The Price Of Darkness

Disclaimer: Draco isn't mine (damn) nor is Harry potter (shit) OR Ron weasly (now that one I can live with I think…)

Summary: Would she become everything that he is… just to save him from himself?


He was so beautiful. Perfect even. Or at least he would be if he smiled once in awhile. Was that what she wanted… For him to smile? No… she wanted him to be hers. Her eyes raked over his features, the lean body, the hair, the eyes.

He was everything she wanted. Everything she could never have. It was going against everything she was taught… not to mention everything he knew. I mean… mudblood Granger and Prince Malfoy? 'It would never happen… could never happen' she thought sullen. Not that she would ever tell anyone of her feelings, oh no, it was wrong to even think it.

She was startled out of her thoughts by the boy wonder, taking a seat across from her at the Gryffindor table. She smiled broadly at him showing off her straight teeth, casting all thoughts of the silver haired slytherin from her mind.

"Morning 'Mione" mumbled Harry whilst shrugging off a yawn and giving her a lopsided grin.

"Harry" she nodded… her mind wandering to the book she had waiting for her in the library.

"Son' 'er mind 'Ermione" he asked with his mouth full of pancakes.

"Nice impersonation of Ronald their Harry" she said with a laugh. "Oh I'm just thinking about the Library" she sighed.

"No surprise there" he teased.


He ran his hand through his hair, letting the pieces fall over his face while letting out an exasperated sigh. It was so trying being the dark prince of slytherin. What he needed was a princess. He let out a snort and took a long look at the potential sitting at the slytherin table alongside him.

'Hmm it's looking pretty bleak' he thought to himself.

His eyes roamed the other tables… coming to a rest on a certain bushy-haired know-it-all Gryffindor.

'Ha! That'll be the day' he thought 'The day hell freezes over and Granger becomes a bad-ass'

. He could just picture her in black leather, whip in hand telling him to 'get on his knee's cowboy' he let out a snort that was returned with confused looks from the rest of his table.

"What's the matter with you Drakie?" cooed Pansy laying a hand on his shoulder

"Nothing's the matter besides your face Parkinson, so move the hand or loose it" he shot back shifting his hand over his wand lying on the table next to his pancakes.

"Fine then. I guess I won't be asking YOU to the Yule Ball then" she responded with a resounding Huff, as though it was his loss.

"Thank God" he spat

She at least had the decency to look insulted before stomping out of the great hall muttering hexes and cuss words.

His mind wandered to the upcoming ball and more importantly, whom he would take. 'Maybe I'll just sit this one out' he thought. 'Now how would that look?' he asked himself, his desire to skip it and his inner social butterfly competing with each other.

He shot another look at granger just in time to see her waving her hands about the air to Potter then get up and leave the great hall.

'Off to the library' he guessed. A smirk settling on his handsome features, "maybe I'll pay her a little visit" his smirk widened and there was a twinkle in his eye.

"Mmm… mudblood" he cooed and licked his lips.


A/N: What do you think of the first chapter? A little short I know. But I have plans for this story… oh yes… plans indeed! Here's a little hint-a-roo… you know all those stories that are brilliant about how Draco and Hermione fall in love and Draco becomes good and devoted to Hermione forever more? Becoming friends with potter and weasly too? Well I decided a change was in order. See in this Fic I plan for Hermione to be the one in store for a change... You might not like it... You might be mad, so TELL ME!! Review please!? And I'll keep updating. DM/HG pairing with a twist (of evil! Mwahahaha)