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Plot: Serenity Wheeler finally moves in with her brother and starts going to Domino High, where a certain blue-eyed guy keeps bumping into her, and he happens to be her brother's rival. What happens as Serenity slowly starts falling in love with him, does blue-eyes feel the same? And will Joey Wheeler allow it?

Genre: Romance/Humor


Seto Kaiba/Serenity Wheeler
Joey Wheeler/Mai Valentine
Yami Motou/Téa Gardner/Ryou Bakura
(Added new!) Mokuba Kaiba/Rebecca Hawkins

Info: I had to change the ages around. Sorry. So here they are…oh and I used their US dubbed names…sorry again…

Seto Kaiba: 18 years old
Serenity Wheeler: 16 years old
Joey Wheeler: 18 years old
Mai Valentine: 18 years old
Yugi Motou: 17 years old
Yami Motou: 18 years old
Téa Gardner: 17 years old
Mokuba Kaiba: 12 years old
Tristan Taylor: 18 years old
Duke Devlin: 18 years old
Rebecca Hawkins: 12 years old
Arthur Hawkins: 70 years old
Solomon Motou: 75 years old
Ryou Bakura: 17 years old (There is no Yami Bakura. Sorry.)

I have decided that I wanted to separate Yami from Yugi. They're brothers in my fic. Don't kill me about this. Okay? Hopefully you guys will have a mutual feeling about this…sorry if you don't like the idea.

Note: Italics are used for thought.

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- T H A N K S - F O R - T H E - R E V I E W S -




My Love, the Blue-Eyed Guy


B y : P r i n c e s s C h a o s


Chapter Four




Domino City, Japan: Domino High
Honors English: Room 111
8:04 a.m.




Serenity yawned, as she groggily made it to her seat. She plopped down, dropping her backpack on the floor next to her and putting her water bottle on the desk. Instantly she laid her head on the desk as well. So far Kaiba was no where to be seen and she hoped he wasn't here today. She didn't feel very well and she had a feeling Joey bought Yami's flu with him, when he had returned home last night or she was just tired from the lack of sleep she ached for—she hoped that was it.

Suddenly, something was slammed next her head and she jumped up in shock. She instantly looked up to see a smirking Kaiba. His hand still gripping his briefcase—he had slammed it onto the desk. Serenity narrowed her honey-brown eyes at him. He was getting on her nerves, dearly.

"Are you tired, Wheelerette?" Kaiba sneered, as he plopped into his chair, "From last night activities around town?"

Serenity growled. How dare he suggest she was a whore? What nerve he has!

"Shut up, Kaiba. Just who in the hell do you think you are suggesting such a thing?"

"I'm Seto Kaiba, champion duel—"

"Save it. And you're an ex-champion. Yugi beat you—how many times again? I lost track," she said, smiling wryly. Oh, that hit a nerve. His mouthed turned into a snarl.

"I will beat him, but you shouldn't even be talking. You don't even duel," he hissed venomously.

"Joey does," Serenity stated.

Kaiba snorted, "That third rate mutt of a duelist can't beat anyone. He's pathetic."

"HE IS NOT PATHETIC!" Serenity roared standing up, her anger taking over. The class fell silent at the sudden outburst; luckily the teacher had not arrived yet. Kaiba perked an eyebrow. What the hell was her problem? Whatever happened to shut your mouth and just nod your head? That's what his employees did, but yet again they were incompetent. This Wheeler couldn't be as stupid as her brother. She was after all, a sophomore in a senior class.

"Shut up pup and sit down," Kaiba commanded and then opened his briefcase to get his laptop out. Serenity clenched her fist, but took a deep breath. She must resist the urge to bring Kaiba pain. She had to control herself—she could get suspended or expelled if she didn't.

She sat down, "Good pup, now bark," Kaiba said mockingly, as he chuckled in his throat. Serenity gritted her teeth in anger.

Must resist hurting Kaiba—hold on. What happened to my extracting my revenge on him? Damn it! I didn't even come up with a plan thanks to Joey and his big appetite!

