The Quiet One

Written by, immortalwizardpirateelf-fan

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The Arthurian Legend has existed for nearly 900 years when Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote about the King who united England under one banner to fight against the Saxons. Over the centuries the legend has become a story of magic, love, loss, betrayal, intrigue, and of courtly love & virtue. It was what drew Lillian Rose Everson to becoming an archaeologist. She wanted to be the one to prove that King Arthur was real and she wanted to be able to write the real story.


Lillian Rose Everson stood on the hill overlooking Glastonbury. As she overlooked the breathtaking view of the English countryside in Somerset she smiled softly and began taking pictures. If King Arthur truly existed and was buried here in the abbey then she would do all in her power to prove it.

As a child Lillian had always been fascinated with history and healing; especially the Arthurian legends. It always appealed to her; the stories about knights who did selfless deeds and who loved their ladies from a far. So when she entered college at age 18 she declared her major in archaeology with a dual minor in English History and in Ancient Languages. Now ten years later, at age 28, Lillian was in Somerset ready to prove to herself and the world that King Arthur was real and that the legend was based in truth.

As she packed up her photographic equipment she noticed a very obscure rock or gemstone laying near her camera bag. 'That's curious,' she thought, 'I wonder what it is supposed to do?'

Shrugging her shoulders she added the rock to her purse and then walked back into town.

After a thirty minute walk she finally reached her hotel and set her things down in the room she opened her purse up and pulled the gem stone out, setting it gently on the makeshift desk. She pulled her lap top out and then her digital camera and began downloading her photos as she simultaneously searched the internet for geologists and historical experts to id the 'rock' she found. After sending the photo of the rock to an acquaintance, Candace McCarthy, she turned the

TV on, planning on ordering a movie. As she looked at the list she noticed King Arthur was available and having not seen it before, she ordered it.

As she watched the film she couldn't help but wonder which of the versions of Arthurian legend were real and which were embellished by the bards and in later years, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Thomas Mallory, and many others. Though in her opinion the most realistic and best written of all the version had to be Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon.

After the movie was over she lay on her bed in her beige peasant top and her white ankle length skirt. Sighing, as she touched the stone, she said aloud, "I wonder what it was like to live back when King Arthur reigned."

As she said these words the stone began to glow an eerie green color. Then suddenly there was a burst of light and Lillian Rose Everson was no more. She had disappeared and become another Unsolved Mystery for the ages. Never to be seen again…at least in modern times.

Chapter 1

"Tristan, ride ahead and make sure the road is clear," a man asked. Tristan; a tall handsome man nearly 6 ft in height, with shoulder length dark brown hair, a long braid on his left side, and beard and moustache, nodded to his commanding officer and rode off a head of the small contingent of Roman legionaries.

His contingent consisted of six other men. Five of whom were fellow Sarmatians; Gawaine, Galahad, Lancelot, Bors, and Dagonet. The other was their half Roman, half Briton commanding officer Artorius Castus, otherwise known as Arthur.

"Go fly," he whispered to his hawk.

After his hawk flew off, to scout and hunt; Tristan rode off ahead of the contingent. He rode far enough a head where the contingent was almost out of his sight. Suddenly he heard someone breaking through the bush off to his left. He pulled out his bow and readied it just incase it was a Woad or a Saxon. But what he saw was a shock to him. There stumbling out of the forest was a woman with long blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes. When they made eye contact he could tell

she had a shocked look on her face; like she didn't expect him to be there. She continued to walk and was nearly to him when she stumbled and nearly fell to the floor. Tristan urged his horse to where she was and caught her before she hit her head.

The woman looked up at him with a hint of recognition and skepticism. 'How does she know me' he wondered before speaking.

"Are you all right?" he asked her.

The woman sighed as she let Tristan's arms support her and she let the weariness overtake her. "I am now. Thank you for your help," she replied, a slight smile on her face as she looked at him. "I am Lillian. But feel free to call me Lily or Lils."

Tristan's lips twitched as he replied, "It was no trouble at all, my lady. My name is Tristan." He looked at Lillian again and felt something stir in him that he never thought he'd feel. He cared for her. Looking her in the eyes, "Might I ask what you are doing in the woods, alone, with no escort?"

Lillian closed her eyes before opening them and retuning his gaze. "To tell the truth I really don't know," she admitted reluctantly, "You see I am a scholar of history and I was looking up information on a man named Artorius Castus…" Lillian noticed the look on Tristan's face and her own face paled, "No…no…no…it can't be. I can't have fallen through time," she whispered.

