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A Stoppable Christmas II Christmas and Recovery

Ron and Kim were both sitting in wheelchairs in the lobby of Middleton Hospital. Ron had been discharged and the Possible's had come to pick him up and take him to stay at their home. Kim had been allowed to stay in the room overnight to give Ron some company. The two teens had been told under no uncertain terms that they were restricted to the house. Wade and Global Justice had been notified. Drakken and Shego had seen the news and Drakken had insisted on another Christmas truce. Drakken had even sent Ron a book of Snowman Hank sayings. All Shego had to say was that the buffoon finally did something right. Monkeyfist sent a message of congratulations. He felt that Ron was truly an honorable opponent. Ron had been injured helping the helpless. Monkeyfist felt that he was honor bound to call a truce until Ron was back to his full capacity. Even Killigan had sent a message in of congratulations and amazement that Ron actually did all that he did. All in all, it looked like it was to be a quiet Christmas for the two teens, which suited the two of them just fine.

Mrs. Dr. P glanced at her husband as they drove up to the front of the hospital. "Dear, you are not going to make a scene are you about Ron staying with us. They will have to share the guest room because Kim will not be able to climb the stairs until her cast comes off her leg."

"I am not worried in the least, Dear" said Mr. Dr. P. "First, I trust Ron, and second with two broken legs in casts, one broken arm in a cast, several bruises, a number of broken and cracked ribs, several cuts with stitches, and total exhaustion on both their parts along with the pain medicine the doctors have them on I don't really think they would try anything or be able to do too much without putting the other back in the hospital."

Kim glanced over to Ron. "How do you feel?" she asked.

"I'll be a lot better once we get to your place, KP, the food here is about to kill me." Ron said brightly. "and besides, it will give me time to spend with me favorite snowmobile partner."

Mr. and Mrs. Dr. P. came in the lobby. "Kim, Ron, we have the van outside, let's get the two of you in the van and get everybody home. Then it will be time for the annual Possible Family Christmas."

"Sounds good to me Mrs. Dr. P." Ron said. "I am more than ready for your Christmas cooking."

Tim and Jim came around their parent and went up to Ron.

"Ron, do you think, we could"

"play some video games, pleassse"

"Sounds good to me guys, as long as you two remember our agreement." Ron mentioned. The twins paled a little and just nodded. Tim and Jim were totally unlike themselves in not harassing Kim and Ron at all. Kim wondered what Ron had over the two, but he wouldn't tell her. What ever it was it had to be good to keep the two tweebs in line.

The Possible's helped Kim and Ron into the van and they all headed for home. Kim gave a longing look over to her blond-haired friend. They had to sit separated because of all of their casts. Ron just gave Kim a smile. Soon, the van pulled up to the Possible residence. Local workman had volunteered and installed a ramp from the garage into the home, so Kim and Ron would not have to climb stairs. It was Christmas Eve and Mrs. Possible went straight to the kitchen to finish supper. Kim and Ron made their way slowly into the living room to the couch in front of the fireplace.

Kim moved across the floor with a special made walker that had brace for her arm. She could use the walker instead of crutches to get around. She still could not climb stairs, so for the time being she and Ron would share the guest room. Mr. and Mrs. Possible had taken the big bed out and actually had two hospital type beds put in the room. This would make it easier for the two teens to get around by themselves.

Kim made it to the couch and eased down into the cushions. It felt so good to be home. The fire in the fireplace bathed the area with warmth that felt so good. She leaned back and settled down into the couch and closed her eyes. Her thoughts went back to the evening in the cabin before that morning. She thought of the warmth of that fireplace and more importantly the warmth of a certain someone holding her close. Soon, that warmth returned as Ron sat beside her on her right, set his crutches aside and placed his left arm around her. Ron's left and her right were the only uninjured parts of their bodies for the most part, so they had discussed this sitting arrangement beforehand. Kim leaned over under Ron's arm and put her head on his shoulder. A wistful smile crossed her lips as she felt him kiss her on the head.

"Feeling better KP?" he asked.

"Much better, I am home, I'm warm and someone very special is holding me." She said.

"Kimmie, Ron, do you want to eat there in front of the fire or can you make it to the supper table?" asked Kim's mom.

