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(XD) I'm doing a Christmas ficcie! I plan on doing a fic for each Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day that I am active on Like my Halloween ficcie, I know that I will not finish this fic by Christmas (I always start late for some reason --;;). Also, I am switching on and off with the names (mostly whether I prefer one name or the other), so here's a list of the characters, they're descriptions, and how old they are:

Anzu Mazaki (25) – a young woman who yearns to find somebody special, but fate keeps dealing her the wrong hand

Malik Ishtar (25) – he comes to visit his sister in Domino and runs into Anzu

Serenity Wheeler (22) – owner of a bakery and has a baby boy

Joey Wheeler (25) – works voluntarily at a children's hospital teaching sick kids how to play Duel Monsters

Mai Kujaku (28) – Joey's wife; she works for Industrial Illusions and has one son

Tristan Taylor (25) – married to Serenity and works for a real state company

Otogi Ryugi (25) – Pegasus's partner and maker of Dungeon Dice Monsters

Rebecca Hopkins (21) – married to Yugi; they'll have their first child in about nine months

Yugi Muto (25) – works for Kaiba Corp (one of Seto's most trusted advisors)

Yami Muto (25) – inherited the Kame Game Shop after Grandpa died; is married to Vivien with two children

Ryou Hitori (25) ((made up his last name since Bakura is his brother's name)) – works in an ice cream shop and is married to Miho

Bakura Hitori (25) – works at the Domino Museum and is Anzu's best friend; he used to be the leader of a gang of thieves before the police had caught them (luckily they hadn't been jailed)

Seto Kaiba (27) – CEO of Kaiba Corp and is married to Isis

Mokuba Kaiba (21) – works in Serenity's bakery alongside Anzu

Isis Ishtar (28) – married to Seto with two children and runs the Domino Museum

Miho Nozaka (25) ((from YuGiOh! the manga)) – married to Ryou and has one daughter

Vivien Wong (27) ((from YuGiOh! Grand Prix Tournament…)) – runs the game shop with her husband and takes care of the kids; she really has changed over the years

Note: This is an AU fic. The YGO gang has never met Malik, although they might have met of Isis. Bakura and Ryou are separate people, and so are Yugi and Yami. Uh, there are no such things as Millennium Items, and Bakura/Ryou and Yugi/Yami are brothers. There is no Marik (Yami Malik). Some characters maybe a little OOC… or way OOC (like Vivien), but take into consideration that they've done some growing-up.

This is my Christmas gift to you all! I had Christmas at my dad's yesterday, so I thought I should at least try and get chapter1 done before Christmas (--;;;;;). I got my own video camera and volumes 4-5 of Mars! (XD) Stille Nacht means Silent Night. Merry Christmas!!!

Summary: Christmas is approaching, and Domino City is once again crowded with shoppers and family gatherings. Too bad Anzu Mazaki doesn't have any family to celebrate with. One day she bumps into a foreigner named Malik Ishtar, who is the brother of Seto Kaiba's wife Isis. The two start to see each other frequently, and one thing leads to another. Maybe this Christmas won't be lonely after all…

Malik x Anzu centered; other pairings include Serenity/Tristan, Yugi/Rebecca, Ryou/Miho, Seto/Isis, Yami/Vivien


Stille Nacht

By: Chi Yagami


Chapter One – Winter is Here

The windows of the tiny bakery glistened brightly, having just been washed, dried, and polished. Snow fell from the gutter and landed on the doorstep, where a welcome mat read Merry Christmas. Ivory railing rounded the square building, giving an area for customers to eat their fillings. The tables were covered with Lennon cloths that had been recently put there. A woman was inside, sweeping the floor and getting ready for the first day of winter. Her long auburn hair was tied back in a messy ponytail, and her apron hung loosely around her waist. She put down the broom and flipped over the sign. The Wheeler Kids' Bakery was officially open.

Serenity Taylor loved opening the bakery in the morning. She and her brother Joey had started it two years ago; at first they'd both shared the store, but Joey had moved away, so he left it to Serenity, which was fine with her. Although, she did miss how they'd bonded during the first year. They had worked endless hours together, chatting away on various subjects and having fun. He would run the counter while she baked the goods; she missed how he'd always steal a cookie or pastry from the shelf but would pay later. Serenity had kept the name even after he was gone and her last name had changed.

