Love Hina – Seeing Stars!

Fanfic by Steven Biggs

Chapter Two – Quiet on the Set!

Monday Afternoon.

(Hello. Keitaro again. Today we start shooting 'Love Hina'. After reviewing the script for the first episode, I feel that things may just turn out okay. I'm a little worried about the scene with the exploding toy tanks, though. Kanako came by so that she could watch us during our first 'shoot'. She also said that she had something to tell me. Knowing her, it must be important.)

Kanako is seated in the common room talking to Granny Hina about the show. She had agreed to play the part of Keitaro's sister later in the series. Motoko walks down the stairs and sees the newcomer.

"Hello. You must be Kanako-san, Urashima's wife. I am Aoyama Motoko."

Kanako looks up at the sword master and then at Hina.

"Has Oni-chan been telling that story again?"

Hina nods her head.

"Yes, child. You must remember that he is very fond of you."

Kanako crosses her arms and pouts.

"It was an arrangement he made when we were still children. I have said it before and I am saying it again. I will not marry Oni-chan!"

Motoko tilts her head and looks at Hina.

"Why would he claim that they are married, when it is not so?"

Hina clears her throat.

"I guess that it's my fault, in a way. I told Keitaro the he could have Hinata-sou after he turned twenty years old."

"But, how does that relate to him wanting to marry Kanako-san?"

Kanako shakes her head.

"That was my fault. I heard Grandma Hina's promise to Oni-chan and told him that he couldn't handle this inn by himself and should get married. He thought I was promising to be his wife and, well, he just got it all wrong."

Motoko blushes.

"Then, Urashima is still, uh, that is he has no, ah, girlfriend?"

"Do I detect a smidgen of compassion for Oni-chan in your voice?"

Motoko blushes an even deeper shade of crimson.

"Uh, that is, well I do not find him entirely, ah, unpleasant. Urashima does possess a, ah, certain charm."

Kanako quickly bows to the swordmaster.

"You can have him! Please take good care of Oni-chan for me. I hope that the two of you will be very happy together!"

At that moment, Keitaro enters from the dining room carrying a tray of sandwiches.

"Kanako-chan, here are some snacks. Good morning, Motoko-san."

He sets the tray on the coffee table and smiles at his step-sister.

"You wanted to talk to me about something, Kanako-chan?"

She smiles at him sweetly.

"Yes Oni-chan. I feel that the time is right for a wedding."

Keitaro trips and crashes to the floor.

"Really? That's great! When is the ceremony?"

"Granny Hina mentioned to me that Ishida-sama, in addition to being a doctor, is also an ordained Shinto priestess. We just need to reserve a suitable shrine."

Hina nods her head.

"There is still a small shrine in room 304. You are welcome to use that."

Kanako crosses her arms and looks up at the clock.

"Then, it seems we have all that we'll need. Meet me in room 304 in one hour, Oni-chan."

Keitaro leaps to his feet and spins around before heading for the stairs.

"I'm so happy!"

Kanako looks at Motoko.

"Would you be my assistant? I find it difficult to put on a kimono."

Motoko, confused, tilts her head.

"But, did you not jut say, that is, I thought that you . . ."

Kanako waves her hand.

"Do not worry about the details. I'll get a kimono from Haruka-san's collection and meet you in 304 in ten minutes. Granny Hina, please have Ishida-sama meet us there in about forty-five minutes."

"Child, why this change of heart so suddenly?"

"I am just tired of Oni-chan always claiming to be married to me. This will solidify his marriage status once and for all."

An hour later, Keitaro stands outside room 304. Haruka stands next to him, prepared to slide the door to begin the ceremony.

"It looks like you'll be getting your wish, Keitaro. I only hope that you know what you're getting into. Marriage is a serious undertaking."

"This is going to be fine! I've been waiting for this day for ten years!"

The sound of a small chime being stuck echoes from the room. Haruka kneels and slides the door open. She enters behind Keitaro and then stands to the right side of the room next to Hina. Before the small shrine, Hikari wears her Shinto gi and is holding a gohei, waving its paper streamers back and forth over Kanako, who is kneeling silently with her head bowed. Motoko stands near the wall to the left, smiling as she places her palms together. Keitaro takes his place on Kanako's right and bows to Hikari.

The priestess begins chanting as she waves the gohei over theirs heads. After a minute, she changes to a second chant and then a third. Then, Keitaro and Kanako reach out to the small table before them and lift a small sake glass each. They take three sips and then repeat the ritual with two more glasses. Hikari finishes with a final chant for happiness, prosperity, and many healthy children before bowing to the newly married couple.

Keitaro and his wife stand and face each other. He lifts her hood slightly and gently kisses her, sealing their bond. He places a hand on back of his head and smiles at Haruka and Hina. Motoko walks to the door and slides it open, Stepping into the hallway, she turns and bows formally to the couple. As she rises, she reaches up and removes her mask.

"I hope that you and Oni-chan have a happy life together, Aoyama-san."