Kim looked up at Ron "What do you want to do?"

"Let's eat with your family, we need to learn to get around so might as well learn now." Ron said.

Kim yelled back. "Mom, we will eat in there, just give us time to get there."

"Well, why don't the two of you come on and have a seat. Supper will be ready in just a few minutes." her mom called.

Ron got up and helped Kim stand and get her walker. The two teens did not see Mr. and Mrs. Possible looking at them from the kitchen.

"Ron, really takes care of her, doesn't he" said Mr. Possible.

"Yes, dear, you mean you just noticed that, or have you been making all those plans for a deep space probe?" Mrs. Possible said with a smile. Mr. Possible looked over at his wife and smiled. "I guessed I noticed, but was too occupied trying to protect my Kimmie-cub that I didn't realize that someone had come along to do a better job."

"Have you noticed the way Kim has been acting around Ron?" he asked.

"You mean the stop talking when asked, the "Yes, Ron" this and "Yes, Ron" that, the little smiles, the glassy eyed look whenever he is around, the apparent need to be close as possible to him. Yes, dear, I sure have. It didn't take me long to recognize the look she gives him is the same one that I give you everyday." Mrs. Possible said with a smile. "Yes, dear, our little Kim, who by the way is not little anymore, is very much in love. She may not know it herself yet, but she is showing all the signs."

"Yeah, I have noticed the same look in Ron's eyes." Mr. P said. "He jumps at her every need. He listens to everything she says. He helps her with every step. And dear, that young man has risked every part of his body time and time again to protect her. Look at him now, every injury he has he got protecting her and others. I can't believe I am hearing myself say this but, I think someone has come along that loves her more than me."

The two parents exchanged a smile and a glance and watched as the two teens made their way to the table. Ron braced himself against the table so that he could pull out Kim's chair and make sure she was seated safely before he sat down himself. "Suppertime!" Mrs. P called out and the entire family sat down to eat. The night was filled with singing, fun, food, family fellowship and a little bit of love between two special teens.

Kim and Ron had been sitting on the couch most of the evening enjoying the antics of the twins with the annual Christmas Play. The Egg Nog and been good. Rufus had drunk his fill and was sleeping happily in the mantle of the fireplace. Kim and Ron were nestled together on the couch.

"You two don't stay up too late now" Kim's mother called.

"OK, mom. We won't." Kim answered.

Kim eased back down beside Ron, his arm around her. She nestled herself down into his arms, giving an approving moan. "Ron, thank you."

"Thank you, for what." He asked.

"Oh, let's see, saving my life, taking care of me, and about a million other things." She said.

"KP, you already told me thank you."

"I know, but I just wanted to say it again and I wanted to tell you something else." She sat up and looked Ron straight in the face. "Ron, when I was buried in the snow, I knew that you were out there looking for me. I knew…I knew that unless you were already dead, that you would keep looking for me. I also knew that if you were dead, I would have gladly died where I lay because I knew we would be together later. Ron, you have always been there for me no matter what. You always haven't been the strongest or bravest but you have always been there. Even…even when I treated you so badly, like when Josh was around. You have always treated me with care and respect. Ron, I pushed you away sometimes because I was scared. I was scared to tell you how I really felt. I didn't want to mess up what we had. I.." Ron placed a finger on her lips.

"Kim don't go any further, don't beat yourself." Ron said quietly. "I didn't push things because I felt the same way. I didn't want to lose your friendship. That was the most important thing to me. I know that I have always been there, but that is where I wanted to be, at your side. Because, at your side Kim, there is hope. With all that goes on in this world and our lives, I know that as long as the two of us are together, we will handle it. Just like we are going to handle this. Because, Kimberly Ann Possible, I love you. I know I have said this before, but I will say it again. Kimberly Ann Possible, I love you. I love you because it is utterly impossible not to. I have always trusted you Kim with my life and I have never regretted that decision. I ask you now Kimberly, to trust me, and know that with every part of my heart, body and soul, I love you."

