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Desiree- August 10, 2002


Ardeth swung around in surprise at the quiet voice behind his ear.

"Watch it!" Ardeth hadn't even realized that he'd drawn his sword, "It's Olympus. Allah!"

"Olympus! Where have you been? We could have used your help." Ardeth numbly replaced his sword in its sheath.

"Not now. Gabrielle is taking Jonathan to Senbi's. I am here to help you kill Nephthys. Now, where is the Golden Book?"

"Over there, next to the throne. See it?" Olympus murmured his reply as he saw the ancient book. Ardeth was pointing across the golden room to the throne Nephthys had been in minutes before. It was amazing how everything in Egypt seemed to be gold: the sand, the rock, the buildings, everything. As the two men looked across the room, they both put to memory the high, Egyptian walls with golden weapons posted around. Not only were the weapons there for decoration, but they were also there in case of attack. The sand floor was smooth in some places, but in others, the sand was disturbed by human tracks. At the opposite end of the room was a large, golden throne surrounded by tables covered with food and refreshments of all kinds. The decorations on the wall were of Egyptian warriors standing their ready to protect the palace from evil.

"Where is Osiris? I know already where everyone else is." Ardeth pointed to a pillar opposite them where Osiris was hiding, "I see. Well, let us help Evelyn as I see that she is struggling. Hopefully, Osiris will get the hint and go for the Book." Ardeth's attention had now been brought back to Evelyn, who was just getting up from being punched in the face by Nephthys.

"All right, let's go." Ardeth and Olympus stealthily raced in, so as not to alert any more guards than necessary.

"Hey!" Ardeth silenced the guard with his sword before he could alert anyone else, but the damage had been done, Nephthys had heard. She walked over to one of the tables by the throne and took up a jar. Murmuring in ancient Egyptian, she poured the inside powder out and blew it into the palace.

"De-hibyu seht na!" Nephthys had screamed out the Egyptian order, 'Kill them!' to the many awakened mummies that were now headed their way. When all of this was happening, Evelyn had run to the walls and picked up her favorite weapons, sais. Evelyn had had lots of practice in her former life with sais; she had used them to fight Anck-su-namun many times. Seeing this, Nephthys turned to her throne and took up a spear that was posted above it. The two slowly prowled towards each other. Nephthys started spinning the spear around as she walked forward; in response, Evelyn raised her sais to eyelevel to protect her face and to show Nephthys that she was ready. The two women came within six feet of each other when Nephthys pounced. Evelyn sidestepped her and put her left sais across the spear to deflect the shot. Nephthys recoiled and shot again at Evie's face. Evelyn leaned her head back and put the sais in an X above her head to block the spear. Evie held the spear up with her right sais, and with the left, swiftly cut the spear in half. The end shaft dropped to the ground as Nephthys ran to the wall for a saber. Just as Nephthys turned around, Evie stabbed her in the back, and cut off her leg with the other sais. Nephthys toppled over as Evie went to get the Golden Book. "NO!" Nephthys tried to reach her leg to reconnect it, but Osiris was there to kick it out of the way. He picked up her leg and threw it out the high window so that Nephthys wouldn't be able to walk. Evie ran to the throne, picked up the Golden Book, and threw it over to Osiris who groped Nephthys' robes to find the key, and when he found it, he immediately started flipping the pages to find the one that made Nephthys mortal again. Ardeth and Olympus ran over at just that moment, after defeating six or eight guards who had heard the commotion.

"Whatever happened to those mummies?" Before anyone could consider Evelyn's question, hundreds of mummies came swarming out of the walls; it was an awesome sight.

"Osiris! Keep reading! We'll take care of the mummies! You and Evelyn just take care of Nephthys!" When Olympus had finished his orders, he pulled out a very large gun and started firing away; literally firing away- this was no ordinary gun, it was a fire thrower! Ardeth looked at him in disbelief. "This is what I was doing while I was away!" Ardeth couldn't believe it- Olympus would have had to have gone to the future to get a weapon like that! What on earth? "No time to explain now, my friend! Let us kill some mummies!" Olympus had finished shooting the fire, and most of the mummies were burning. Ardeth raced in and started chopping the mummies in half. Olympus followed and did the same. The two men were gradually chopping the mummies up and piling them into what would become a very big bonfire.