She turned her head and saw Kaiba typing away on his sleek silver laptop and her water bottle just inches away from the keys—a plan was formed. She smirked as she slowly inched her hand towards the water bottle, casting glances over to Kaiba. She was hoping he would not see what she was planning. So far, he didn't have a clue and continued to type. How dense was he when he worked? Whatever—it was good news to her. She finally got a hold of the bottle and slowly started to untwist the cap, still glancing here and then at Kaiba—she hoped she wouldn't get caught. She finally got the cap off, but almost dropped it. Luckily she had caught it, otherwise it would have made a 'clank' sound and then surely draw Kaiba's attention. And with that done she swatted the bottle towards Kaiba laptop. As soon as the water made contact with the electrical equipment, the laptop started going haywire and Kaiba started ranting and cursing in motor mode.

Kaiba flew out of his chair, "Wheeler! You stupid klutz! Look what you have done!" he yelled in anger. That's when Kaiba noticed something—no scratch that. Felt something. He looked down to see his lap soaking wet as if he had wet himself. Serenity noticed this and instantly started laughing loudly, even though she tried to stifle back her laughs by covering her mouth with her hand. Her plan had turned out even better than she had thought—she fried his computer and made him look like he wet himself. As Serenity laughed loudly, head's turned and Kaiba's eyes widened as he instantly dove into his chair and sat down. He would not let anyone see this—he would be a laughing stock! He cursed at his predicament. Serenity tried to stifle back her laughs now—tears were running down her cheeks from laughing so hard. Kaiba glared death at her, but she just laughed.

"This is not amusing, pup!" Kaiba shouted. Serenity's laughs ceased to giggles. Kaiba growled in anger. He did not find this situation funny! He had nothing to change into nor had he anything to dry his lap off with. He hoped though that it would dry off before the end of the period. No scratch that. He prayed!

He stared at his laptop remembering that the water had also spilled onto it. The computer screen was flashing on and off until it finally blinked off for good. All the info in it was lost—he was lucky he had the info copied onto his office computer as well; otherwise Serenity would have been deader than dead.

"You will pay for this dearly," Kaiba hissed venomously. Serenity rolled her eyes; her giggling fit had finally ended even though once in a while she had to stifle back a giggle every time she looked at Kaiba. This was just too good to be true! Wait until Joey finds out! Suddenly something was slammed onto the front desk and Serenity quickly looked up. It was Sensei Umigwai. He took his glasses off and started wiping them with his shirt while making coughing noises to draw the class's attention.

"All right class," he paused for a moment to slip his glasses back on, "Today we are going to the library to do some research on different times in history and compare it to the book we just finished a week ago," instantly some student's moaned miserably. Sensei Umigwai ignored this and continued, "If your memory ceases to fail you it was Hamlet (1) and I want you to find as many possible topics that can be compared to it. I want you then to right an essay and point out what characteristics that are related to Hamlet from your found researched facts."

Kaiba cursed the Sensei to hell. He couldn't get up now! They would find about the damn wet stain on his pants on a certain location. He glared at Serenity and she instantly averted her eyes from him. She was feeling a tang bit guilty about the incident, but then again why should she? Kaiba had been the one who had started it! Still…

Sensei Umigwai walked over to Serenity all of a sudden interrupting her thoughts, "Miss Wheeler, since you just came into my class yesterday, I would like you to work with Kaiba-sama (2) for this project. You and him will work on this together. It is a group effort," he then turned his attention to Kaiba who had a stone-face, but inwardly he was fuming, embarrassed, and many other emotions. He didn't want to work with a Wheeler—the culprit who was going to make him look like some pants wetting fool!

"This is essay will effect both of your grades. Yes, you heard correctly. Essay a singular word. I only want one, from the both of you. I expect it to be well written as well and trust that you two will get along," With that said he descended down the elevated classroom to his desk.

Serenity groaned as he clutched her head. Why? Why? WHY? Why did she have to work with him? HIM? Out of everyone in this damn forsaken classroom! GAH! Well life is just freaking dandy!

It is official. God hates me…or He just enjoys seeing me tortured endlessly.

Kaiba chuckled as he saw that Serenity hated to have to work with him—but that was until he was reminded of his predicament.

"Shut up piss pants," Serenity grumbled bitterly.

