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X again this elvish X

Chapter three

That night as they stayed on the riverside they debated who should travel by what roads, an hour after they had started only one thing was certain, Sam would be travelling with Frodo, but as everyone had already known this it was of little consequence, that was until Sam told them something that the Lady Galadriel had told him,

"the lady, she said that only two people were supposed to travel with the ring. The bearer and the bodyguard,"

This meant that the other people would be heading to the defense of Rohan, this left most people happy, Boromir definitely was, they decided that it would be wise to drop the two hobbits on the eastern shore once Frodo and Sam were lost to their sight they made their way across the lake.

As soon as he set foot on this shore Legolas was sure that there was something wrong

X Aragorn, something draws near I can feel it…we must leave at once X

Aragorn nodded

X as soon as we have unloaded the boats X

X Very well, wait…we need to fight, they are too close to us …they will be coming over that hill in a moment X

Aragorn muttered disgustedly

X Well at least the ring is no longer here X he said to Legolas, then turning around

"Boromir, Merry, Pippin, Gimli we are about to be attacked" he called to the others "into the trees"

They all instantly transformed into their various creatures, scrambling into the trees or in Gimli's case diving under the surface of the water

The strange creatures that looked like a cross between a goblin and an orc, which Legolas reflected they probably were. They started to poke around the boats, Legolas glanced at Aragorn, he notice that the ranger was in human form squatting in the tree, Legolas made the correct questioning handsignals to which he received a seires of returned gestures, Legolas nodded and drew his bow aiming for the creatures his actions were copied by Aragorn. The group was soon whittled down in size, but there were more coming, they would have to fight, he saw that Aragorn was organising the other walkers to insure the attack was successful.


Ten minutes of fighting later the strange creatures were defeated, but two of their number had been taken by the retreating creatures, to be quite frank Merry and Pippin, Boromir drew a shuddering breath, he had been trying to protect the hobbits but had been overwhelmed by the sheer number of the foe, he wasn't bleeding he didn't think but his ribs seemed to be preventing him from taking a proper breath, pausing for a moment he pulled his straps on his body armour tighter. He drew a breath a found it came easier now. That was until he noticed that the horn of Gondor was no longer hanging beside him, he looked around the lakeshore but was unable to find it. He found Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn sitting by the boats looking grave.

"Merry and Pippin were taken" said Boromir as he approached them

"What should be done but to follow these creatures to hopefully aid our friends" said the dwarf huffily

"We do not even know what these creatures wish with Merry and Pippin" said Aragorn

"If we do not hunt them then there is no hope of saving them" reasoned Legolas

"These creatures bear the white hand of Saruman" remarked Boromir, he did not explain himself talking was painful

"Ack he'll want them for the ring" said Gimli

"Then he will want them to be delivered alive and unharmed" said Legolas, "He would not want these creatures of his to posses the ring for any length of time and it is a long journey to Isenguard"

"And we will take it" said Aragorn with finality

There was no argument, once they had ensured they were armed they set off in chase of the creatures.


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