500 Miles - Prologue

By Princess Alexandria

Summary: Christy is lost, tossed into a portal of her own making and wandering alternate worlds, trying to make her way home to her lover, Emma Frost. She finds several Emma's on the way, but will she ever find hers?

Author's Note: I recommend that you read Not Myself before reading this fic. Also, I own Christy and keep her chained up under my desk (smirk), but the others are just borrowed from Marvel.

Christy rolled onto her side and stared down into Emma's relaxed, sleeping expression. A soft smile came to her lips as she gently reached out to caress Emma's sleep tousled hair and smooth it off of her face. "I love you so much my queen." She whispered before resting her hand on Emma's arm. It still felt like a dream. They'd finally given up the pretense of the extra room and Christy had moved upstairs to share Emma's room. Emma did have the better room after all.

Christy's eyes moved to the window and the cloudy spring day. Damn it was going to rain. Well that ruined the picnic idea she had to celebrate their two year anniversary. Wow, two years. Christy sighed and felt Emma reach out for her.

"Stop thinking so loud… dear you know I love you" Emma said as Christy started to playfully nuzzle her right below the ear, "But right now I'd love my sleep as well." Christy felt a little disappointed since she was wide awake. "I know you are." Emma's voice became more of a purr and Christy leaned down into a slow tender kiss. "Hon, you can't just think loudly when you want me and expect it to work. I do need sleep" Emma teased. "After all we all can't have your stamina" she continued with a smirk.

"Well if you're too tired I could always see if anyone else is awake." Christy smiled teasingly and pretended to flinch at the soft blow to her stomach when Emma hit her.

"I'm not worried" Emma rolled them over, and leaned over Christy. A wicked smile transformed her sleepy face to that of a goddess. "The harlots around here know what I'd do to them if they touch my consort."

"Consort." Christy snorted at the title. "Oh, does my majesty have delusions of grandeur? I'm no woman's consort." She reached up and attempted to tickle Emma's sides, but that woman was never ticklish when Christy wanted her to be.

Christy's smile faded and she stared up at the woman above her. "I love you so much; you must be my soul mate." Christy grimaced and her voice took on a self derisive tone. "And I'm a real sap to talk like that. Erase that last comment from your memory."

Emma rolled out of bed, "Ooh no. I'm filing that one along with all the other little sappy things the Queen of Death told me. I'm sure the others would be surprised at how very sappy you can be."

"But baby, I've got a reputation. You aren't blackmailing me are you?'' Christy pretended to plead.

Emma moved toward the bathroom. "Only if you don't let me finish sleeping dear. I've made arrangements to go away for this weekend and I want to be well rested for your surprise" Christy sat up a little more awake than before, which wouldn't really make Emma any happier. Emma came back out and slide back into bed. "Sleep now." Emma ordered her softly and pulled the covers over both of them as Emma curled her body around Christy's.


The beachfront property was beautiful even in the gray of the storm. Christy looked out at the rough waters hitting their private beach and then at the rain filled clouds. It wasn't like they were here to sunbath anyway. Christy stepped out of the car and moved to the trunk to grab their bags.

"I had the place stocked yesterday, so we shouldn't need to go into town for anything." Emma smiled at her while grabbing one of the bags. The sexy wink gave her told Christy that Emma had the same plans for their weekend that Christy had. Just the two of them alone; in a large house. God it had been a while since they could be together without the threat of having to deal with one problem or another. Christy smiled; a real vacation.

The house even had a warm fire in the fireplace. The person Emma had come to stock the place must have just left recently. The lights were low and the fire seemed to fill the darkness. Christy set the bags down in the hallway and moved into the living room. It was far cozier than Emma's normal tastes, and Christy liked it.

Emma decided to join her on the couch and Christy enjoyed the feel of her lover against her back as they just watched the fire. "I thought you were going to drive right into the ocean, or the end of the earth."

Emma chuckled, "This country may be large, but it isn't that large. You were just impatient."

"Can you blame me?" Christy turned a little in her seat so that she could see Emma. The thoughtful and serious expression she got in response wasn't what she'd been going for. Before Emma could turn this too serious Christy smiled. "I am with the most beautiful woman on the planet and all I was able to do while you drove was look. That's like putting a small kid in front of a cookie counter and not letting her have any."

"I seem to remember a little more than looking. So I'm a cookie now?" Emma smiled.

