Chapter One---Confrontation

'Tryouts today after school…hm…why not? I'll watch for a bit, see who the competition is and then try-out.' Aiden thought to herself. The auditions were for a band, Heartless, that a local student was founding. She wanted her own band, but under the circumstances it was best she joined one and 'earned' her way.

"Hey Aiden! Did you hear about try-outs?!" Her red-headed classmate, Kairi, walked up to her smiling happily.

"Yes." Kairi was joined by Yuffie who was 'padding' on her legs. (padding is practicing your drumming with sticks on a practice pad or just on your legs, w or w/out sticks)

"Me and Yuffie were thinking we should all try out together. We've heard you play…uh…accidentally…and your really good! Even Riku would have to admit it, even if he wouldn't." Kairi scratched the back of her head while Aiden rolled her eyes. Accidentally meant they'd been spying on her.

"So what do you say? Please?" Kairi pouted and Aiden sighed. 'Might as well, you don't know anyone here…not that that's a bad thing…' She told herself.

"Sure." Yuffie and Kairi squealed, jumping up and down excitedly. Aiden grimaced and continued on quickly. However, her escape was short-lived.

"Wait! What are we going to perform?" Yuffie asked, yanking Aiden back to walk with them.

"…"Aiden hadn't planned on the three of them auditioning, just her.

"Well, obviously not something original…hey do you know Simple and Clean?" (Bear with me.) Kairi asked and Aiden nodded. 'Thank Hera I just finished learning it.' It had been perfect timing.

"Great. Yuffie's on drums, I'm on bass and your on electric and vocals." Sing. She had to sing?!

"No, I…I can't sing." Her two 'friends' frowned.

"Don't lie, we heard you. You're amazing."

"No! I…" Aiden looked around quickly.

"I get stage fright very bad." She whispered.

"That's ok, there won't be many people there. Listen, I'mna go talk to Selphie and see if she'll do keyboard. You two, harmonize."

"Let's go to the auditorium, it's lunch. No one will be there." Aiden nodded, following the small ninja. True to her word, the place was empty.

"Ok. Start off and I'll just jump in. Improv." Jumping onto the stage, Aiden let her feet dangle off the edge and began to sing.

--When you walk away you don't hear me say…please, oh baby, don't go.-- Yuffie jumped in and soon both had found a good pitch between them. The sound of clapping caught their attention.

"Very well done. For amateurs." The red headed smirked. 'If only you knew my mother.' Aiden snapped mentally.

"Oh bite me Axl. We were good and your just worried."

"Worried, whatever for? I'm not planning on joining that silver-haired freaks' band. I've got my own."

"Really?!" Aiden piped up, hopping of the stage.

"Yeah." Axl was now on guard, why was she suddenly so interested.

"Whose all in it? Can I watch you practice sometime?"

"Sure…" Aiden realized she'd said far to much in one setting. She closed her mouth and looked to the floor.

"So what's your band called?" Yuffie asked.

"Velvet Steel. Squall and Cloud came up with it. Oh, they requested that I tell you they wished to talk to you." Axl had the weirdest way of speaking sometimes. Yuffie only nodded and looked to Aiden.

"After try-outs we'll go watch them practice." Aiden nodded, still not talking. Axl raised a brow to Yuffie who only shrugged.

"Let's go, class is going to start soon."

"Next!!" Riku yelled. Auditions were failing horribly. So far, only Sora Tilmitt was any good, now Riku's new bassist and vocalist. Tidus Almasywas hooking up his electric to the amp and dazzled the small audience with his rendering of Bleed American. (JIMMY ET WORLD). The kid could play.

"Good job Almasy. Next." Riku frowned when he saw the three girls.

"No girls, Kairi." Aiden glared at him.

"That's not what the flyers said."

"It's what I said." Yuffie burst in at the moment out of breath, drum sticks in hand.

"Am I late?"

"No, your not auditioning." Riku told her, still frowning.

" What?! Hey come on, give usa chance. At least then you can say your were fair is tossing us." Riku sighed and nodded. Aiden was still angry about it though. Of all things in this school, why keep a band separated, girls from boys? P.E, classes, even assemblies were divided into boys and girls. Boys team verses girls team. Girls on this side, boys on the other. For heaven's sake they'd even seperated them in the cafeteria!

"Let's hear it." Yuffie punch the air happily and the group set up. Aiden hadn't looked around at the small crowd, fortunately. And she only did so when the sound of clapping followed their performance. Riku was, needless to say, impressed and was about to congratulate them with the principle, his father, walked in. His expression was firm and decided.

"You know the rules Miss Aiden. No girls. I'll trust that you'll be forming your own group if you want to participate in the contest." Without another word, Mr. Loire left. Riku stared after his father.

"I…Sorry girls. It's my father's contest, his rules. I wish it was different, I do." Riku told them. Aiden fought very hard to control the urge to scream. This wasn't supposed to happen this way!

"Save it Riku. I don't want to hear it." Aiden gathered up her guitar and walked out of the auditorium. Yuffie and the others watched her go. Why was it such a big deal?

"Are you happy mom? You never wanted me in music and now you've got your wish…it's your fault…This is all you fault." Aiden whispered, staring at her reflection in the mirror, the image of her mother burning in her mind.

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