"Yaht tu wey! Yaht tu wey! Yaht tu wey!" Osiris was just finishing up the, now almost familiar chant to make a person mortal. The wind came rushing through the room as a set of phosphorescent-blue, running horses pulling a carriage ran through Nephthys and took her immortal soul. Osiris, Olympus, Ardeth, and Evelyn all jumped out of the way as Nephthys screamed out a cry of despair. When the ghouls had gone, Osiris took up Nephthys' fallen saber and stabbed her once through the heart. Olympus followed suit, and withdrew his sword. He stabbed her one time through her ribs and into her liver. Nephthys rolled over onto her side cringing with pain and screaming in agony. Ardeth came up and stabbed Nephthys in the lower back so as to hit one of her kidneys. Convulsing with pain, Evelyn came up to Nephthys with a sword she had gotten from Osiris.

"This is what you get for trying to mess with the O'Connells." With that, Evelyn lifted the sword above her head and swung it down with all her might. The strike made contact with Nephthys' bare neck, and the decapitated head rolled away, staining the golden sand with blood.

After about a minute of standing around staring at the bleeding body, Ardeth coughed and realized that the mummy-fire was spreading. "We must get out of here! The smoke from this fire will suffocate us!" The four adults started running towards the exit only to find that it was cut off by a bunch of burning mummies. They retreated into Nephthys' private chamber.

"We can escape the same way Jonathan and Gabrielle did!"

"Jonathan! Where is he! Olympus! Where is he!" Evelyn had just now realized what danger she and her brother had been in.

"He's fine! Gabrielle and I came to get him. They're on their way back to Senbi's hut. Do not worry. Now, we have to get us out of here. Follow me!" Olympus started running down a hall that had been covered by a large stone. "This hall leads outside where the horses are waiting for us!" Just as Olympus said this, the group reached the outdoors and saw the horses ready and waiting for them. They all mounted their horses quickly and sped off away from the smoky city and away from the newly rising sun.

"I'm getting worried- it's been over an hour and they're not back yet. We should go and look for them."

"Yeah, yeah, that sounds good." Both Alex and Adom supported Rick's idea.

"There's not much we can do. You, Jonathan, and Nefret are all injured, Senbi's worthless, Nefertiri has to take care of Nefret, and Alex, Adom and I can't do much good. There's nothing we can do." Gabrielle tried to be practical, but she felt for Rick- he only wanted reassurance that his wife and friends were all right.

"I know, I know. Senbi? How's Nefret?"

"Nefertiri is with her. She's still unconscious, she lost a lot of blood, but she'll be ok." Senbi's medical side came out as he discussed his patient's condition.

"Glad to hear it- Ardeth will be relieved. If he comes back..." Rick turned his head down.

"Rick! Look! It's them! All four of them! Oh! Thank God." Jonathan was quite relieved and would have jumped up for joy if his back hadn't been stinging like a son of a bitch.

Rick looked up in time to see the four riders with the sun behind their backs galloping into camp. Evelyn arrived first, and dismounted so quickly Rick barely had time to realize it before she was in his arms.

"Oh, Rick- I was so scared. I thought I'd never see you again. Are you all right? Where's Alex? Is he ok? What about..." Evie never finished her sentence because at that precise moment, Rick kissed her full on the mouth. The two broke their kiss just as Alex came up and tackled Evie. Laughing and rolling on the ground, the two sat up for a family embrace.

Osiris dismounted shortly after Evelyn, and saw Adom running towards him. He bent down to scoop up his son, and as he did so, he saw Senbi go inside and Nefertiri come out.

"Osiris!" Nefertiri ran up to Osiris and hugged him fiercely. Osiris gingerly put down Adom and kissed Nefertiri.

Ardeth and Olympus rode up behind Evelyn and Osiris. Ardeth dismounted and went inside to find Nefret since she wasn't outside. Olympus looked on in mild jealousy at all of these happy couples.

