Title: Strange Feelings

By: Kimika

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Pairing: HiroxK

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Chapter 1 – My Story

Hiro's POV

I don't know exactly when it was I started having this feeling. I suppose it all started a few months ago, right after Ayaka-chan and I broke up. Maybe before. I'm not sure.

Yes, we did break up. And by we, I mean the two of us. She did not dump me!

It was about 4 months ago, but who's counting. I remember she called me and sounded very upset. It was Sunday morning and she asked me to meet her. So we went out to our favorite restaurant "Zenny's".

I sat in front of her and she was feeling uneasy. She avoided eye contact with me and just looked down at her legs. I think it was then it hit me that I didn't have that feeling I used to get when I was around her. It was just blank. No strange body reactions. Nothing. My heart wasn't beating any faster, my breath wasn't caught in my throat…It just wasn't the same. I guess it happened sooner than that day but I just didn't notice it.

"Nakano-san…" She said quietly and I thought 'Nakano-san? Why so formal?' I was silent though. "I…Uh…I think we should break up". I was stunned of course. Why did she want to break up? Did I do something wrong?

We both didn't speak for a few minutes. She still didn't look at me. Of all the questions that crossed my mind, the only thing I could mutter was a small "Why?"

She simply said "I don't love you anymore". That's all.

I don't remember what I was thinking back then but I do remember a small smile that curled up my lips. I smiled that pathetic smile and replied "I don't love you anymore too".

It was then when she looked up at me. We just stared at each other for an awkward moment until we both started laughing, completely embarrassed. We ordered lunch though it was pretty early and we talked like we were good old friends.

We whispered our goodbyes and that's how it ended between us. We hardly talk anymore. I met her about a month ago when I went with Shuichi to Kyoto for Tatsuha's birthday. We smiled politely and talked for a bit but we were both too busy to have a good, long conversation.

At least we stayed friends. Sort of.

So about that feeling I was talking about earlier. I'll get to it.

As I was saying…Ayaka-chan and I broke up. I didn't show up at the NG studious for work the next day. I needed a day to think.

Shuichi called me like 144 times. I didn't feel like picking up so I just listened to the answering machine. Over and over and over…"Hiiiiirrrrrooooo pick up!" or "HIRO! Where are yooooouuuuuu?"

Even Suguru called. At first he was calm and asked me – asked the answering machine since I didn't answer him too - how was I doing and that he hopes I'm alright. Then all of a sudden he started yelling that he can't work like this and that Shuichi is enough to deal with, and now me…

Anyways, when it was almost evening someone was at the door. As I walked to the door I thought the apartment looked like a mess and I looked even worse. My hair looked as if I didn't brush it for two weeks. I was wearing the same clothes I wore the day before, my arms were hanging lifelessly next to my body and I just felt too tired to do anything.

When I got to the door my head screamed 'Shuichi'. I was ready to see my best friend's pouting face at my door step but when I opened the door I was quite shocked.

"K?" I arched my eyebrow in confusion. I looked at him and he looked at me. I blinked and he blinked.

"Can I enter?" He asked me and I was still staring.

He tapped on my shoulder and I can't really remember what happened after. The next thing I knew we were both in a tiny bar, drinking beers and talking about everything and nothing at all. We joked and laughed and even talked about serious things like me breaking up with Ayaka-chan.

We made it some kind of a habit. Every week we used to go hang out somewhere. Bars, American restaurants, walks in the park and even my apartment for a cup of green tea. We talked so much, I feel like I know everything about K now.

In one of our serious conversations he told me about his life in America. He said that he and his wife were just good friends that got married. Even after they were together they continued dating other people. When their son was born they stopped seeing those random people and were more focused with their son and actually looked like a happy couple.

K left for Japan when he found out his wife was meeting some other guy. It didn't bother him much but he thought Michael might get confused with the whole situation they were in. He still visits them every time he can.

Now, remember that feeling I mentioned? I'm getting to it.

K also told me that he's dating other people. When he told me I could feel my heart jump in excitement like it didn't for a long time. While my heart was pouncing with joy my mind was yelling 'what the hell?! It's K! He's my FRIEND!"

So did you understand? That's the strange feeling. I…I'm starting to believe I like guys. While I was still going out with Ayaka-chan I hardly looked at any other girls. At first I thought it was normal because I had Ayaka-chan with me.

But then…Beautiful, giggling fan girls threw themselves at me. Literally. And nothing. I mean, once I used to drool all over pretty girls.

If I walk down the street and see a guy I start acting like a crazy high school girl or something. Run fingers through my hair or walk different…You don't want to know. I'm going crazy. I even…God. I totally checked out Shuichi. My best friend! I'm becoming gay. I've been spending too much time with Shuichi…He influenced me.

So like I was saying, I have this 'thing' with K. I'm falling for him. Who wouldn't though? You have to admit he looks pretty…Hot. Tormenting me with his beautiful golden, long hair and his amazing blue eyes and…Damn.

I can keep on dreaming. K will never ever look at me. He isn't gay. Lucky man. This whole new feeling is making me want to kill myself.

No one knows about me and K and our secret meetings every week. Not even Shu. It's surprising we hid it so well for so long.

No one knows about the way my heartbeat races whenever I'm near him or the countless days I spend thinking about him. K with his perfect smile and…No. I shake my head. I mustn't think about this right now. I have a story to tell.

The interesting part actually starts now. You see…K and I had some sort of a bet. On our last meeting in the bar, after a few decent beers, we talked about the band 'Guns&Roses'. From that point we somehow started talking about K's guns and cross dressers. And so…We had a bet. If K would paint one of his guns pink, wrap it with pink, fluffy fur and point it at people in the street and the studios I would dress like a girl for and go on a 'date' with K.

Did I mention I was completely drunk? If I didn't mention I was completely drunk then I'm telling you now I was completely drunk.

I think I got it harder than he did! All he needed to do is paint his gun while I needed cross dress.

The sad thing is…K did take the pink gun and pointed it at people. Everywhere. He pointed it at people in the street, the waiter in one fancy restaurant that almost fainted, the people in the Studio...Shuichi thought it was cute. I didn't think it was cute. It was bad. Really, really bad. It means I have to dress like a girl for a day. And it's going to hurt…

To Be Continued…

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