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Summary – Mating is a bond form between two demons or demon and human. It cannot be broken unless one of them is dead. It is a life time bond. But before demons take a mate, some go through a process called courting. Courting allows the two to get to know each other and perhaps fall in love. Enter Hiei and Botan. Can the two of them fall in love through the process of courting? And what about the people who are in love with them?


"I want a reunion party," Keiko announced.

Yusuke and Kuwabara looked up from their card game to Keiko as she walked into Genkai's temple.

"Another one?" Yusuke said. "Didn't we just have one last month?"

"Yusuke that was last year!" Keiko yelled at her fiancé.

"Wow. Time really does fly by," then he went back to his card game.

"Yusuke!" Keiko yelled.

"What do you want me to do?" Yusuke yelled back.

"Well for starters, you could help me make plans for the party. There has to be a time and place set. Who's going to be in charge of food, decorations, invitations, should we give each other presents?" Keiko counted off of her fingers.

"Easy," Yusuke told her. "We'll have the party here as we always do, you and Yukina will be in charge of food as always, Shizuru and Kuwabara with decorations, as always, and Kurama and I with invitations. As always."

"You have to admit Keiko, we always have the same jobs when planning for reunions," Kurama said, putting down his book.

"That is true," Keiko said thoughtfully.

"Don't worry Keiko. I'm sure that this year's party will be fun," Yukina smiled sweetly.

"Why do we even have reunion parties when we all see each other often enough?" Yusuke asked.

"Because, we don't spend time with each other as a whole group like we use to. Botan and Koenma doesn't visit as often as they use to, whenever we're all together in Genkai's temple, it's by coincidence or to visit Yukina and Genkai, and we don't even see Hiei anymore," Keiko explained.

"Then let's have a party then," Kuwabara said. He was getting excited. "You'll make your specialty again this year, ne?" he looked to Yukina with great affection and love in his eyes. Though he did look like an obsess freak when he did.

"Of course Kazuma. I'm glad that you like it," Yukina said with a smile. Still seemingly unaware of Kuwabara's true feelings for her.

"Anything you make, I will love!" Kuwabara said proudly.

Kurama smiled at the interactions between Kuwabara and Yukina. If Shizuru was here, she would have looked at her baby brother with embarrassment. But she wasn't, she was with her own boyfriend whom she was seriously considering marrying. Kurama just thought it to be kind of cute that even after all this time, Kuwabara still thought Yukina to be the only one for him. And flaunt it excessively. He then turned his attention to Keiko and Yusuke.

"You miss Botan," Yusuke stated more than asked.

"Hai," Keiko sadly said. "Before she use to visit almost everyday. Then it turned to every few days and then once or twice a week. Now it's only a few times every month. I understand that she's busy, but I still would like to see her again."

Kurama's eyes softened at Keiko's words. He too missed the ferry girl.

"Yukina, why don't you invite your brother to come to the party this year? It's been such a long time since we've all been together," he told Yukina.

"I'll try. But he declined going the last couple of years," Yukina replied. But he saw the resolve in her eyes. Kurama knew that she would try harder this year.

"He better come! No one makes my Yukina sad! Not even her brother!" Kuwabara declared.

"Kazuma, I'm sure that Hiei will come this year," Yukina said.

"Come to what?" Hiei said leaning by the door. Kurama was impressed. He didn't even sense Hiei coming until a second before he spoke. Hiei was getting stronger. He wondered how much stronger Hiei was now.

"Speak of the devil," Yusuke muttered. "Hiei! Long time no see. You don't write, you don't call. If it wasn't for Kurama and Yukina, I would have thought that you'd die."

"To the reunion party that we're planning to hold this year. We were going to ask you if you wanted to come this year," Keiko said, ignoring Yusuke.

Hiei didn't answer. Instead he looked around the room. Kurama, his sister, the oaf, Yusuke, and his soon to be mate. Genkai wasn't in the temple. Probably went out. Neither was Shizuru. Botan wasn't there either. But from she has told him and from Kurama and Yukina as well, she didn't visit frequently anymore.

"Please come this year brother," Yukina asked Hiei softly. "It would be nice to have everyone here after so long again. I'm sure that Koenma and Botan will be here too."

She took his hand in hers and looked into his eyes that were the same as hers. He couldn't say no to her now. "Hn. Fine."

"Thank you," she smiled in gratitude.

"Great! Now all we need to do is tell Koenma, Botan, Genkai and Shizuru," Keiko said happily.

"Easy enough," Yusuke said. "Now, let's get back to our game Kuwabara."

Kurama went towards Hiei while Yukina smiled once more at Hiei. Their eyes having a silent conversation that only the twins knew. And then she squeezed his hands before letting go and talking with Keiko about the details of the party.

"It's been a while Hiei," he said.


"So brings you to the Ningen world?"


"I see. Usually you visit her when she is alone. Why is today is different?" Kurama inquired.

"That's none of your business kitsune."

"Whatever you say Hiei. But you know I will find out anyway. Maybe you should tell me now."


Kurama sighed. Hiei was proving to be difficult again. A few minutes later, they both sensed Botan coming their way. A few moments later, Botan was seen, smiling brightly.

"Konichiwa everyone," she said just as brightly. Everyone went to greet her happily. Even Yusuke spun her around in the air before hugging her. Hiei and Kurama stayed where they were. When all the initial greetings were done, she went up to the both of them.

"Hey Kurama, Hiei."

"Hello Botan," Kurama greeted and then went over to hug her. He lingered in Botan's arms a little longer than necessary. He also felt Hiei's gaze as he let her go.

Before Botan and Hiei could say anything to each other, Keiko took Botan with her. "Botan, we're having another reunion party."

"We are? Great! It's been so long since we've all been together. When is it?"

"In three months," Keiko answered.

"Why so long?"

"Because everyone is busy with every other date closer. It has to be in three moths. Plus that gives us time to plan the best reunion party ever!"

"Then count me in! And I'll tell Koenma too. Hopefully he could make some free time for it," Botan said.

"Me too," Keiko agreed.

"Onna," Hiei was suddenly. It made Kurama look to him with interest.

"Hai?" Botan asked.

"I need to talk with you," and he went out of the temple. Botan followed him after exchanging "huh?" glances with Keiko. Kurama followed them with his eyes, wondering what Hiei wanted to say to Botan privately.

"So Hiei, anything new?" Botan asked him when they arrived to a secluded spot outside the temple.

Hiei stared at her thinking. About a year ago, Botan started visiting him occasionally. The first visit wasn't an actual visit because she was lost and he was on patrol in that area looking for lost unfortunate humans to wander around Makai. From there, Botan's visits would be about once a week or so and she would be the one to talk while Hiei listened. Most of the time with one ear. But the visits were often enough to make him consider a possibility.

Botan waited patiently for Hiei to respond. Already used to waiting for Hiei's long period of time to answer, she amused herself by looking around the temple. Not a lot has changed over time.

"Onna," Hiei said, upon reaching a decision. "I want to start courting you."

"N-Nani?" Botan asked confused.

"I want to start courting you. Give me your reply later. I want you to think about it." And he left.