Author's Note: Heya peeps! Welcome to my first Seto/Serenity romance. I absolutely love this couple. They make a cute couple, in my opinion. Any who…this is my first romance ficcy, so be gentle I'll improve over time. You just need to wait and see…now I introduce you to "My Love, The Blue-Eyed Guy. I think this is a very original title, so if I catch another story with the same title I WILL accuse you of stealing! Unless you have asked me, PrincessChaos, permission! Sorry for being over possessive is just I hate people who steal. They always take someone else's idea and never state that this idea was not theirs in the first place. Now the MAIN pairing is Seto and Serenity. There will be also Ryou/Téa/Yami pairing, Mokuba and Rebecca pairing, and Mai and Joey pairing. But it will be mostly focused on Seto and Serenity. Now…ENJOYEE!

This story you are viewing is the edited version. Nothing has changed much except for the formant and info. The format was changed due to the dashes not coming up. I also added more characters. Therefore there is another couple pairing now and I have turned one couple pairing into a love triangle.

Plot: Serenity Wheeler finally moves in with her brother and starts going to Domino High, where a certain blue-eyed guy keeps bumping into her, and he happens to be her brother's rival. What happens as Serenity slowly starts falling in love with him, does blue-eyes feel the same? And will Joey Wheeler allow it?

Genre: Romance/Humor


Seto Kaiba/Serenity Wheeler
Joey Wheeler/Mai Valentine
Yami Motou/Téa Gardner/Ryou Bakura
(Added new!) Mokuba Kaiba/Rebecca Hawkins

Info: I had to change the ages around. Sorry. So here they are…oh and I used their US dubbed names…sorry again…

Seto Kaiba: 18 years old
Serenity Wheeler: 16 years old
Joey Wheeler: 18 years old
Mai Valentine: 18 years old
Yugi Motou: 17 years old
Yami Motou: 18 years old
Téa Gardner: 17 years old
Mokuba Kaiba: 12 years old
Tristan Taylor: 18 years old
Duke Devlin: 18 years old
Rebecca Hawkins: 12 years old
Arthur Hawkins: 70 years old
Solomon Motou: 75 years old
Ryou Bakura: 17 years old (There is no Yami Bakura. Sorry.)

I have decided that I wanted to separate Yami from Yugi. They're brothers in my fic. Don't kill me about this. Okay? Hopefully you guys will have a mutual feeling about this…sorry if you don't like the idea.

Note: Italics are used for thought.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Yu-Gi-Oh! All I own is this story's plot.




My Love, the Blue-Eyed Guy


B y : P r i n c e s s C h a o s






Domino City, Japan
Wheeler Residence
6:53 a.m.




Serenity groaned once more as she tried waking her older brother, Joey Wheeler, up for school. So far she was failing miserably and there seemed to be no change. He was knocked out cold and seemed that he would not wake up for a while. Quite a while…

"Joey wake up! We're going to be late for school!"

Joey let out a loud snore and grumbled incoherent words.

I told him to go to bed instead of watching the damn Ikaruchi Man marathon! But did he listen? No!

Serenity swore if her brother did not wake up she would leave without him. She was not going to be late on her first day of school. You see, she had just transferred to Domino High, after she had moved into Joey's place, from Kyoto where she had lived with her mother (1). Her mother had disagreed over this idea in the first place and tried to force Serenity to come to America with her, who needed to go for business reasons. She however refused, and told her mother she was going to go live with Joey. Her mother finally gave in and allowed her to do so…

Serenity stomped her foot.

"Joseph Wheeler! Get up!"

Joey grumbled.

Serenity sighed. Why did she even bother?

"Uh! Men!" Serenity yelled and stomped out of his bedroom. She came back with a glass of water and splashed it on Joey.

"I'm up!" Joey yelled as he sprung up from bed glaring up at his sister who had the glass in her hand, "Christ! That's cold! Ren why'd ya' do that?"

Serenity rolled her eyes, "You weren't waking up so I was forced to wake you this way. I'm sorry onii-chan (2) but I don't want to be late for school."

"It's okay Ren, I'll be ready in a few why don't ya' go n' make breakfast'."

"I already did. Now hurry up and get ready so we can leave."

"Keh Ren!" Joey exclaimed as he sprung out of bed and directly to the bathroom.

Serenity sighed and went to her room…




Domino City, Japan
Kaiba Manor
7:06 a.m.




Seto Kaiba drummed his fingers impatiently as he waited for his little brother Mokuba to finish eating his breakfast. Seto himself had only had a cup of coffee, but then again that was all he really needed.

"Mokuba hurry up. You know I have never been late for school. I knew I shouldn't have let you stayed up that long to watch that stupid marathon."

"It's not stupid. Ikaruchi Man rules! You should have seen when—"

"Shut up and eat so we can leave already. I don't care about the stupid show," he said as he started to read the newspaper.

Mokuba stuck his tongue at Kaiba, not that he saw it. He was too preoccupied in the newspaper by now.

Mokuba picked up the bowl and started to slurp up the milk left from his cereal. Kaiba cringed at the sound, "Stop that. I thought I taught you better…"

"You did but (slurp and gulp) I rather not listen," Mokuba said as he placed the bowl back on the table wiping his milk moustache with his sleeve.

Kaiba glared at him for that. Mokuba wasn't supposed to use his clothes as a napkin.

"Hehe…oops?" Mokuba said as he gave him a sheepish grin.

"Whatever. Go get your jacket on and meet me in the limo."

