Chapter 1: Let's Get Digital

Davis Motomiya was not having a good day. He figured that even a perfect person such as himself
gets an off day once in a while, but this was excruciating. His Global Studies class was
studying current events and they had to work in pairs to report on certain events. He wanted to
work with Kari but she immediately chose T.K. as her partner. Davis was outraged, what did T.P.
or whatever his name was had that he himself did not? Then, to add insult to injury, he was
paired with Yolei Inoue, the last person he wanted to see. Yolei was always spending her free
time insulting him and showing off her intelligence, it was sheer torture. If he wasn't alive,
Davis could've sworn he was in Hell.

"Davis, pay attention!" Yolei snapped. Davis forcibly dragged himself back to reality

"Davis, we're not going to pass this course if you keep staring off into the distance," she

"Like I would care about something that happened two days ago in Egypt," Davis argued.

"Sheesh, Davis, I thought that you would be interested in the light show since it's like you,
weird and totally useless."

"Well, it takes one to know one."

"Ooh, good come back, must've taken you all day to think of that one."

"Why don't you lay off me?"

"Because someone has to keep you on this plane of existence, although why I'm trying to help such
a childish freak is beyond me."

"I know you are, but what am I?" Four pairs of eyes watched this battle of the wits from afar:
Demiveemon, Poromon, Patamon, and Gatomon.

"Those two fight like an old married couple," Demiveemon observed.

"Sure do," Poromon agreed.

"They fight like cats and dogs," Gatomon commented.

"Who is the cat and who is the dog?" Patamon asked.

"I'm not sure," the cat replied. "Right now, they're both fighting like cats."

"Did Tai and Matt ever fight like this?" Poromon questioned.

"Yup," Patamon replied. "Sometimes they get physical."

"Shouldn't someone be breaking them up," Demiveemon suggested concerned.

"They'll be all right," Gatomon said. "It's not like this hasn't happened before." Patamon
moved to see what Davis and Yolei were working on. According to the sheet, there was a weird
storm in Egypt a few days ago. Several eyewitnesses reported that they've seen some people being
sucked up towards it but nobody could be certain.

T.K. and Kari looked up from their article on the giant that attacked Nerima a week ago.

"Those two are perfect for each other," T.K. told her.

"They're almost like twins," Kari said. The two then went back to their reading, since this was
something they've already seen before.

The Hacker had been spending the last five hours huddled over his computer, trying to find the
source of the energy that created that virus monster he saw years ago. Three and a half years
ago, he vowed to find the energy that created the black and orange monster that called itself
'Diaboromon' and harness it to create more virus monsters. So far, he's had no luck. He needed
a clue.

A beeping sound interrupted him. A foreign element has invaded the Internet, correction, several
foreign elements. This might be the clue he was looking for. The Hacker activated his new
retrieval program. It would take a while to find the elements and eliminate it.

The Hacker wasn't the only one who detected foreign elements. In a house about fifty feet below
surface of the Digital World, a man sat at a keyboard, scanning the Internet. An alarm alerted
him to what was going on. And there was only one group who could do this.

Gennai quickly sent an email to Tentomon.

Tai Kamiya walked the halls of Odaiba High School in a daze. He was like this all day, and this
behavior, that was unusual even for Tai, was observed by two of his friends: Matt Ishida and
Izzy Izumi.

"Man, he looks like my Dad during the time he sleep-walked all the way to Tomachi," Matt
commented. "What's with him?"

"It was Sora," Izzy replied, like he didn't want Tai to overhear them. "She's been ignoring him
completely for the past five weeks. Tai even tried calling her once, but she actually hung up
on him."

"Ah, I understand now. Sora probably still hasn't forgiven him for what happened with Diaboromon
and the Internet."

"Think we should do something about it?" Matt smiled. Izzy may have been a genius, but when it
comes to relationships, he is as clueless as Davis is to T.K. and Kari's relationship.

Suddenly a beeping sound came from Izzy's backpack. He took out a strange looking device. It
was his digivice.

Matt looked around to make sure nobody was listening in, and then asked, "Izz, why is your
digivice going off now?"

"I'm not sure. I better contact Tentomon."

"I'll come with you. Mr. Jugo rarely notices if anyone's gone."

The computer room at Odaiba High School was much more sophisticated than the one at Odaiba Middle
School, which was where Davis and the other new Digidestined went. In addition to more
computers, it had a theater-style outline to it and even a speaker system, although it was rarely

Izzy hooked his laptop up to one of the computers and placed his digivice into a special adapter
on the laptop. He then typed at the keyboard of the computer. Soon, an almost nasal voice came
through the speakers.

"Tojomon's Pizza Service, how may I help you?"

"Tentomon?" Matt and Izzy voiced at the same time. A video window opened up and a mechanical
bug-type creature stood in a forest background.

"Izzy, Matt, I'm sorry, I thought you were solicitors. That's all I seem to get these days.
'Do you want to buy this product,' or 'do you want this service?' If I had hair and hands, I'd
be pulling the former out of my head by now."

Matt and Izzy shared an embarrassing smile. "Tentomon, did you try to contact me?"

"Oh, yeah. Gennai contacted me and said that he needed you to bring the Digidestined over to his
house right away."

"Why didn't he contact T.K. or Davis?" Matt asked.

"He lost their phone numbers."


"That's what I said when he told me that." Matt and Izzy sighed. Despite Gennai's physical
appearance, he was still the same Gennai that they first met after their defeat of Devimon.

"All right, Tentomon, we'll tell them," Izzy said.

"Thanks, Izzy. Oh, and tell Yolei that Digitamamon says hi. He's been talking non-stop about
her for the past three weeks. Yolei this, Yolei that."

"Got it, Tentomon." The video screen closed.

"Come on," Izzy said as he unhooked his laptop and placed it in his backpack. "Let's get to
Odaiba Middle School and get the Digidestined..."

"Matt, there you are." Another student came into the room. "Mr. Jugo's been looking all over
for you."

"Looks like you'll have to do that on your own, Izzy," Matt said.

"That's all right, I don't mind." Izzy placed his laptop in a backpack and the two exited the
computer lab.

Cody Hida ran through the hallways of Odaiba Middle School, several times coming close to
colliding with other students and teachers. When he got the email from Izzy, he immediately
went to get Upamon, his in-training Digimon. The teachers were generally surprised to see Cody
run out of class like the world was going to come to an end. Even in an emergency, Cody would
usually excuse himself before going off.

Cody joined Davis, Yolei, T.K., Kari, and Ken Ichijouji along with Izzy in the computer lab.

"I'm not sure why Gennai wants you guys at his house, but it must be pretty important."

"Izzy, why don't you come along," Kari offered.

Izzy shook his head. "Somebody has to stay behind in case of trouble."

"All right, let's do it to it," T.K. said.

"T.K. will lead you guys to the lake," Izzy said. "Good luck."

"Digi-port open!" Yolei commanded. The screen glowed and the kids were sucked into it.