Kaiba growled in anger and mumbled incoherently. The class all of a sudden stood up and Kaiba remembered that they had to go to the library. They had to walk out in the hallway—with people around. With his pants wet, seeming as if he pissed all over himself, just to get to the library. He groaned in frustration.

Damn it all…

Serenity stood up for a moment until she looked over at Kaiba and noticed the frustration in his face. Oh yes, she had spilled water onto his lap. Liquid—that seemed to make it look like he wet himself. She bit her lip feeling a pang bit guilty. She didn't want to make him a laughing stock, he had a reputation to stand up to and she didn't want to shatter because of one misunderstanding matter and vengeance—she was not cruel, but how can she save him from getting laughed at now?

"Kaiba…" she trailed off. He glared up at her, "What?" he sneered. What can she do now that she had drawn his attention? She stared at her feet as if they had the answer she sought out. The class started descending down the elevated classroom towards the exit. Sensei Umigwai stared up and noticed Serenity and Kaiba not following the rest of the class.

"You two stop slacking off and come on!" he commanded. That was until Serenity got an idea. She looked up at him, "Gomen nasai (3) Sensei Umigwai, but can we stay in here so Kaiba can explain to me what happened in Hamlet clearly? I do not see why we should look up information if I have no clue what I need to look for."

Kaiba's eyes widened in surprise for a moment, but quickly averted back to its cool and calm nature as fast as it had appeared. Why was she helping him? Maybe it was her way of apologizing for ruining his pants and his laptop—well she wasn't off the hook that easily.

Sensei Umigwai blinked for a moment, then coughed to clear his throat, "Okay then. You may proceed to do so." Then he turned around and exited out of the classroom.

Kaiba turned his face to Serenity, "What are you planning Wheeler?" he sneered questionably. Serenity let out a sigh and plopped down in her seat, "Saving your reputation, piss pants."

Kaiba narrowed his eyes at the comment. That nickname was pissing him off dearly, "If you think being a goody-goody to me is going to save your ass from me filing a lawsuit on you, then you're sadly mistaken."

Serenity rolled her eyes in annoyance. How can a man be so arrogant and blind to the matter that she was trying to help him was beyond her.

"No I am not doing this to be a goody-goody Kaiba. I am just sparing you of embarrassment from the public and paparazzi. You should be grateful."

"Oh, I'm very grateful," Kaiba said sarcastically, "But you're forgetting that you were the one who caused this mess in the first place."

"I realize that, no need to repeat yourself. I'm not slow," Serenity stated.

"Are you sure about that? You are a Wheeler," Kaiba sneered.

"And you're an ass," Serenity said, causing Kaiba to scowl and was about to open his mouth, but was cut off by Serenity, "Shut up I got an idea."




Domino City, Japan: Domino High
Calculus: Room 154
8:32 a.m.




Téa bit the top of her pencil in frustration. Sensei Hirodeki had decided to throw a test to see if the class was studying as they should be. So far Téa was hesitantly answering the problems; she had no clue what she was bubbling in—she did however, hope it was correct. It had to be correct! As she was bubbling one of the last five questions left, she couldn't help but feel like someone was watching her from behind. She looked up from her test and peered behind her. Nothing unusual could be seen, everyone was working on their own test and no one was staring toward her direction—but why did she feel like she was being watched? She shivered, but that was soon forgotten as Sensei Hirodeki yelled at her, "Miss Gardner! Turn your head back around and continue working!"

Téa quickly averted her stare from the class and back to the test, her cheeks flared in embarrassment. Damn, she just knew this incident was going to affect her test grade. The feeling of being watched didn't leave Téa's mind at all, but she resisted the urge to turn her head and look—she instead ignored the feeling and decided to concentrate at the paper she was scribbling on. She stared at the problem on the paper bewildered. I let out an irritated sigh…

I might as well just stop now. I already failed!

She dropped her head on her desk, in frustration—but a little to hard, as she winced in pain and rubbed her forehead. Today was not her day…

Great I feel like I'm being watched and to make matters worst I think I bruised my head. Owwie…

Don't worry Téa, you're not alone. Serenity and Kaiba are in a somewhat similar situation as well…




Domino City, Japan
Domino High: Hallway
8:36 a.m.