Keitaro stares at his step sister.

"K-k-kanako-chan? Wh-wh-wh-what are you doing over there? If, if you are over there, then who is over here?"

He leans around in front of his wife and peeks under her hood.


The swordmaster lifts her head. Her cheeks blushing bright crimson, she smiles at him.

"Yes, my husband?"

Haruka, her jaw hanging open, turns and looks at Hina, who is smiling at her nephew. Haruka grabs her shoulder.

"You sneaky old witch! You knew about this, didn't you?"

"Yes, Haruka-chan."

Haruka shakes her head.

"I don't know what pisses me off more; that you didn't let me in on it, or that I didn't think of it myself!"

Flashback: 45 minutes ago . . .

Kanako stands in the room and holds the kimono out to Motoko.

"Come on, you'll be doing me a big favor."

"Why would I wish to do this. I admit that Urashima-san is rather attractive and is blessed with a natural charm, and I am sure the woman that would be his wife will be satisfied with him, however . . ."

"Oni-chan will be inheriting this inn in a few months. You won't have to worry about your financial future."

"Material possessions are not the most important things in life."

Kanako leans over and whispers in the swordmaster's ear. Motoko blushes bright red and pulls back.

"That is, he, are you . . . really?"

Motoko's gi slips down her shoulder as Kanko continues.

"Just think, he can be all yours."

"Motoko's skin turns red from her face to the tips of her toes.

"Just imagine, the two of you in the hot spring together, Motoko-san."

Motoko slides gracefully to the floor as her eyes close. Kanako rubs her hands together.

"That was easier than I thought it'd be."

Thirty minutes after the ceremony . . .

(Keitaro here with another update. They're setting up outside for the second scene and I'm, well, I'm sitting here on one of the chairs in the common room looking across the coffee table at Urashima Motoko. That's right, she's my wife now. I must admit that I was slightly surprised, well, completely shocked actually when I found out Kanako-chan's switch. Although, now that I watch her as she sits quietly on the couch, I am amazed at how beautiful Motoko is. We've been watching each other for the past fifteen minutes and neither of us has uttered a word. It's kind of funny. She caught me staring at her breasts a few minutes ago. It was so cute how she blushed and covered her lips with her hands, because I thought that she would use that sword on me. I have to ask her why she carries it everywhere she goes.)

(Sorry about the interruption. I just spilled some tea in my lap and Motoko grabbed some napkins off the coffee table to wipe up the spill. She dabbed at it for a few seconds before suddenly leaning back and passing out on the floor. Her skin was red from head to foot. Hikari was passing through carrying some scripts and stopped to tend to her. She seems to have just been flustered by something and is now resting on the couch. It looks like the filming is going to go smoothly. I did the scene walking through the empty inn in one take and now we are ready to shoot the hot spring scene where I meet Naru for the first time.)

Keitaro sits in the hot spring and watches as Hikari checks the lighting. She waits a few minutes until passing clouds drift away and then calls for the cameras to start.

"Okay Naru, ready, and, action!"

Naru walks out of the changing room and slides into the hot spring.

"Ah, a bath in the middle of the day is so wonderful!"

She looks towards the back of the pool.

"Hey, Kitsune! I think that my breasts are getting bigger! What do you . . ."

She sits next to Keitaro and reaches into the water. After a moment, she squints and leans towards him.


"Uh, hello?"

Naru's scream echoes off the walls.


Hikari motions to the camera.

"Cut! That was great! We can edit out the sounds of the dogs barking in the distance during post-production. Okay, Naru you will grab Keitaro's towel and pull him around in the water. Got it?"

"Sure thing, Chief!"

"Okay, get ready!"

Naru reaches into the water again and grabs Keitaro. His eyes go wide.

"She said to grab my towel! What are you doing?"

"This is to let you know that I am still pissed that you stole the lead role from me."

"The lead is supposed to be a man. What am I supposed to do about it?"

"I heard that you and Aoyama-san got married a little while ago. Trying to form a union against me?"

"That's preposterous! I was framed!"

She looks at the water and grins.

"It seems that I got a reaction from you when I mentioned her name. You'd better promise to do a I say for the rest of the shoot today, or I might just accidentally pull something off that you will dearly miss. Do I make myself clear?"

Sweat drips from his temples.

"Crystal clear, Naru."

She frowns at him.

"The first thing that you'll do is call me Narusegawa from now on."

"But, the script says for me to call you Naru."

She tightens her grip.


"S-sorry, Narusegawa."

Hikari holds up her hand.

"Okay, ready, and, action!"

As Keitaro is dragged along by Naru, Motoko crashes through the changing room door.

"What are you doing to Keitaro, you vile, loathsome, despicable, evil female? Shinmei-ryu no Zankusen! God's Cry Attack of The Air Slashing Sword!"

Naru releases Keitaro as he smashes into one of the larger boulders in the hot spring.

"Oh heck! Not again! Mommy!"

Hikari watches as Naru sails up and over the inn.


End of Chapter Two.