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Forever Silent

No matter how hard I try

I can't forget you or my past

No matter how much I want to

I can't get over your death

You meant the world to me

But you chose him over me

Was it because of science

Or did you really love him?

I kept thinking as long as you're happy

I should be happy as well

But I wasn't happy

I was never happy

And I never will be happy

Never again

There's a teenage girl who calls me by the nickname you gave me


When someone beside you said it

It drove me insane

But when she says it

It brings me memories of you

The memories don't make me sad

They don't make me happy either

They make me wonder

What if she were to die like you?

Would I care?

Would I think of her as much as I do you?

What if she were to get involved in something

Like you were involved with Shinra

Would I care?

Would I try to stop her

Like I did you

Do you think I would stop her?

Or would I just ignore her

And watch her life shatter before her eyes

Do you think I could?

I know I couldn't

I couldn't allow her to have the same fate you had

I don't think I can live with myself

If I didn't stop her

If I didn't try to save her

I would kill myself

How long has it been?

I mean, since I last saw you

Twenty, thirty years

Maybe even longer

Tell me

Were you looking for me before you said "I do"?

If you were I wasn't there

As much as I wanted to be there

I couldn't go

Not because it was too painful

But because I was trapped in a coffin

It was decades before I was released

Before I met her

The teenage girl I was telling you about

Her name is Yuffie Kisaragi

She's a strange girl

All she ever does is talk about materia

She would do anything for materia

……She would even steal from her friends

Her companions that she fought a long side with

She risked her friendship over something so common

Later we found out that she was from Wutai

After a war took place between Shinra and Wutai

While I was locked in the horrid coffin

They lost all of their materia

Shinra forbid them from having mako reactors

Can you blame the child for wanting materia that badly?

It's the way of man

We want what we can't get

And the things we have

We don't want

Now as I stare at your grave

Telling you things that I could not tell anyone else

I think of you lying there


That the man you married had caused so much pain

I think of you lying there


Just taking up space in the ground

Not even able to breath

I think of you lying there

Forever Silent

Kikyo's Killer's note: It does have a little Yuffie x Vincent in it, but not much. It's mostly Lucrecia x Vincent.