"Keh nii-sama (3)!" Mokuba shouted and ran out of the kitchen to retrieve his jacket. Kaiba put his hands in his pockets and headed out to his black limo awaiting outside.




Domino City, Japan
On the way to school
7:14 a.m.




Serenity walked ahead of Joey who was struggling to tie his shoe at the same time as he walked…

"Ren hol—" Joey fell over, "Ow! Ren wait up will ya'!"

Serenity stopped not even bothering to turn around she tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for Joey to tie his shoe.

"Right lace over left one…" Joey mumbled to himself as he tried to tie his shoe.

Serenity sighed and turned around to tie Joey's shoes for him. She slapped his hands away and grabbed the lace to tie it…




Domino City, Japan
Inside Kaiba's limo
7:15 a.m.




"It was so cool when Ikaruchi Man used his laser vision and…" Mokuba droned about his favorite super hero since he had gotten into the limo. Of course Kaiba pretended to listen and just replied by nodding his head and saying 'hmm'. He did not care about the show at all. He was staring out of the window when an all too familiar blonde-headed teen appeared into view. He smirked…

Why not have a little fun with the mongrel?

"Stop the car," Kaiba demanded and the limo driver stopped abruptly. Kaiba rolled down his window…

"Can't tie your own shoes, mutt? Must you ask stranger's to do it for you?" Kaiba scorned. Joey turned his head when he heard the comment.

"Where'd the hell did ya' come from moneybags? Are ya' stalkin' me or sumthin'?"

Serenity stopped tying Joey's shoes and peered up at Seto Kaiba who was smirking smugly. She frowned. She remembered him from Battle City, and how could she not? He had been the host of the damn thing. She noted that he still was the same and had not changed one bit. He was still rude and arrogant maybe somewhat more.

"Why don't you go away and mind your own business!" Serenity yelled unexpectedly at Kaiba, whose smirk faded and he turned his view to her. Joey looked at her shocked. He had never seen his baby sister ever shout at anyone beside himself.

"Oh really? Is the mutt's girlfriend going to make me?" Kaiba sneered.

Girlfriend? He is so stupid!

"I'm not his girlfriend you dunce! Maybe Battle City will ring a bell!"

Kaiba growled…

How dare she call me the Seto Kaiba a dunce? And what the hell is she saying about Battle City? Was she there?

Kaiba wondered for a moment trying to remember her. He stared at Serenity…

Let's see auburn hair, brown eyes, hangs around the mutt…no…she couldn't be the mutt's sister! The mutt's sister is shy and did not ever butt in! She couldn't be her!

"Hey Serenity!" Mokuba exclaimed as he poked his head out of the window.

"Hello Mokuba!" Serenity exclaimed changing her voice tone from anger, which she had been using on Kaiba, to kind for Mokuba.

It's her?

"The mutt's sister?" Kaiba asked dryly.

"It's Joey's sister," Serenity corrected and crossed her arms across her chest. Kaiba stared at her as if he had been hit on the head.

Wow she really filled in…wait what the hell am I thinking uhh!

"Whatever…" he grabbed Mokuba's collar shirt and pulled his head back in and rolled up the window. The black limo drove off not before splashing both Joey and Serenity with cold dirty water.

"The nerve!" Serenity shouted, "Oh no! My uniform is ruined!"

"That bastard is gonna pay!" Joey shouted as pulled his school jacket off rinsing the water, "Here Ren, I don't want ya' getting a cold," Joey said as he handed his jacket over to Serenity.


"No buts. That's an order!" Joey exclaimed. Serenity grinned forgetting all about Kaiba and accepted the jacket.

"Come on let's go!" Joey exclaimed.

"I'm right behind you onii-chan," Serenity said as they both headed back on their way to school…




Domino City, Japan
Inside Kaiba's limo
7:21 a.m.




Mokuba continued frowning ever since his Seto had pulled his head back in the car.

"I wanted to say bye…" Mokuba grumbled and continued to whine.

"Oh shut up and stop whining," the limo stopped in front of Domino Junior High, "Now get out of the car before you're late."

"Fine!" Mokuba shouted and opened the car before the chauffeur could open it for him and slammed it shut. Kaiba glared at the door that Mokuba had slammed then back to where Mokuba was sitting. Mokuba had forgotten his backpack and no doubt would come back to get it, suddenly the door opened yet again by Mokuba. Mokuba was about to grab back his backpack when his older brother grabbed it with one hand…

"What did I tell you about slamming doors?" he asked coolly glaring at his younger brother…

"Seto let go!" Mokuba yelled and tugged with both his hands however Kaiba did not budge nor let go…

"What did I tell you about slamming doors?" he asked once more. Mokuba sighed.

"Don't slam doors…" Mokuba muttered.

"Good. We'll talk about this tonight when I see you," with that Kaiba let go of Mokuba's backpack. Mokuba took it, without saying another word, slamming the door behind him as he ran off. Kaiba growled…

He is so grounded…




- T O - B E - C O N T I N U E D -


(1) – When Joey and Serenity were younger their parents divorced and their mother took Serenity with her and their father kept Joey with him. Their father died a long time ago from alcohol poisoning, the reason their mother divorced with him and their mother is alive and well.

(2) – Onii-chan. Means big brother in Japanese, addressed from little sister.

(3) – Nii-sama. Means big brother in Japanese, addressed from little brother.

Author's Comments: So what do you think? This is my first Seto and Serenity fic so don't flame please. Anyway, Kaiba got onto Serenity's bad side and she got into his as well but then again love birds do bicker with one and other. BTW Ikaruchi Man is made up, so don't go looking for it somewhere. LOL.


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