Her husband came in beaming. Serenity ran to him, giving him a big hug and a light kiss. Tristan smiled and ruffled her hair; he hadn't seen her in two weeks.

"You made it home for the holidays," she said happily into his jacket. "I thought you said you might be gone for two months?"

"Yeah, well… the CEO was leaving on Christmas vacation so he decided to let us all go home early. I'm so happy to see you!" he replied, holding her close. "Where's Ethan?"

Serenity pointed to the baby carrier that sat on the counter. A one-year-old baby boy was asleep under a pile of blankets. Tristan kissed the baby's cheek and turned to his wife.

"Rebecca's not baby-sitting today?" he asked while scratching the back of his head.

"It's only seven-thirty; she usually comes at eight. Did you know that she finally got pregnant?" she asked him while putting a sheet of bagels into the oven. He shook his head.

"When did that happen?"

"I think about two weeks ago… I might've forgotten to tell you," Serenity apologized. "They were so happy that the doctor was wrong about Yugi."

"So he isn't sterile after all?" Tristan asked jokingly. "I remember when we used to tease him because of that… It just fit so well with his 'pure' features."

Serenity nodded and continued to get ready for customers. The door opened and the bells jingled, cold wind rushing into the room. Tristan hugged Rebecca and patted her on the back.

"Congratulations on the baby," Tristan said; she thanked him and told him probably be nine more months until he could actually see it. He just laughed.

"So you're back early, huh?" she asked, pushing her glasses up higher onto her nose. "Serenity's happy, I'm sure; where is she?"

"Back here!" the baker called from the rear room. Rebecca's colorful scarf was wrapped around her neck several times, her pink earmuffs slightly lopsided. Her maroon trench coat protected her body entirely from the cold, and only her black boots were visible. Her cheek-length blonde hair was covered by a festive musher's hat. She poked her head into the kitchen and smiled.

"Mmm… I can smell your blueberry bagels being baked to perfection!" she chimed, making Serenity laugh. "So, can I take Ethan?"

"Sure," she replied, not looking up from beginning to frost a cake. "Are you and Yugi going to the Christmas party?"

"The one Seto Kaiba's hosting? Yeah, Yugi wouldn't miss it for the world. Seto's inviting everybody, even Otogi who we haven't seen since he joined Pegasus in America right after he graduated."

Tristan scowled.

"He'd better not lay a finger on you, Serenity, or I'll have his head," he muttered. Serenity just waved her hand for them to leave her alone; she was doing serious cooking and didn't need them distracting her. The two returned to the main room where a customer was waiting.

Tristan glanced around for the counter-person; apparently she was running late because she was nowhere in sight. He sighed and stepped behind the counter, helping the man who'd been waiting for several minutes. Rebecca laughed and picked up Ethan's carrier.

"Tell Serenity I said bye," she said, waving to Tristan. She threw a warm blanket over the baby before stepping outside. She opened the car door, got in, and drove away towards the small apartment she and Yugi lived in. Rebecca loved taking care of Ethan because she and Yugi could get practice of what it would be like with their own child.

After the man had left, Tristan went back into the kitchen. He still looked pretty much the same as he had when he'd been in high school, save his goatee and glasses. He still had pencil-shaped hair.

"Rebecca said bye," he told Serenity, who was putting the fresh pastries and bread onto the shelves. "I had to help a customer because 'little-Miss-Ballerina' isn't here yet."

"Give her a break, honey. She hasn't been herself ever since her parents died in that accident," Serenity said softly. "She really needs to find herself somebody… She's been single for too long."


Beep! Beep!

The alarm clock went off for the tenth time that morning; she had kept hitting the snooze button repeatedly to avoid getting up. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was already eight o'clock.

"AIEE!!" she cried, jumping out of bed. "I overslept! I'm thirty minutes late for work! Serenity's going to kill me!"

The brunette threw off her pajamas and looked around frantically for her work outfit. It was a very revealing, very tight, very short dress, and she had to wear the matching hat (1). Anzu sighed; Serenity insisted that she wear the uniform. It attracted customers.