"You're my sweet" Christy kissed her. "Even if you are filled with nuts." Christy kissed her and held in her irritation with how hard Emma worked. She'd known Emma was a workaholic when they got together, actually before they got together, but weekends like this were too rare and too precious to waste on issues like that.

Later that night it had stop raining, but the clouds still hid the stars; something that always made Christy a little unsettled. She liked to stare at the stars; monitor them, make sure they weren't falling.

"Take a walk with me?" Emma asked softly, and Christy struggled not to look at her lover like she was nuts. Out side it was dark, cold, windy, and wet. Not really strolling weather. Christy just stood up and shifted her body until she had a warm coat on as an answer. Emma rarely got time to walk along the shores, and if she wanted to do it in the dark Christy would walk with her.

"Okay just let me go get my gun and we can leave."

"Christy hardly anyone knows we're here. Trust me its safe." Emma seemed upset and when Christy gave her a doubting look Emma sighed loudly. "If I promise to scan the area for danger will you agree to leaving the bodyguard image at home?"

It felt like a mistake, but then it wasn't like anyone realized Emma and Christy were at the beach house today. Emma didn't like guns, even Christy's, after the attack. "Okay." Christy stared longingly at the bag that had the one gun she'd convinced Emma to take with them, then moved to the door without it.

The sand was uneven and Emma really should have changed her shoes, but Christy just smiled when Emma leaned on her as they made their way to the shore. The house's porch lights were surprisingly strong giving them enough light to see their way.

"Christy." Emma stopped before they reached the water and the sound of strong waves and the mist of the water reached them, but their feet stayed dry. Christy was a little worried about the nervousness Emma was unconsciously sending through their link. Emma turned to face her and Christy liked the tender expression on Emma's face. "I wanted to…"

That splash was too loud to be a wave. Christy started to turn toward the water, her body growing tense and her eyes widened to try and see into the darkness. Something was wrong… Emma was wrong something was out there. A beam of red light shot towards them and Christy felt the heat as she was tossed to the ground. The white clothed female that fell beside her worried her more as she turned to scramble over the sand, terrified that a better aimed shot was on its way. Emma she screamed though their link scared that whoever shot at them was near enough to hear her if she spoke out loud. As she knelt beside Emma she noticed a trickle of blood running from Emma's forehead. The sound of splashes continued and she saw the outline of a black ship on the water. Shit someone was jumping into the water. With a deep breath she stood up in front of Emma and glared out at the water. "Do you have any idea who I am?" She growled into the night air. "I will kill you if you set one foot on our land." Emma was hurt, and she wanted nothing more than to cradle her lover in her arms and make sure she'd be okay, but she also wanted to hurt whoever hurt her queen. She couldn't let them see her weak, scared.

No one spoke, but she knew people were out there. She had no idea how many. Just that there were more than one and Emma was out cold. Christy spun around and scooped Emma up into her arms, praying that Emma would wake up and tell her where the enemy was. She started to run, the sand making each step difficult to stay balanced. Red streaks of light cut the air around her and the porch lights she'd relied on exploded. They were tossed in the air when it hit the ground near her, barely missing her. She managed to regain her footing as she landed and she dodged left and right as erratically as she could, trying to be unpredictable. Damn it Emma wakeup I need you Christy thought. She knew she was at a disadvantage as long as she had to defend Emma she couldn't attack.

"Freeze!" A man's voice yelled out behind her. Another voice in front of her made her heart stop. "Going somewhere kid." She slid to a halt to miss the knives that appeared out of nowhere in this guys hand. Shit she couldn't go forward and she couldn't go back. Damn and Emma just wouldn't wakeup.

"I swear to god, you hurt her and you'll beg for death." Christy spun around, knowing she'd been surrounded. She didn't want to put her down, but the shadows around her were taking on form and she was trapped. Christy set her precious burden down and spun around to glare threateningly at the people that had come to their home.

Suddenly lightning flashed and Christy's eyes widened as she recognized the people that she was fighting, before her eyes hardened in determination. Emma barely survived the assassination attempt not that long ago, and Christy never wanted to go through that hell again.

Emma was unconscious, and now she didn't doubt that it was on purpose, Christy had to fight alone, and if she tried to fight it would leave Emma vulnerable. Her fists clenched as she took in a deep breath and pulled her power into herself. Felt the cold of death swirl in the air as she pulled that power in tight, felt every death her range could manage, gleaned what she needed from it and smiled coldly. It was her only ranged weapon, her most deadly. She knew what was coming. She didn't want to do this but they brought this on themselves. She screamed because she knew death was coming and it was furious.

