Title: "'Tis The Season" or "A Christmas Scare-all.
Part: 1/1
Author: 'A Gentleman Of Leisure'.
Summary: If it never snows in Southern California, how do vampires celebrate Christmas?
Story Type: In canon Buffyverse.
Rating overall: G.
Spoilers: Set in S2.
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"'Tis The Season" or "A Christmas Scare-all"

by 'A Gentleman of Leisure' (c)2004.

Christmas was the only season of the year that had the potential to make Spike and Drusilla feel at all nostalgic for their previous mortal existence. There were, however, plenty of ways to compensate for this.

One was to join one of the many groups of carol singers going the rounds of the residential streets of fair Sunnydale. After all, no one kept a tally of the participants, did they? What were one or two more, or less, voices in the quality of the overall performance? And if a few singers disappeared unnoticed into the outer darkness from the back of a merry choir of carollers, who was likely to be keeping count of heads?

Another amusing way of participating in the revelry was to book a Santa Claus "for the kiddies' party". One at 3pm perhaps. And another at 4, from a different agency. And perhaps at 5 from a third. Who would miss one boozy, fat old man in a red suit? Or two? Or three?

And then there were the late-at-night festivities, "for the adults, you understand". How about a bunch of Christmas strippers "for a private function"? The only potential problem might be if one or two of the girls turned out to be vampires themselves. No matter, they were usually more than happy to join in the fun - there was always going to be enough for all in Sunnydale!



1st draft: 23/12/2004. Revised 24&25/12/2004.