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The Diary of Kim Possible

Wow, it has only been a year since school has started back after that amazing holiday season. To say that Ron and I's first few days back at school were interesting would be an understatement. We got to school that morning and everything seemed just normal. Ron was on crutches and I was in a wheelchair. As we got close to the front door, they were flung open and a mob of students charged out to greet us. Poor Ron, several of the jocks picked him and put him in another wheelchair and was threatened with bodily harm if he got out. They all wheeled us into the gym where the whole student body greeted us.

Mr. Barkin stood at the podium at the end of the gym. We were wheeled up to the podium and up on the stage. Mr. Barkin signaled for quiet and everyone sat down and got quiet. I have never seen a smile on Mr. Barkin like he had that day. "Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, it is good to see you back in school. We are very proud of you and are also very glad that the two of you are well." The cheering started again and took awhile for him to stop it. "Until both of you are on your feet, student volunteers will assist you getting from class to class. The wheelchairs are to be your transportation. If either of you try to walk to class, I will see you in detention!" Mr. Barkin said with a grin. After a few announcement and ovations the assembly broke up and we were taken to our first classes.

Ron Stoppable was not called loser anymore. In fact, the poor guy has turned into one of the most popular guys in school; he was having a little difficult time dealing with it. Big Mike looked after anything that he might need as do almost all of the guys. I also found out that I better watch out for Ron because there are quite a few girls here that would be after him in a flash if given the chance, not that I was worried, I trusted Ron there. Bonnie and I have become good friends. The groups of us, Bonnie, Josh, Ron, Felix, Tara, Monique, Brick, and me have become quite a group of friends. Ron and I had a chance to talk to Bonnie later; she was getting a lot of flak from her old "in" crowd, because she was spending time with us and not them. She asked us to her house one afternoon and swore us to secrecy. She then pulled back the hair on the left side of her head. She asked it we remembered the shot that was fired at her that day and Ron and I both nodded. She turned her head and on the right side of her head just above her ear was a healing cut that had been hidden by her hair. She said "that bullet was a lot closer than most people know; I didn't know myself under later. Then everyone was so worried about the two of you, so I didn't bother to tell anyone. I realized later, how important friends are and I thought of the people who I thought were my friends and I thought to you. I realized who would stand with me and understand and who would laugh and turn their backs. I need the two of you in my life, you have such a wonderful relationship, and I want to earn your friendship, to learn from you, to be with you, because when I am with you, I feel so much more complete." Ron and I were in shock at the change in Bonnie, but made a pact then and there to help her as much as we could.

Ron and I had the opportunity to thank Monkeyfist and Shego for what they did for us. Their answer back was that the truce was on until we got back into full fighting form. Then they would have the honor of let us say 'cleaning our clocks, wiping the floor with us' and a number of other sayings. Global Justice picked up what remained of the terrorist cell that was at the house. Ron and I had a little security detail on us until we were back into good health. We got back into the missions slowly at first as the casts came off and we healed. Bonnie, Brick, Josh, Tara, Monique and Felix all joined Ron and I on missions at different times. Team Possible expanded that year and we expanded what we did. We don't just fight the villains anymore, but we have expanded into relief and rescue work. When we had to split up, I would lead one group and Ron the other. The two of us still handled the villains.

Ron stayed at our house at least for the next few days after New Year's. Both of us had been getting around better. I climbed the stairs to my room for the first time after New Year's. Mom flipped out when she found out. She grounded me for a day for trying and Ron's parents grounded him for letting me try. Not that we could really do anything. Ron is actually getting better in his clothing choices. He is starting to check with me as to what I am wearing so that we don't clash. We had some good talks about our future. During one shopping trip to the wall we went to the jewelry store. We looked at a few things and then somehow ended up at the rings. Ron gave me that Ron smile and I know what my face looked like because I had to fan myself to cool off. Bonnie just happened to walk in the store at that time. This time both of us blushed. Bonnie gave us the biggest grin, and putting her finger to her lips like she was telling us to be quiet, she turned to leave with a huge grin. I didn't know where our lives would take us over the next few months. I knew this though, if things worked out for us, I didn't think I could pick a better partner in life than Ron Stoppable.

After graduation, we all went to college together. Then just a few days ago, Ron asked me out on a special date. Dinner, dancing and a wonderful walk in the city. We walked and talked just enjoying the evening. I didn't realize it but he had been guiding me somewhere. I realized it when I found out we were standing under the same tree we had met under in pre-school, the same place that Shego and Monkeyfist had placed us after rescuing us from the terrorist. We sat on the bench that the town had placed there in our honor. I know something was going to happen; he wouldn't have taken me there for nothing. I was so right. He said to me. "Kim, it has been an amazing year since last Christmas. Those times I will always remember. KP, I would like to ask you something.