Kim looked into his eyes, the doors to his soul had been opened. He had opened to her in a manner no one had. She could see a love so strong that time seemed to stop. There was no noise, no crackling fire, no couch, no casts, no pain. There were just the two of them opening to one another. Opening that secret place next to their hearts and souls hoping that the other would come into that place and join with them. "Ronald Adrian Stoppable, I love you. I have trusted you with my life, and now Ronald, I trust you with everything that I have been, that I am now and will ever hope to be. I have been so afraid, but now looking at you, I know. I know that I love you, I always have and I always will." She placed her head on his shoulder and melted into the hug she was receiving. Then raising her head gave Ron a quick kiss, then a slower one, then a long one. She lowered her head back down with a sigh, suddenly very sleepy.

"Ron, could you help me up, if I don't get up now, I won't be able to." She asked.

"KP, I don't think I could get up if I wanted to." Ron mumbled. "It is too comfortable here, what do you say KP?."

Ron could only hear the slow sighing breaths of Kim as she was fast asleep. Ron could only smile as sleep took him over.

Mr. Possible had entered the living room to check on the two teen just in time to see the kiss. He stopped and started to say something, but was stopped by a hand touching his arm. He turned to see his wife standing there with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes. The two parents softly walked up to the two teens and called. "Kimmie, Ronald?" As there was no answer, they walked around the front of the couch to see Kim and Ron lying arm in arm on the couch. Their faces showing complete contentment and joy. Mr. Possible smiled and walked to the side of the couch and waved his wife over. Mrs. Possible got a blanket and placed over the two. They then returned to their own room.

Christmas Day

Ron awoke to the wonderful smell of breakfast cooking. He started to move when he found that he couldn't because Kim was asleep on top of him under some blankets. He opened his eyes to see Mr. Possible standing over he and Kim with his arms crossed. "Ah, Kim…Ah KP, we are soooo busted." Kim opened her eyes to see that her mother had joined her father in standing in front of them. Kim face went beet red as she realized that she and Ron had slept together on the couch. "Umm…umm, hi mom hi daddy, this ahh..umm, this in not… ah." Kim didn't get any further because her parents broke out in huge smiles.

"It's okay, Kimmie" said her mother.

"Mr. Dr. P, seems I can't locate my crutches, can you give me a hand to the bathroom. I have some business to attend to." Mr. Possible stuck out his hand and helped Ron he stood and Mr. Possible placed Ron's arm over his shoulder and helped him across the room to the guest bath.

"Mom, I am so sorry. It won't happen again." Kim said as she looked as the floor.

Mrs. Possible sat next to her daughter. "It's ok, Kimmie, we trust the two of you. We saw what happened last night and we didn't want to disturb you. Who do you think put the blankets on you. Santa Claus?" Kim giggled, then turned red again, "you saw what... what did Daddy say, what did he think?" Mrs. Possible put a hand on her daughters shoulder. "Kimmie, I will tell you something between the two of us. I have never seen your father any happier. Did you see the look on your father's face when Ron asked him for help. Kim, your father adores Ron, not just because of what he did. But because of what he has always done. Ron has always taken care of you. Your father told me that he completely trusts Ron. Yes, he saw what happened and he heard just a little. But, Kimmie, he is so happy for you. Com'n, let's get you up and to our bath so you can look good for Ron."



Breakfast was finished and all the gifts had been opened except one to Ron from Kim. Kim had hidden it until last. "Mom, can you get that special gift for me for Ron."

"Sure, Kimmie" Mrs. Possible said.

"Uhmm, Kim I …" Ron started to say.

"Ron, please, I thought of this the other day and asked mom to get if for me for you." Kim said as she placed a finger on his lips to quiet him. "Please open it, I hope that you will like it."

Ron, opened the paper and saw "Club Banana, Men's Shop" on the box. Club Banana had opened a Men's line of clothing that season and although Ron liked some of the clothes he didn't like the prices. He opened the box, and took in a small breath for in the box was a men's Club Banana jacket that was the twin of the one he had given Kim last Christmas. He looked up at Kim to see her smiling a lovely smile. "Since we are to be a couple, I wanted to tell the whole world that the two of us are together. Now when we go out our matching jackets will tell our story." She leaned over and gave him a quick little kiss.

"Oh, man, Kim this is wrong, I tried to get you a special gift but it hasn't been delivered and I wanted you to have it on Christmas." Ron moaned. "Now, you have given me this great gift and I don't have anything to give you."