Kaiba frowned as he felt Serenity's pink jacket tied around his waist, "You cannot be serious. You expect me to go out into the hallway wearing this? This pink girlish constricting contraption! You are out of your mind!"

"It's just a jacket, you over exaggerating chauvinist moron. And besides it's only until you dry the wet spot on your pants in the bathroom. Pink isn't a bad color on you either," Serenity giggled. Kaiba growled not finding this amusing at all. Even though the plan didn't sound so bad, people weren't out of their classes yet and maybe he could pull off drying his pants before anyone saw them and the rumor of 'The Seto Kaiba pissed all over his pants' or 'The Seto Kaiba likes to walk around the school wearing pink girl clothes' started. Kaiba crossed his arms, growling in his throat and proceeded towards the direction of the school bathroom. Serenity stared at him dumbfounded—he had just been arguing with her and now he was waltzing to the bathroom? Man, this guy was so…so irritating and confusing and—

"Hurry the hell up Wheeler!" Kaiba yelled, drawing Serenity's attention. She perked an eyebrow, "Why should I go with you? You are going to the boy's bathroom."

Kaiba rubbed his temple in aggravation, "You are coming with me to play lookout, Wheeler. I cannot afford anyone walking into the boy's bathroom and see me there holding my crotch up to the damn hand-dryer thingy!"

"Gee Kaiba, hand-dryer thingy? How intelligent of you, it's just simply called—"

"Shut up and come on!" he ordered grabbing her arm and dragging her towards the bathrooms. Serenity stumbled to keep up with his pace, but his damn legs were to long and he was walking with wide strides. She had to run to just keep up with him and his quick pace.

Conceited, stuck up, son of a…

Kaiba pulled on her arm once more and she stumbled forwards, but Kaiba caught her by the shoulders and then let go abruptly afterwards, but Serenity steadied herself from falling. She glared at him in annoyance, but he ignored it, "You stay here. Knock on the door three times if you see anyone coming towards this direction. Got that?" Kaiba demanded as he leaned his hand against the boy's bathroom door.

"Yes, I got it," Serenity said crossing her arms across her chest and leaning on the wall. Kaiba nodded, pushing the door and walked into the bathroom. A few minutes later, Kaiba walked out of the bathroom with her pink jacket in his hand held out in front of him like it was going to bite him. He threw it at Serenity and sneered, striding quickly back to English class. Serenity stared at his retreating figure shocked as her jacket's sleeve went in her face—her jacket had landed on her head, after Kaiba had thrown it.

"You're welcome!" she yelled bitterly behind him, as she reached a hand up to get her jacket off her head. She stopped inches from grabbing the jacket as a spicy, musky, masculine scent filled her nostrils. It was coming from her jacket she realized as she sniffed the sleeve hovering over her nose. It was Kaiba's scent—his cologne. She sniffed it again.

God that smells good…

She closed her eyes breathing the scent in deeply, but instantly her eyes snapped open. What in god's name was she doing! She snatched the jacket off her head and tied it around her waist—away from her nose. Damn it! She couldn't believe what she was doing moments ago! This was her brother's enemy! Her enemy!

But he's a nice smelling enemy…gah!

She forced herself to forget the whole 'sniffing jacket like cocaine' situation and ran back to class. She made it just in time—the class returned from the library a minute after she had sat down and Serenity could have sworn she saw him grin like an all knowing fox, as if he had seen her sniffing her jacket. She hoped he hadn't.




- T O - B E - C O N T I N U E D -


(1) – Hamlet. I don't own Hamlet. It is a book by William Shakespeare, read it sometime. :P

(2) – Sama. A respectful way of addressing someone with a higher status than yourself in Japanese.

(3) – Gomen nasai. Means sorry in Japanese.

Author's Comments: Hehe…Serenity is warming up on Seto Kaiba a bit isn't she? But she still loathes his stuck up arrogant attitude, but she does like how he smells. I don't know about you but when I think of a spicy smell I think Axe. That smells good and Old Spice too. Meh…must stop rambling, yah? Next chapter should be coming soon, I hope! (Crosses fingers)

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