Author's Note: First of all, if you don't know me, this is not the kind of thing I usually write. This, more than anything, is just a weird little random thought that popped into my head and managed to find it's way to my computer. Anyway, it made me laugh, so I thought I'd put it up just for fun. Enter if you dare…

The Limit

Funny -- Sano had never really noticed before just how much his friend's hair could resemble a great raging ball of flame, in the right lighting. Then again, perhaps it was the steam coming out of his ears that truly completed the picture. Yes, that was it -- no wonder he'd never noticed it. Never before in his life had he seen Kenshin quite so...pissed off.

The swordsman stood with feet planted firmly on the ground in the dojo's front yard, his left hand clenching convulsively on the hilt of his sakabatou, his bright blue eyes blazing with a raw, unholy light that none of them had ever seen there before. It wasn't like when he became the Battousai, when his eyes glazed with amber bloodlust, but rather something much more human and, under the circumstances, quite understandable. Secretly Sano found himself appreciating the base fury in his friend's expression -- even Kenshin, for all his grand ideals and superior capabilities, appeared to have a limit. And it looked like the vengeful little punk standing at the gate, upon whom that glare was fixed, was about to find himself crossing it.

"Son of a goddamn bitch -- enough already!" the redhead shouted at last. "It was ten years ago! For god's sake, must every single goddamn fucking one of the people I killed during the Bakumatsu have a son or a brother or an evil twin or a college roommate who insists on coming here to take revenge?! Or for that matter, must every swordsman in Japan come knocking at my door so they can 'beat the Great Battousai' or get me to kill someone else or just drive me insane for the hell of it?! Get your own lives, people! I admit it already -- I made some mistakes! Will you let it go now, please?! And for god's sake, was I the only person in the whole damn war doing any killing? Why doesn't anyone ever come seeking revenge on Saitou for a change, dammit?! He was there too y'know! Leave me the fuck alone!!"

The man upon whom this verbal barrage had been unleashed had, over the course of the rurouni's rant, gone from fierce and vengeful to looking like a terrified child who just might, at any moment, wet his hakama. He stood there shaking for a moment, immobilized by fear, before giving a small squeak and tearing off in the opposite direction, out the gate so fast that it bounced off the wall as he slammed it open.

"Good," Kenshin grunted, the rage receding from his eyes, but their fire remaining as he rounded on the nearest person. "Come on, Kaoru," he said bluntly, grabbing her wrist and dragging her along toward the house, "Let's go have sex."

Her mouth dropped open, her cheeks the color of rosy apples and her eyes roughly the shape and size of rice bowls, bugging out of her head in surprise. "Uh...okay...?" she stuttered uncertainly.

But as he dragged her past Sano, she whispered to him bemusedly, "Jeeze, if I'd known it would be that easy I would have made him mad a long time ago..."

Sano merely smirked in reply.

A/N: I told you it was random!