"Gift, package, oh my goodness!!" exclaimed Mrs. Possible. "Ron, where the rangers helping you?" she asked.

"Yes!" Ron said.

"One of the rangers came by here yesterday morning as we were leaving to pick you up. I had completely forgotten." Mrs. Possible jumped up went into the kitchen and came back with a small box about the size of a VCR tape. "Here it is, Ron, it's heavy for it's size."

Relief showed on Ron's face as he saw the package. He took if from Mrs. Possible and turned to Kim. "Kim, I didn't know what to get you. Then the mission came up and you got hurt, then the play, then I got hurt and between the two of us being in and out of the hospital I didn't know what I was going to do. Then, Danelle that first ranger we meet came by to see us while I was in the hospital. You were out for something, so we talked while you were gone. I told her about my problem when she asked if the rangers could help me with anything. I told her what I was thinking of and she said if I would give her the money she would take care of it. What I didn't know until later was all of the rangers heard of my problem and they took up a collection to help. They told me what they did later. I was surprised and I know that you will be. So Kim, with all my love." Ron handed her the package.

Kim took the gift, it was heavy. She peeled back the paper to reveal a beautifully stained wooden box. On the lid inlaid were the words "To Kimberly Ann Possible, my friend, my partner, from Ron Stoppable"

"The wood is from the beam that trapped you. One of the rangers is real handy with tools and he designed this for me." Ron said.

Kim slowly opened the box and nearly fainted for in the box laid in a velvet interior was the most beautiful gold necklace that she had ever seen. The necklace was thick and interwoven. A small emerald hung from the center on a pendant. Her eyes became big as saucers. Mrs. Possible was so curious that she stood and walked over to see what Kim was reacting to. She gasped, her hand leaping up to cover her mouth "Oh, Kimmie" she said "that is …that is beautiful." Kim put down the box and picked up the necklace.

"WHOAAA!!!" said Tim and Jim together when they saw it.

"Wow!" said Mr. Possible.

Ron reached out and took it and motioned for Kim to turn around. He undid the clasp and placed the necklace around Kim's neck as she pulled her hair out of the way. She then turned around to look at Ron. Ron sat there near to her drinking in the beauty of the necklace as it lay around her neck.

"Oh, Ron, I couldn't this…this had to have cost… I mean this.. " she glanced up to see his face full of adoration and love. Her hand went up to touch the necklace and the pendant. "Ron, I don't know what to say..I" Ron put up his hand. "Like I said, some of the money was mine, but the rangers took up a collection. One of them does jewelry work and helped design it. A couple of others made the box. They showed me a drawing of what it would look like but I had no idea it would look like that. All I can say is, with it on you, wow!"

Kim literally leaped across the couch and caught him in a hug and a kiss. "Kim, your arm cast!"



"Oh, gosh, Ron I'm sorry."

"Uhh, dear, could you go get one of those steaks out of the refrigerator? I think Ron is going to need one raw for now."


The family was gathered around the dinner table happily eating and enjoying the meal. Kim would blush everytime she looked at Ron and say "Ron, I'm sorry." The twins would snicker.

Kim glanced over to the blond hero in her life, as now he sported a large black eye courtesy of her cast as she had leaped to give him a hug and a kiss.

Ron gave Kim an indulgent smile. "Don't worry KP. Your mom said it's not too bad and the swelling will go down quick. Ron leaned over and gave Kim a kiss. Kim closed her eyes and raised her hand to touch the side of his face.

"A-hem, Kimberly, Ronald, not at the dinner table." Said Mr. Possible.

"Yes, sir" said both of the teens.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I thought I would take this story a little further. I have really had a good time with this story and I hope that you have enjoyed it also. I noticed when I was going back proofreading my story that when Ron called Kim by her full name I originally typed Kimberly Ann Stoppable. LOL. Wishful thinking I guess. I haven't decided how many chapters will be in the next set. I appreciate all the reviews that everyone has written. Another author recently wrote an I am story. I noticed a number of you questioned them about copying my stories. While at first I was a little out of sorts, I have had time to think about it. We are for the most part older teens or adults here. Forlong can write "I am" stories if they so desire. It might be nice to see a fresh perspective.