitty whispered it to me!" he put his hands in his pockets and rolled his feet.

"Kento, you oughta be going," Mina said. "I'll bring you good luck."
"You haven't given be bad luck so far," he walked in front of her an kneeled down. "Come on, Mina, it's not true whatever that witch Ninaria said. She was playing with your mind, like one of Dais' illusions. If I ever find the person who brought that curse on you I'll make them pay! I don't think you're cursed. I mean, don't I make you happy?"

Mina nodded, "of course, you make me laugh."

"See!" Kento smiled, "so why are you worried about a stupid little curse, huh?" he played with her hair. "You're not cursed, babe. I know a pretty girl when I see one. And babe…" he stood up, pulling Mina to her feet, "I am so lucky to have found you! You are one beautiful girl. You really do deserve to be the scout of beauty and love because I am just stunned by your beauty--" he began to go on and on and then Mina rolled her eyes.

"Kento," she whispered, fluttering her eyes, "SHUT UP!" then she pressed her lips to his, her hands dangling around his neck as she held the carnations in one hand. The kiss turned heads but Kento and Mina didn't seem to care. Kento rubbed his arms down her back. They pulled back, breathless.

"Whoa," Kento mumbled, blinking. "That was, wow." He cleared his throat, unable to express how good the kiss was.

Mina couldn't believe what she just did and she wasn't going to believe what she was going to say, "You know, I want to see the person who brought this curse on me and tell them that it didn't' work!"

"You should," he said. "I'll go with you if you want."

"Of course you're coming with me," Mina smiled. "She woudlnt' believe me if I just told her and I don't' think I could do it on my own." (Does anyone know who this witch was that brought the curse upon her? I just read it on a site that she was cursed!)

"Come on, Mina," Kento put his arm around Mina. "Let's go for a walk on the beach or something."


Sailor Neo Moon placed the soul stone over Yuli's heart. The soul stone fell into his body and his eyes went to their natural color. His skin felt warm again and blinked his eyes a couple of times. "Uh, what happened."

"Don't worry, Yuli," Sailor Neo Moon knelt next to him. She didn't' know that the others were watching her.

"Rini?" Yuli wispered.

"Sailor Neo Moon," she said. "It's all a long story. Something happned to you but you're safe now."

Yuli stood up, "wait, I remember. That monster. It attacked me but before it attacked me, I felt like it was reading my mind, seeing through my soul."

"It was a soul stealer. It took your soul away. It almost took mine too."

Yuli gasped, "I'm sorry, I wish I was there to protect you!"

"You were, Yuli," she put her hand over the jewel of life, "thank you. It protected me." She changed back to Rini. "Yuli, listen, this will be hard for me to say."

"What's wrong, Rini?" he asked.

Rini decided just to spit it out, "I want you to go back where you came from! Leave here and go back to your home!"

"But why?" he demanded, a little hurt.

"Please don't' make me get into this."

"I'm afraid you have too," Yuli said, "is this about the calender?"

"No, it's not that!" she cried, "that monster took your soul away and I felt so guilty! I didn't want that to happen to you again so it would be best for you to go home!"

"I'm not going," Yuli stepped closer, "you should have knon I would have said that. And I know that you really don't want me to go."

"Yes I do! I'm doing this because I care about you, Yuli!" she wailed, "don't' make this harder than it already is!"

Yuli took her hand, "I'm staying right here with you. Rini, I've been in danger before. I've had a lot of bad things happened. Come on girl, I met the ronins when I was a little kid! I was scared to death most of the time, but I stayed by them because they were my friends. You don't leave you friends. Where's the honor in just leaving your friends behind?"

"Yuli," she mumbled.

"He's right, Rini!" Rowena blurted. She realized she had carried too many genes from their mother and walked into the scene. "Sorry, couldn't resist." She put her elbow on Yuli's shoulder, "Rini, listen to me. You'll never find someone like this guy. I mean, he gave you a calendar for your birthday, which you labled your first kiss on! Not to mention he gave you the only important thing in his life! He's a keeper!"

"Rowena, stop it!" Rini cried.

"I've seen the way you look at him," she patted his shoulder, "I mean look at this face!" she squeesed Yuli's face.

"Rowena," Yuli mumbled, her hand still around his face, "how is dish suppossshhhed to helllp?"

Rowena blushed and let go, "listen, Rini. I'm from the future and so are you. I haven't seen anyone like Yuli before and you won't either. Trust me, I've looked."

Rini sighed, "but it's better if you just go home, don't you miss your parents?"

"Sure I do," Yuli said, "and I can go see them any time. But when I do, I'll take you with me to meet them."


"Because, you're my friend."

"See?" Rowena cried, "that's what friendship is. You can't make this boy leave, Rini. He's staying right here with you. If I was you, I'd be thankful!"

"Oh, Yuli," Rini ran into his arms and Rowena backed off to give them some room. "You're right, I didn't want yo to leave after all. I was just worried about you!"

"I'll be fine," Yuli said, "I'm used to danger." He winked at Rowena and mouthed "thank you."

Rowena nodded back.


It was time for Rowena to go back to the future. She said goodbye to everyone but Rini. Yuli said she was working on something. Rowena felt bad that she couldn't say goodbye to her own sister. Even if they were half sisters, they were still sisters. Before she went home, she decided to go for a walk. She heared a sound of a bell and looked back to see Rini riding a bycicle built for too.

"Like it?" Rini asked, "I made it myself!"

"That's great," Rowena commented.

"Going back to the future?"

Rowena nodded.

"Say hi to our mother for me, will ya?" Rini leaned forward.

"I will."

"Well, I'm going to go and pick up my best friend."

"Oh," Rowena whispered, knowing she meant either Hotaru or Yuli.

Rini peddled a little bit, stopped and smiled at Rowena, "hop on, my sister."

Rowena smiled back and got on the other seat. Rini took her for a little ride around town and then went to the lake dock where Rini always went to when she tried to go back home.

"This was where I used the key to go back to the future," Rini said as they got off the bike. "Figured it would be the best place."

"Thank you," Rowena said. "I think I can tell why. Awfully pretty here."


They stood in silence for a while and Rini's eyes welled up with tears. "I'm gonna miss you," Rini sniffed.

"I'll miss you too, but I'll be back!" Rowena promised, trying not to cry.

The two moon sisters ran to each other and held one another tightly as they said their good-bye's. Rowena stepped back and she called forth the opening of the portal. It opened and she looked down at Rini as she was floating up.

"Goodbye, my sister," Rowena whispered.

"Goodbye, my sister," Rini whispered back. Rini stayed there watching Rowena float away and she stayed even after the portal closed. "Goodbye."


Neo Queen Serenity and Rowen of the Strata was sitting next to each other in the gardens. Neo Queen Serenity stood up.

"What is it, my dear?" Rowen asked.

"I see something," she pointed at the light, "don't you see it?"

Someone was walking to them, dressed in the armor of the Strata Moon. It was Rowena.

"It's Rowena!" Rowen cried, "and she's, wearing my armor?!"

Rowena smiled as she walked up and took her helmet off, "look what I got as a souvenir!"

"That's my armor," Rowen said.

Rowena shook her head, "no father, this is the armor of Strata Moon. Much different than yours, isn't it?"

"I'm glad to have you back," Neo Queen Serenity said. "Did you see Rini?"

"I did."

"You played nice, didn't you?"

"Of course I did!" Rowena laughed, "we had quite a little adventure together." Just me and my sister. I think we bonded. Rowena thought, we defiantly bonded as sisters.

The End! Thank you for reading and reviewing!