Kimberly Ann Possible, will you marry me?" I laid my head on his shoulder in a spot that always seemed to be just right to me. I sighed and raising my head and looking into his eyes said "Yes". The kiss that came after that will be one to remember. What happened after, I should have known. As we broke the kiss, we noticed two small figures hiding behind some of the nearby bushes.

"Oh, oh"

"we are sooo busted"



"Tweebs" I screamed, "What are you doing here?"

"Well, like last time we decided to follow"

"you and this time try out our new lowlight video camera."

"We can transmit to the local TV station"

"live video, so we thought"

"we would do an encore"

"from last year."

"So Ron just proposed to you"

"in front of all of Middleton"


Ron rose with a roar and took after the boys, but he didn't get far, his Ron-ness took over and as he tried to jump the bushes he tripped and broke his other leg this time. To say that I was mad at the tweebs is an understatement. The love of my life broke his leg the evening that he proposed to because of a prank of theirs. Mom and Dad came and got the tweebs. Later as the EMT's picked him up to carry him to the hospital Ron started to laugh.

"Ron, are you crazy, what are you laughing about?" I yelled at him.

Giggling like only Ron can he looked at me with those loving eyes "Kim, their trick last year was one of things that really brought the two of us together. I wanted to get the news out so, I let them follow us. I made sure that you were at the right angle, as was I. I even made sure the school had all the light fixed so the area would be lit well. I knew that they would try something so I set them up. I knew they were there the whole time."

"Ronald Adrian Stoppable, why in world did you do something like that without telling me." I asked. "Especially something as important as this." Ron had developed a counter to my puppy dog pout. I call it his goo-goo look. He gave me that look and I could not help it and started to laugh. "You really planned all this? " I asked giggling. He nodded.

"I didn't plan on breaking my leg, but for us it is just about right." He said laughing. "By now, I imagine, CNN, the BBC, Fox news and several others have already acquired the video. So by the time we get to the hospital we better be prepared."

"How about the tweebs? Did mom and dad know about this? I mean they acted really mad when they came to pick up the tweebs. The tweebs looked like they were about to cry." I asked.

Ron smiled and said "Your folks knew about what I had planned. They were supposed to act mad till they got home. They were supposed to come get them when we caught them and really put a scare into them. After this happened, I sure your mom will do a number on them. But I asked them to tell the tweebs that they had been had by the time they got home."

We all boarded the ambulance and headed for the hospital. By the time we got there, mom, dad and the tweebs were waiting for us. So was about half the media in this part of the state. We were able to get into the hospital with no problem and as they rolled Ron into the ER with me walking beside him we ran into an ovation of the hospital staff and patients. I looked on at a TV on CNN hanging in the ER lobby and there we were with Ron proposing to me. Later, as we left with Ron on crutches we made a statement to all the press that had gathered outside of the hospital. We confirmed our engagement, and spoke for a few minutes, but gave little details as we really had not made any plans.

I am spending some time at Ron's house over the past few days. We have been making plans for the wedding. Of course all of our friends were very happy. The wedding party had been picked. Felix will be best man. Monique will be Maid of Honor. Josh and Brick will be groomsmen and Tara and Bonnie will be bridesmaids. It will be interesting to see who will catch the bouquet in that bunch. Mom and Dad and the Stoppable's are ecstatic. Drakken and Shego sent best wishes as did Monkeyfist. Ron wants to invite them to the wedding. I have my doubts about that, but I am sure Ron will wear me down till I agree. John and Pam called today and talked to both of us for awhile. They will be guests of honor at the wedding of course. They joked that they helped bring us together and over that hump that we had been fighting to get over in our relationship. Ron and I are very happy; we talk of the Christmas mission, the play, our kidnapping and rescue, the party that special New Year's night. Some people say that we were destined to be together. We just laugh and know that it took years of getting to know and trust each other before love came. We know that relationships are not destined but built, day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. It took good times and bad times to get to know each other. It took letting each other down, hurting each other and forgiving one another. It took so many things over a long period of time to build our relationship so when we took that final step that night under the tree, we knew without a doubt they we were doing the right thing. We will always be Team Possible, but in a few months I will cease to be Kimberly Ann Possible and will be Kimberly Ann Stoppable.

I had no idea when I got the original idea for this story a couple of months ago that it would grow into the work that if became. I hope you liked the ending. Who knows there may be a sequel now that the team has expanded. Also there is a wedding to write about. Some stories seem to take on a life of their own and this one is a good example. This one has become one of my all time favorites. I would like to thank continental-line, Triaxx2, doug4422, fanjimmy, goofmore, mycookie, gargoylesama, rainbowdancer, and so many others for reading, reviewing and the e-mails. I had a lot of extra time to work on this as we had heavy snow here in eastern NC the day after Christmas so we couldn't go very far. Thanks again.