Chapter Fifteen- Dreams Fall Apart

Vincent paused for what seemed like an eternity. Aiden squeezed Axl's hand even harder. This was the moment they'd been waiting weeks for. Practicing hours on end for. The moment when their dreams came true...or fell apart.

"The winner is Velvet Steel!" Vincent had a smirk on his face that confused Aiden andthe sound of cheers was a low hum in her ears.

"Heartless..." The crowd paused...Velvet Steel and Heartless? What was going on?

"And Fallen! Ladies and gentlemen, you have witnessed, for the first timeever, a contest with three winners! Give it up for the kids!" Aiden went suddenly limp, caught by Squall's strong arms. They all won? was Vincent's contest... Zack and Areith were hugging each other tightly and the crowd was going crazy.

"Congratulations guys...we'll be in touch to discuss the details." Vincent left them staring. Valentine, Aiden decided, was absolutely, 100 percentbrilliantly insane.

For two weeks the three bands were left waiting. But they didn't mind. They came up with new songs and practiced together. Axl had even come up with a name they all agreed was uniquely perfect.

Aiden hadn't moved back in with her parents, but they had made peace. Zack and Areith had gotten back together and both looked happy. Aiden noticed a suspicious glow in her mothersface and immediately baraged her with questions.


"Mmm, yes...?"

"What's up with you? What are you keeping from me?" Areith looked at her with wide innocent eyes. Aiden rolled her own blue eyes and answered the phone.

"Hello, is this Mrs. Valentine? We have her test results..." What test results?

"Yes, this is her."

"Congratulations Mrs. Valentine, your going to have a baby." A baby!

"Yes that's very good news, thank you so much!" Areith looked at her curiously.

"So...MOM...want me help with baby names?" Areith went wide eyed and then squealed, hugging her daughter tightly.

"I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't sure...Wait till I tell Zack!" Said husband...

"Tell me what?" Areith and Aiden looked at each other, smiled and left the house hand in hand. Zack was very confused.


"Oh hello Areith, Ai." Reno greeted his two visitors and let them in. Well...Aiden wasn't a visitor... Areith hugged her daughters significant other.

"How are you Reno? It's been a few days. We have some good news." Reno handed them each a drink and sat on the couch opposite of the two women and looked at them questioningly.

"We wanted to know how you felt about being an uncle of sorts..."Aiden told him softly. He looked at her hard. Of course they'd...shared their intimate moments...but was she...?

"I'm pregnant Reno! I wish your mother was here to celebrate with me...we were so close..." Areith's jade orbs meet his own brilliant eyes and Aiden saw the look of relief and disappointment. Would he have been happy if it had been Aiden that was pregnant?

"Reno-" Aiden's cell rang and her eyes lit.

"Vinnie! Of course...we'll be right there!" Aiden grabbed her mothers hand and Renos.

"Come on! We've gotta go meet Vinnie!"


"I'm so glad you all could make it. I know its been a long, difficult road to reach this point and I want you all to know you have what it takes to be great." The band of 11 looked at him with smiles and respect.

"I've brought you here today to discuss your futures." Yuffie punched the air.

"We'll all be rich!" Vincent smiled.

"Your future," He paused to look each of them in the eye.

"As Kingdom Hearts."


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