Ardeth walked into the hut and ran smack into Senbi. "Oh, I am sorry. Where is Nefret? Is she all right?"

"She's fine. She lost a lot of blood, and she's still unconscious, but other than that, she's fine." Senbi once again took on his medical voice and air.

"Oh, thank Allah. Where is she? Can I see her?" Ardeth's voice was desperate.

"Yeah, she's just back here. Nefertiri's been looking after her, she should wake up any time now." Senbi showed Ardeth to the bed Nefret was in, and left him to be alone with her.

Ardeth slowly sat down on the bed and brushed Nefret's hair from her face. Nefret stirred, "Ardeth? OH! Ardeth! I'm so happy to see you! Ah, I love you! I was so afraid!"

Ardeth hugged Nefret to him and rocked the shaking woman to his body, "It's all right. I am here. I'm ok. We defeated Nephthys, and the danger is gone. I love you, too." The two just sat there, embracing each other until Ardeth bent down and kissed her.

Alex and Adom, after leaving their parents, joined Seti on the porch. The three looked at each other, then around to the four kissing couples, then back at each other, and then all three rolled their eyes and said, "Puh-lease!"

"Are you sure you won't come with us?" Rick was still trying to convince Ardeth to go back with them.

"No, my friend. My place is here, with Nefret." Ardeth looked down adoringly at his newfound love.

"I will miss you." Rick finally conceded his defeat, and embraced his long-time friend.

"Do not worry. I have a feeling we will meet again." Ardeth smiled suspiciously. Both men started laughing.

"Oh, goodbye Ardeth. I hope you and Nefret have a happy life together. Goodbye Nefret. Good luck." Evie embraced the two separately. "And you, Osiris. Thank you for all you have done." Evie stood up tall and hugged Osiris. "Goodbye Nefertiri, it has been quite an experience. Tell Seti thank you, too. I wish he could have seen us off at least. I know, I know- he had to get back to his job." Evie hugged her twin and smiled jokingly. Rick bent down and kissed Nefret on the cheek, then he shook hands with his twin, Osiris, and finally he bent down to Nefertiri and kissed her cheek as well.

"Thank you all." Rick smiled amiably, and backed up so that Gabrielle and Jonathan could say their goodbyes.

"Thank you, too, Olympus. Without that flame-thrower, I don't know what we would've done." Evie hugged Olympus briefly, and smiled when the embrace was over.

"Yes, thank you, Olympus, for my wife." Rick shook the man's hand and smiled with deep gratitude.

When Gabrielle had finished her good-byes, she went over to her brother, Senbi, who had traveled along with the caravan, "I'll miss you, you slimy little brother." She hugged her suddenly silent brother and went on to Olympus.

"Thank you, Olympus, for being my friend. I'll never forget you."

"And I'll never forget you." At that, Gabrielle smiled a rather sad smile, and kissed Olympus once on each cheek.

"Goodbye." Gabrielle smiled an almost sad smile as her hand lingered on Olympus's cheek.

"Goodbye, Senbi, old boy!" Jonathan shook Senbi's hand and went on to Olympus. He shook Olympus's hand and smiled happily.

"Uh, Senbi. Thanks for taking care of us, and, uh, sorry again about the whole beating you up thing." Rick couldn't quite look Senbi in the eye as he apologized.

"It was my pleasure." Senbi smiled at the man's uncomfortable apology. Rick put out his hand, and Senbi shook it.

"We should get going." Rick told the group quietly.

"Right. I'll miss you all, terribly." Evie sighed and walked through the tunnel with her husband and son. Alex had been sulking all morning at having to leave his best friend, Adom. Adom stood next to Nefertiri and waved a sluggish goodbye.

"Goodbye." Jonathan waved and turned to go into the tunnel. Gabrielle waved and did the same.

"Goodbye." The group left behind in Egypt smiled regretfully at the receding forms of their friends. They all thought, I'll sure miss them.

And on they went through the tunnel, hand in hand; on their way home, to England.

The End of the first Mummy Fanfic Chain! Keep an eye out for Mummy Fanfic Chain 2!