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Fire hold thy flame

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Harry potter and the rings of time

Elves of Hogwarts

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Chapter one

The remaining members of the fellowship of the ring landed in the middle of a river,

"Couldn't have picked a better spot" grumbled Gimli as he hauled himself out of the water.

"Where are we?" asked Sam, "weren't we supposed to be in a wood?"

"The woods of Lothlorien are half a days walk from here" said Aragorn

"Mellon nin" said Legolas

"What is it Legolas?" asked Aragorn

"We are still wearing the language rings, we should remove them and keep them in a safe place" said the elf, "I have a secret compartment in the base of my quiver"

"Then we can keep them in there" said Gimli handing his ring to Legolas

Everyone stared at him for this but handed their rings to Legolas mutely

"You know" said Pippin, "the house elves told us that the castle of Hogwarts is especially charmed to allow people to keep all of the skills they have learned within its wards"

"That is very interesting" said Boromir, "Frodo…you still have the…don't you??"

"Yes Boromir" said the hobbit

"We need to reach the woods of Lothlorien soon" said Aragorn

They started walking, following the course of the Silverlode, until they reached the woods of Lothlorien

"This wood feels strange to me" grunted the dwarf, "it is the home of an elf witch is it not?"

"Gimli, you are returning to your dwarven ways of thinking after less than half a day spent in our own world" said Legolas, "you are allowing the mole and not the otter to rule your thought"

"Sorry, your open minded greatness, I did not mean to follow such a path and will make an immediate attempt to correct my ways," the dwarf chuckled

"Quiet my friends" said Legolas, "I think we should change, something draws near"

Suddenly the trail they were following was populated by a strange variety of woodland creatures, they scattered from the path, flying to the branches of the trees and scampering under bushes.

For a few seconds no noises were to be heard then a group of blonde elves gathered on the trail,

"The lady of the woods must be mistaken, there are people here be they friend or foe" said the one who was obviously the leader; they walked away into the woodland. Once they were gone a kestrel flew down to the path and turned into Boromir, he was shortly followed by the rest of the walkers

"We should follow them" said Gimli

"We need to go now" said Legolas

Everyone else nodded and returned to animagus form.


Alier was a member of Halidir's group of Marchwarden, he glanced over his shoulder, he couldn't help but feel that they were being followed,

O Alier, are you alright? This is the fifth time you have looked over you shoulder O asked his friend Aith

O No I think we are being followed O he said quietly, not wanting to arouse Halidir's attention

O Halidir, Alier thinks we are being followed O called the loud mouthed elf

Alier groaned but turned to face the approaching Halidir thinking about the squishy thing he was going to put in Aith's bed this night

O How long have you felt this? O asked Halidir

O he's been looking over his shoulder for the last half light hour O said Aith, yes something squishy that moved.

O why didn't you alert me? O asked Halidir

O the only thing that has been following us is a group of animals, they may not even be the same animals O replied Alier nervously, and you did not want to even think about getting Halidir into a bad temper

O What animals? How many? O

O There are four that I have seen more than twice a polecat, a kestrel, a badger and a pine martin O

O you do realize that three of the creatures you have named are common in the woodland? O

O Yes, that is why I didn't wish to tell you O Alier glared at Aith

O but, there are those among the istari who are able to change themselves into the appearance of beasts O said Halidir O keep your eyes open O he commanded and then returned to the front of the column.

O Why did you do that? O asked Alier quietly

O it is so easy to wind you up Mellon nin O said Aith with a quiet laugh

The y walked a while further unable to resist Alier glanced over his shoulder once more, there was now very little doubt in his mind that they were being followed

O Alier, there is nobody following our tracks O said Aith somewhat irritated, O anyhow we will stop for the night before we reach the heart of our home… O

Some time later Halidir announced that they were going to travel straight to the home trees.

After another few hours of walking they arrived in the heart of the golden woods, upon arrival they were directed to travel to the home of Galadriel and Celeborn, they were bemused but did as they were bid, once they were all lined up upon the terrace outside the lord and lady's residence they had to wait but a few moments before the great lord and lady approached them,

O Halidir, where are our guests? O asked Galadriel

O Our guests my lady? O replied the puzzled Marchwarden

O have you forgotten them so quickly you have traveled with them for the last day O the lady cocked her head to one side as though bemused, Alier was slightly worried when her gaze turned on himself.

O so that is why you did not recognize them or acknowledge them O she laughed gently then spoke in the common tongue, "Aragorn son of Arathon, you and your companions are known to us, we mean you no ill will"

The present company appeared to be pondering the mental state of their ruler when animals started to flood the terrace, when they finally stopped appearing there were seven present on the ground, Galadriel frowned

"Gimli son of Gloin come out here immediately"

An otter scampered out of a nearby tree and stood near to the other creatures

"That is better…but do you not think it would be easier to converse with you if you were not in the shapes of beasts?"

The polecat nodded but was cuffed around the ears by the badger, all the creatures looked to the eagle, for a long moment there was no movement, then Alier blinked and a collection of people were standing in front of them, although his first instinct was to pinch himself he quickly set an arrow in is bow and pointed it towards the nearest one to him, who appeared to be the son of the king of Mirkwood and although as a child the prince had had a reputation of strong and uncontrollable magic he was certain that the last time he had met the woodland prince he was not able to change into a creature


"What devilry is this?" asked Cereborn

"We have traveled with Gandalf, it has been an interesting journey" said Boromir

"And it has had an affect on the preparation of the dark lord but he is not far set back in his plans" replied the lady of the golden wood

"We are fortunate then that he is not progressed in his works" said Pippin causing the rest of the fellowship to stare at him, "I can't help it if my form makes me more intelligent"

They all laughed, Galadriel laughed with them

"You are well enough although Legolas I feel needs a little time to recover from the ordeal that you suffered" said Galadriel

"I am not so badly hurt and the travel in the woods has aided me greatly" said Legolas

"Then you must leave us on the morrow" said Galadriel, "but we will talk of these things on the morrow, I am sure that you must be weary from such toil, go now and rest"

The lady smiled


Sorry if Galadriel is not to your liking, I have not tried to be disrespectful to her I have merely tried to make her find the situation amusing…no flames if you find her too OCC for you…

I think I may have spelt celeborn wrong but Lotr is at the bottom of my messy pile/stack of books…


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