"Yeah, gropers and perverted old guys," she muttered to herself. She pulled on the long socks and buckle shoes, and she brushed her hair. Not much had changed in the last nine years; Anzu looked almost exactly the same, only more tired and sadder.

All of her friends had somebody. Joey had gotten married to Mai right out of high school. They had moved to America a year later, and they usually visited every Christmas and during the summer. Their four-year-old son Cody was a spitting image of Joey, save the dangerous violet eyes. Tristan and Serenity were happy together with a baby boy, and Yugi and Rebecca were expecting a child. Yami had taken over running the game shop; he really was the 'king-of-games' after all. He was married to Vivien Wong, a girl who'd been in the Grand Prix tournament. They had two children: twins Aryka and Aaron. Aryka had long, multicolored hair, while Aaron had jet-black hair and bright crimson eyes. Heck, even Seto Kaiba had fallen in love before Anzu. He married the museum lady, Isis, and they had two children also: a six-year-old girl named Sakura and a two-year-old boy named Sayoran. Ryou and Miho were married with a five-year-old daughter named Kyumi; she had soft white hair and dark purple eyes. Why did so many people have purple eyes?!

The only person who wasn't in a loving relationship was Bakura. Well, and Mokuba. Anzu and Bakura had tried dating for a while, but it had turned out to be just a close friendship. The two were best friends now, even closer than she and Yugi, and the two could be seen almost everywhere together. Some mistook them for a couple, but they knew the real truth. She couldn't fill that empty hole in her heart with a friendship, no matter how close it was. She yearned for that deep, emotional feeling one got during their first kiss, or when two people first meet and something clicks. Of course, Anzu had already experienced her first kiss, and she guessed it had been romantic enough at the time.

"So, Bakura," Anzu asked, swinging her legs back and forth because her feet didn't reach the ground, "why did you come?"

She was sitting on the edge of a stone bench in the park, leaning back on her supporting arms. She didn't turn to face him; she just kept on staring intently at the bright moon. Ryou had finally convinced Anzu to go on a date with Bakura; according to Ryou, he wasn't as bad as he seemed, but during dinner the ex-thief had kept a safe distance between them. Was he afraid of her? She knew why she'd finally given in (she couldn't endure any more of Ryou's puppy-dog eyes), but she couldn't understand why Bakura had decided to show up.

After waiting five minutes for an answer but getting none, she turned her head to the side; he was still gazing forward, either deep in thought or trying to ignore her.

"The same reason you did."

Her mouth opened slightly, pondering over what he had just said. He smirked inwardly as he watched her get confused. Anzu didn't know what he'd meant by that. Did he come because of Ryou…? Or because of something else…?

"So, I take it you couldn't stand Ryou's pouting face, huh?" she asked, looking back up at the moon. He groaned uncomfortably and shot a sideways glance at her. She was watching the moon, her sapphire eyes sparkling with mystery, wonder, and… happiness?

"No. I came because I decided to give you a chance, and you're not all that bad," he replied softly in a very ironic, romantic voice. She whipped her head around so fast that her hair almost smacked him in the face.

"I… I don't understand… what are you trying to say?"

She actually understood what he was saying, but the thought just wouldn't register with her brain. Why would Bakura, evil-'brother-of-an-angel'-hateful-ex-thief Bakura, go out with her? Was he trying to win her over and use her as a pawn to get something? Possibly something valuable that he didn't want to risk stealing himself so he'd get her to do the dirty work for him by threatening one of her friends or family members? That was the only reasonable explanation…

"If you're trying to win me over so you can use me, you're sadly mistaken," she said with a huff, standing up suddenly and walking away. Bakura was too startled to move. She'd taken his words the wrong way; she thought he was going to use her for something. Boy, was she wrong.

She was storming away quickly, but Bakura caught up to her and grabbed her by the wrist. She twisted in pain, but his grip was stronger than hers. Anzu cried out, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was afraid of him; she'd seen what Bakura could do in a fight, and she didn't want to meet the same fate that Tristan had met in eleventh grade when he'd gotten a broken leg.

Bakura slapped his hand over her mouth to silence her shouts. Anzu, enraged by his action, bit his hand, and he yelped out, pulling his hand away. He raised it up high as if to strike a blow, and she turned her head downward to avoid being hit in the face by his blow.

