Same facts apply as in 'The Wish'


What makes this story different from most Pokemon/Digimon stories is that it comes in two
flavors: crossover and decrossover. The exact writing may be different but I'm using the same
basic plot for a solely Digimon story that I'm writing. The difference is that in the crossover
version, there is more interaction between the two series. I would like to have you look over
both versions and compare. I want to see which you like better.

Before I started writing this, I was going to call the process that Exveemon and Stingmon use to
turn into Paildramon "combine-digivolving." Recently, I saw the episode where they did it and
they called it "DNA digivolving." I'm going to stick with "combine-digivolving" simply because
to me, it sounds better than "DNA digivolving."

In both versions of this, I'm going to put emphasis on the "Digimon: The Movie" subplot of the
estranged relationship between Tai and Sora. I noticed that in all of the 02 episodes where she
appears with him, they don't talk to each other, they don't talk about each other, they don't
even look at one another. To this mind, it means that some hostility still exists. Of course
I'm probably seeing too much into this, but then again, it wouldn't be much of a fanfic if I
based it on pure realism. Would it?

I'm dedicating this story to all the Digimon and Pokemon fanfic authors who were inspiring to me.
They know whom I'm talking about.

Some of you Digimon romance fans (authors of Taiora, Mimato, Takari, etc...) might be upset at
what I do to one of the characters. All I can say is this: things are not always what they seem.

Although it was a pretty heartwarming conclusion, I'm going to ignore T.K.'s monologue at the
end of the 02 episodes. I'll tell you all why later.

Be sure to check out "Behind the scenes" posted at the end of this story plus a contest and
trailer for it.


The video was broadcast all over the Internet. Anybody at a computer with a video card would be
able to see it. It was a battle of giants, a test of strength and power. Two beings of great
power but with different program adjectives were dueling to the death. On one side was a black
and orange creature holding what looked like some sort of clock and laughing maliciously,
intentions clearly seems to be to disrupt everything by releasing two nuclear missiles. On the
other side, a silver-armored warrior with arms that looked like the heads of two different
monsters and two kids perched on each of his shoulders. The apocalyptic battle took all of five
minutes. In the end, the gray champion succeeded. The orange monster's last word: a name.

From one computer in the Heightenview Terrace Apartment Building, a redhead boy leaped up for
joy at the results. Then promptly went to the bathroom to throw up continuously into the toilet.

From another computer in a barbershop, a young toe-head boy in white fishing cap and yellow shirt
wondered if his brother and friend were all right inside the computer.

From a third computer, a purple-haired girl with glasses wondered what the heck just happened.
Over six billion other children who were also confused joined her.

But from a computer in a room, lighted only by the laser display monitor, one viewer of the clash
was ranting in anger. He was surprised when the computer virus program he wrote suddenly took
on sentience and began trashing the Internet. He even didn't mind when its mission parameters
were changed, but when that gray creature, which had originally been two monsters, destroyed it,
he flew into a tirade. How dare someone prevent him from extracting his revenge on the Morimoto
Corporation? He wanted to make the major iron producer company pay for the injustice they
inflicted on him.