Tristan looked at the woman in his arms. He heard her whisper "No…no…no…it can't be. I can't have fallen through time." Curiosity got the best of him as he asked, "Lillian, what do you mean fallen through time?"

Lillian looked up at Tristan shock written clearly over her face. She swallowed the lump in her throat and sighed. "It meant what it meant Tristan. My full name is Lillian Rose Everson. And I am from the year 2004. I was not lying when I said I was a scholar because I am. I am an archaeologist, it means I study history. I was in Somerset near Glastonbury when I found this stone," she said, pulling out the stone in her hand. "and I touched it right before I said 'I wonder what it was like when King Arthur was alive'. I was then surrounded by a bright light. When it was gone I found myself in those woods over there," she pointed over to where she had just come.

Tristan looked at this woman and was shocked by what she had said and yet she had no proof of her tail except her clothes, which were styled in a way and made with a fabric he'd never seen before. As he took in this information Lillian realized he needed proof and suddenly it clicked for her. This was exactly like in the movie she had just watched.

"Tristan," she said, breaking his concentration, "You, Arthur, Galahad, Gawaine, Lancelot, Bors and Dagonet just went to escort Bishop Germanius on his way to Hadrian's Wall. You were all attacked by the Woads, were you not?"

Tristan nodded; shocked she could have known this when it was obvious she had been nowhere near the skirmish. He looked in her eye and could see only sincerity, trust and hope in their depths.

"Lily…I do not know why, but I believe you," he looked down the road and saw that Arthur and everyone else were on their way, "But for now I feel it best if you ride with me and come with my companions and I to the wall. It would not be right to leave you here to defend yourself."

Lillian suppressed a smile at that before answering, "I do believe you are right Tristan. And I thank you for you kindness."

Tristan smiled slightly and helped her up onto his horse before he leapt up onto the horse behind her. Using his knees and feet Tristan urged the horse forward and 'steered' it towards Arthur to give him the full report.

As Tristan and Lillian neared they could see the signs of shock on the faces of the other knights and of the Roman legionnaires. Tristan pulled his horse up next to Arthur's and began speaking. "Arthur, there were no more woads, nor Saxons. The only person was Lillian Everson," he said motioning towards the woman seated in front of him.

Lillian smiled nervously at Arthur. She could not believe it, here she was meeting one of the most famous and legendary figures of history. "Good day Commander," Lillian greeted.

Arthur looked at Lillian suspiciously for a moment before returning her greeting, "Good day to you Lady Everson. May I ask what brought you this far into the wilderness with no escort?"

Lillian knew she would and should not lie to someone who would be her king in less than a year's time. "My lord, please call me Lillian. And as to why I am here, I am not of this time. Nor am I of this land. As I told Tristan, I am from the year 2004, where I was working on uncovering the truth of a myth. I remember being in my hotel or inn after I had found a strange stone, in Glastonbury; when I held the stone in my hand and said, 'I wonder what it was like back in the days of King Arthur'. It was then I was surrounded by a bright light and I found myself in the woods the line this road," she told him, as she looked him in the eye she said, "I know you may not believe me, but I speak the truth."

Arthur looked in her eyes and read the truth of her statements in them. "Lillian, I apologize…"

Lillian smiled slightly, "There's no need Arthur Castus. I would have done the same thing in your place…"

It was then they were interrupted by Gawaine, Bors, Lancelot, Dagonet, and Galahad. They all looked at Lillian wondering who she was. Lancelot was the first one to speak.

"Arthur, Tristan, what is going on? Lancelot asked looking from one to the other before his gaze rested on Lillian. When he saw her he smirked, "And who is the lovely lady?"

Before either Arthur or Tristan could say anything Lillian spoke, "My name is Lillian Everson, and you are sooo not my type."

The others looked at Lillian in shock before they burst out laughing. After calming down Gawaine spoke, "I don't know about you Lancelot, but I like her. Shows she has taste."

Arthur shook his head before breaking up the party. "We should leave and return to the fort," Arthur said, "so that you can get your discharge papers."

The men looked at each other for a moment before Bors said, "Right, let's go then." As he spoke Bors urged his horse into a gallop and rode off. That last statement urged the rest group and they rode to the fort at their outpost on Hadrian's Wall.