But none came.

He placed his hand gently on her cheek, and, lifting her face upward, captured her lips in a warm kiss. She was too stunned to even think. Her brain automatically realized she was in a kiss, so she began to kiss back. The two pulled away from each other, both shocked at the other's actions.

"What… was… that?" she asked slowly. He slid his hand down from her wrist to her hand, and his fingers touched hers.

"Anzu… would you like to be my girlfriend?"

She smiled as she remembered the good old days. A couple of months later, Anzu and Bakura had decided that they'd be better off as just close friends; they were missing that special spark that she so desperately wanted. She supposed that she would never find someone, and Christmas approaching wasn't making anything better. Her parents had died a few days before Christmas; after that, the winter holidays had always been very dreary to her.

"Oh, just great," she mumbled sarcastically, "it's snowing… Awe, damn it! I left my coat at Bakura's! It's too bad that I still can't afford a car… I guess I'll just have to freeze… Curse this uniform! I don't see Mokuba wearing something like this!!!"

She grabbed a light sweater and headed out the door. It was bad enough that she had to ride a bike to work, but this was the first time that people could actually see her out in public. The frozen wind engulfed her body and she could barely move. She'd made it halfway down the street before the black car decided to pull over. The window rolled down and Anzu stopped next to the door.

"Get in," he growled. "You're letting in the cold air!"

Laughing, she opened the backseat door and got in. She slammed it closed; he rolled up the window, and took off again. She'd put her bike in the trunk. After buckling her seatbelt, she looked up to see her coat being thrown directly into her face.

"I thought you might need this," Bakura said.

"Thank you," she said, leaning up and giving him a hug from behind.

"Not while I'm driving, woman!" he yelled, and she slumped back into her seat. Bakura smirked.

"I see you were dumb enough to think that you'd last walking outside like that," he scolded. "You know, you could've called me…"

"I didn't want to inconvenience you," she replied, looking out the window and noticing that Bakura passed the street that led to the bakery. "Hey, where are you going?!"

"I'm going to work, where else?" he said deviously. "Don't worry; I only want to show you one thing at the museum."

"But Bakura!" she whined. "People can see me!"

"There won't be many people there at this time of day…"

"But you told me that Isis received some new Egyptian tablets! You told me that, lately, in the morning the museum is packed!"

"Oh yeah… it must've slipped my mind," he replied sarcastically.

"You planned this!"

"Hey, what are friends for?" he asked. She frowned and crossed her arms. They reached the museum in no time, and Bakura practically dragged Anzu up the stone steps. He yanked her inside, and Anzu flushed. The place was packed! A bunch of guys immediately started following them around; Bakura grabbed her hand, and leading her away towards the new exhibit, stuck his tongue out at the men, who scowled.

"They shouldn't be bothering us anymore," he told her.

Anzu sighed and nodded; she really needed to get to work, but Bakura supposedly had to show her something really important. He led her passed a roped entrance where many people were waiting to get in (the Egyptian exhibit didn't open until nine). They rounded a corner and came face-to-face with Isis.

"Hello Isis," Bakura said cheerfully. "I was just showing Anzu the new display that came in on Monday."

"Okay, but be quick," she replied, smiling at Anzu. "We need you on floor three in about fifteen minutes, which should give you enough time to get Anzu to her work."

Isis new Anzu didn't have a car, and she bowed to the two before walking away. Bakura took the brunette over to a large display glass.

"Wow," she breathed, "it's so big."

"Yeah. They found it in an ancient pyramid near Cairo. Look closely; anyone you recognize?"

She looked at the two men who'd been sketched into the stone. One had a weird thing over his head; the other had a dragon-looking animal. The man who had the weird thing above him had spiky hair and looked very familiar…

"Yami!" she gasped. "But who…?"

"We don't know… But that one guy does look a lot like Yami, and Isis thinks that that thing over his head is the Dark Magician, his favorite card. She doesn't have a clue about the other guy though. Oh well… We still have to show Yami and Yugi; maybe they'll know something…"

"I doubt it," Anzu said with giggle. "We'd better go… my bike's still in your trunk and I need to get to work…"

They turned around, and Anzu bumped into someone. She looked up and saw that he was a young man with light blonde hair and lavender eyes.


