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The next morning everybody gathered in the parlor. The fire from the fire place made the room all warm and cozy on the chilly day. Rosie and Tulip were sitting on a comfortable couch, and Sam was standing behind his children. All of them were looking at the tree that was decorated with yule ornaments, and candy. Lots of presents were underneath the tree. The children's eyes were lit up with excitement. They couldn't wait till they get to open their gifts.

"Ok you can open your presents now," said Sam.

The Gamgee children ran to the tree and began to tear the wrappings off their gifts. The first gift that was opened was a wizard doll.

"Oh you got a wizard doll, Elanor," said Frodo lad. "I hope the Yule Spirit gives me one too."

"Open that gift over there," said Elanor. I believe that is yours.

"Frodo lad opened his gift and received a horse and buggy set."

"I love horses and buggies," exclaimed Elanor.

"Me too," Frodo lad and Rose said together.

Rose began to open up a present but Elanor took it away from her

"I want it!" Rose cried. A few tears poured out of her eyes.

"That's not your present," Elanor said while she put it down. "This is one of your presents." She picked up the present and gave it to Rose. The present felt soft, and when Rose tore the wrappings off it, it revealed a puppy.

"Mine!" Rose shouted happily while she held up her stuffed puppy.

In the meantime Frodo lad had opened up another present.

"Look Elanor! A Wizard! The Yule Spirit gave me one too!"

"That one looks like Gandalf," said Elanor.

Elanor opened another gift; it is a picture book story about a dwarf.

"I love story books," she said.

The children continued to happily open their gifts and they received more games, toys, and books. Elanor had to give Rose her presents because Rose was only two and was too little to read. Frodo lad who was only four did not know how to read either, but he knew his colors and opened up all the gifts that had a green tag. His mother told him that all the gifts with green tags were his.

Elanor picked up a present and brought it to Tulip.

"Look what the Yule Spirit brought you."

She handed the present to Tulip. Tulip opened her present. She received a beautiful doll. The doll had long golden blond hair and was wearing a light blue winter party dress. Tulip hugged the doll happily.

"Why don't you play with us?" Elanor asked.

"Go ahead and join them sweetie," Rosie said.

Elanor grabbed Tulip's hand and pulled her toward the tree.

"Come on," she said happily.

Elanor gave Tulip her gifts and Tulip opened them.

"Frodo, there are several gifts for you under the tree; some of them are from Rosie and some of them are from me."

Frodo went to the tree and began to open his gift. One of them was a homemade embroidered vest. He walked to her and gave her a hug.

"Thank you Rosie."

Frodo opened two more gifts: one of them was a poetry book and the other was a pipe with swirls on them.

"Thank you Sam," Frodo said while Frodo hugged him. "You are the best friend I ever have."

"I love you too Frodo," Sam said while he hugged him back.

Frodo went back to the tree and carried several gifts in his arms. He gave them to Sam and Rosie. They opened their gifts with delight.

One of the gifts Sam received was a book about elves.

"Thank you Frodo," they said.

"I have some gifts for you Sam love," Rosie said to Sam.

She went to the tree and gave him his gifts. One of the gifts that he opened was new gardening tool.

"Thank you Rosie love," Sam said.

He opened another one, and this one was another home made embroidered shirt.

"I love it Rosie."

"I guess you'll start to dress like me," Frodo said jokingly.

Sam and Rosie laughed.

"Now I won't know who to call Mr," said Rosie.

Sam went to the tree and gathered a few presents for Rosie. He handed her a small present. Rosie tore the wrappings of the box, and when she opened the box it revealed a beautiful pearl necklase. Rosie had a delighted look in her eyes when she saw the necklase. She held it up for all to see.

"Oh Sam love it is so beautiful! Thank you."

She threw her arms around him and hugged him.

"Here let me put the necklase on you," Sam said.

Sam put the necklase around Rosie's neck, and Rosie admired it. The shinny luster of the pearls made her green dress and her autumn complexion look even lovelier.

"You are so beautiful," said Sam.

Several hours later the Gamgee children were outside playing in the snow. Elanor, Frodo lad, and Rose, were chasing each other and throwing snow balls at each other.

Frodo lad dumped some snow on Elanor's head.

"Got you," he laughed.

"I'm going to get you for this," she yelled.

She grabbed a bunch of snow balls and began to throw them at him, but all of them missed. He was all over a sudden hit by some snow. He turned around and saw that it was Rose who threw it at him. Elanor and Frodo lad began to chase after Rose.

"Snow monsters are coming," they yelled. They pretended to roar.

Frodo was sitting on the chair in front of the round window watching the children play. Tulip was sitting on his lap.

"You know something Tulip. I'm an orphan too."

"You are?"

"Yes, I lived with my relatives in Buckland for several years until I was adopted by Uncle Bilbo.

"He must be a really nice hobbit to adopt you," she said.

"He's really my cousin, but I call him my uncle because he's old enough to be one."

"Where is he? I would like to meet him."

"He sailed away to the land of elves."

"Have you ever met an elf?"

I met lots of elves in Rivendale. They are beautiful creatures.

At that moment Sam entered the room.

"Dinner is ready," he said to Frodo.

"I'll call the children."

He opened the green door.

"Children dinner!"

The Gamgee children ran inside the simile.

Frodo, Tulip, and the Gamgees were sitting at the table enjoying the feast which consisted of roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried mushrooms, stringbeans, and carrots. Frodo picked up a fork full of mashed potatoes and tasted it. It tasted smooth and buttery.

"Rosie you out did your self with the mash potatoes," he complimented her.

"Sam made the mashed potatoes; I made the chicken," she said.

"It is the finest roast chicken I ever tasted," Sam said to Rosie. "What did you add to it?"

"Just a few spices, it's a recipe my mother gave me."

"Can we have cake now?" Frodo lad asked.

"After you eat your dinner," Sam answered while he ruffled his son's hair.

They continued to laugh and talk to each other while they were eating their dinner. When they were finished, Rosie went into the kitchen and brought out a beautiful white cake with vanilla frosting and pink frosted flowers decorated on top of it. The cake looked so sweet and the children were eager to eat it.

"Elanor, why don't you bring the cookies inside?"

Elanor carried the plate of Yule cookies inside. The children helped Rosie make them earlier.

Frodo gave a ginger cookie Tulip and she took a bite out of it. It tasted like short bread.

"I love it," she said. "Can I have more?"

"Of course you can said Frodo."

Rosie cut up the cake and put a slice on everybodies plates. Elanor plunged her fork in the cake and began to eat it. The spongy cake seemed to melt in her mouth. It tasted even better than it looked, sweet and buttery.

At night time Sam was sitting on a couch in the parlor and Rosie entered it.

"I put the children to bed and read stories to them. They were so excited about today that it took me a while to get them to fall asleep."

"Did they thank Illuvatar?"

"I made sure they did that before they fell asleep."

Rosie sat down next to Sam, and they began to hold hands. The fire from the fire place lit up the room and made it feel warm, cozy, and romantic.

"You know something Sam; this was a very nice Yule."

"It was Rosie love. Do you know what I love best about it? Spending it with those I love the most.

"I love you Sam."

"I love you too Rosie."

They sat in silence watching the fire glow in the fire place, and the beautiful decorated tree in the corner. They were relaxing in each other's company.

A few minutes later, Frodo entered the room.

"I decided to adopt Tulip," he said excitedly.

His excitement shook them from their drowsiness.

"That is great!" said Rosie.

"You'd make a fine daddy," said Sam.

The End.