Her scream cut the air and she could see a few flinch as a rumble answered her. Scythe was coming. She focused on a memory of a dead world as the portal formed above her, glowing lightly and surrounded by long thin tentacles. Christy's eyes glowed in the same yellow as she glared at the men around her and stood over her lover, keeping them away.

Someone screamed as the portal reached out and grabbed them, pulling them close. "Leave!" She hated to do this to anyone. She had to split her concentration between crouching protectively over Emma and controlling her portal so that it didn't swallow that man just yet. If they'd just leave she wouldn't have to condemn anyone to that hell. It was open to her home after all.

The red beam shot close to them, too close to Emma. "Let him go." The cold man spoke, his threat clear as Christy saw him stare at Emma. Christy shifted to put her body between him and Emma, her eyes glaring daggers back as the man above her screamed as the portals grip became crushing. She pulled that man right up to the portals edge; she could see it in her minds eye through her link to Scythe.

"It is hell on the other side of that portal. No food, no people, barely any breathable air." It was safe to assume those things given how her world died. "It's a horrible way to die, but I'll do it if you don't turn around and leave right now."

A movement to her side had her turning sharply towards the woman there. Threat. Destroy. Scythe felt her fear, heard her command, and reacted. A tentacle reached out and latched onto that woman. The portal started becoming violent as Christy felt threatened and nervous.

"Bob!" Someone screamed she smiled as she felt the portal shake. He was gone, and she had another. She gritted her teeth and glared coldly at their leader. She warned them they would die if they stepped foot on their land. She wasn't bluffing and they would find this out the hard way. You don't fuck with her and her queen and expect to live. Whatever it took, she'd do whatever it took to ensure Emma's safety; even if that meant her death.

"You Bitch!" Someone screamed, but since they weren't moving Christy didn't turn to acknowledge them. She smiled funny how they attacked her and then call her a bitch for defending herself.

A wave of death came back at her and she narrowed her eyes. "He's dead." She smiled as she informed them, just to make it clear that she wasn't pulling punches. "She's next I suggest you leave before I lose my patience and she shares that mans fate. I assure you it won't be pretty and she will suffer." She was smiling a lot, she'd learned people got nervous fighting someone that seemed more amused than scared and she used it.

They rushed her, and Christy flinched back at that unexpected move. A large body slammed into her from the side, tossing her away from Emma. She forgot about the woman as she tried to claw her way across the sand towards Emma, while ignoring the hands that gripped at her as she made her way back. She was to far away damn she wouldn't make it. She knew she failed when that cold bastard move to stand over Emma. The threat in his stance was clear. Don't move.

Scythe lashed it's tentacles around frantically, a mirror to Christy's own frustration and fear. The woman Christy didn't even notice she'd dropped started to stand up drawing her attention. Big mistake she was within range again and Christy needed leverage. Scythe lashed out and grabbed the woman again. Christy knew she was important. She meant something to these people. His body betrayed him and his companions hesitated long enough to confirm her suspicions.

"No!" The man yelled as there was a flash and knives. Suddenly Christy found herself being thrown backward. The sight of tentacles in the corner of her eye made her gasp and Christy tried to twist in the air, tried to focus enough to shut it down. She was too late.

Christy's eyes caught her lover's now opened eyes longingly, desperately, and in that moment she realized that she'd lost. Christy screamed for her as she hit her own portals cold surface and the familiar airless, cold, disorienting sensation filled her. "EMMA!"

"CHRISTY!" The words were muffled, but Christy could feel the soft touch of Emma's frantic mind, felt the love, fear, and then their connection failed.


Peter, Paul & Mary's:

500 Miles

If you miss the train I'm onYou will know that I am goneYou can hear the whistle blowA hundred milesA hundred miles, A hundred milesA hundred miles, A hundred milesYou can hear the whistle blowA hundred milesYes I'm oneYes I'm twoYes I'm threeYes I'm fourYes I'm five hundred miles From my homeAway from home, away from home,Away from home, away from homeLord I'm 500 milesaway from homeNot a shirt on my backNot a penny to my nameLord I can't go home this wayThis way, This wayThis way, This wayLord I can't go home this wayIf you miss the train I'm onYou will know that I am goneYou can hear the whistle blowA hundred miles