The guy looked at her confused, and, smiling sheepishly, Bakura dragged her away from him. She turned red from embarrassment and couldn't believe that she'd said that aloud. They raced out the front doors and into Bakura's car.


"You're late," Serenity said sourly as Anzu rushed into the bakery. "Even Mokuba got here before you did, and he doesn't have to be here until nine!"

The young Kaiba shot her a toothy grin before exiting the building; he was the bakery's delivery boy, and around Christmas, the bakery always got lots of orders. Anzu thanked Tristan, who'd been covering for her, and told him he could go help Serenity. He didn't normally help around the bakery since he was usually at work, but for now he could spend some quality time with his wife. Anzu was immediately swamped with customers, and she began her day like she had begun all of the rest.

Meanwhile, over in a certain museum, Isis and Bakura were getting ready to open up the Egyptian exhibit. Isis introduced Bakura to her brother, Malik, who had come over with the findings to visit his sister.

"Hello," the young Egyptian said friendly. "So, you're the museum's assistant manager, huh? How's it like working with my sister?"

"It's great," he replied, giving him a thumbs-up. "You're sister's a great person."

"I know," Malik replied with a grin. "I saw you here earlier… with, uhh, that obnoxious girl… What was she wearing?"

"Oh, umm, that's her work outfit. She works in a bakery just down Maple Street; she's a wonderful person," Bakura told him.

"Ah, I see. Are you two… uhh…"

"No," he replied hastily, "we're just good friends."


"You should meet her sometime, properly I mean. Earlier was a… an accident…"

Seto Kaiba burst through the doors and walked past the paparazzi, glaring at Isis. She approached him wearily.

"Yes?" she asked tentatively.

"It's over," he said loud enough for everyone to hear. There was a great "OMG" from the crowd, and cameras were clicking from every direction.

"What?" Isis asked.

"I refuse to take my daughter to work any longer," he said promptly, folding his arms. A little girl clutching her father's leg peered up at her mother, who smiled knowingly. Playing with the media was one of her husband's favorite games. Well, besides Duel Monsters.

"Come on, honey," she said to Sakura. Sakura and her father followed Isis to the back where Bakura and Malik were talking. Sakura ran to her uncle and latched onto his leg.

"Uncle Mawik!" she cheered as he lifted her up into his arms. "You're back!"

"Yes, Princess," he replied, kissing her cheek. "I brought you something."

Placing her into Bakura's arms (who frowned when she started pulling on his hair), he reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden scepter.

"Malik," Seto said, "you spoil her too much."

"That, my dear friend, is what uncles are for."

"Get it off me," Bakura growled, placing Sakura back into Malik's hands. He gave her the toy and bounced her up and down.

"Seto," he said to his brother-in-law, "why don't I take her off your hands? Isis is busy, too, and I could take her out for the day."

"That'd be great," he replied. "Thanks."

Malik took Sakura out to his car, while Seto happily dismissed the camera people. Isis and Bakura got back to work, and after Seto told them goodbye, he went back to work, too.

"So, Sakura, where do you want to go first?" Malik asked his niece as they drove out of the parking lot. He had rented a car after arriving in the airport, seeing as how his motorcycle would take an extra few days because it was flying over separately. She shrugged, and he laughed.

"How about some ice cream?"

"Sure," she replied, perking up like daisy.

"So, how's your brother?"

"Sayoran? He's okay… He's at home with the maid."


Malik looked at her through the rearview mirror. Sakura looked exactly like her mother, save her light skin that she'd gotten from her father. Since both of their parents had blue eyes, the children had received blue eyes as well. He smiled thinking about how happy his sister and Seto were together. Isis had cut her hair and now kept it wound up into a tight bun at the back of her head. However, she still wore her traditional Egyptian robes, and she made all of the children's clothes. Seto had stopped wearing the shady trench coats, and he currently had a much brighter wardrobe. He'd also acknowledged all of Yugi's friends as friends, even Joey. Malik thought that he himself looked pretty much the same as when he'd been a teen.


(1) It looks just like the bakery outfit that Chi in Chobits wore when she helped out in the bakery to earn Hideki money.


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