Harry Potter and the Debeo Animus


Lythian & Constance Malfoy

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Where Do I Begin?

1956 – The Grounds of Number 12 Grimmauld Place

Summer had came in abundance to the surrounding English countryside, but in the grounds of Number12 Grimmauld Place a dark cloud was looming over the various Black Family members and their families.

Amongst the cherry blossoms and wisteria of the ancient grounds stood a huge gazebo, and within this structure sat two women, one blonde, one brunette.

Both women were showing the signs of pregnancy. The blond woman looked over to her beloved brunette sister.

"Cass. Where will our two lines be in 50 years time from now? Will they be friends with each other, like we are?"

"I hope so Phe, I really do." Cassiopeia Black-Potter smiled at her sister, Pleiades Black-Malfoy. "Lucius is looking well, is he excited about the new brother he will be receiving?"

Pleiades smiled at her sister. "Aye sister. We have already decided on a name. Lythian."

"Lovely name."

Pleiades held her sisters hand. "And have you and Philip found the gender of your child?"

"Not yet but we think it is twins. If it is then we want one of each gender. Philip wants to call the male James, which is his middle name. I agreed, so long as our daughter was named Constance."

Cassiopeia looked over to her sister and then to her stomach, then her sisters stomach. "Constance and Lythian will be arranged by father won't they?"

Pleiades nodded. "Have you heard of fathers latest pledge?"

Cassiopeia nodded sadly. "He's pledged to a man named Voldemort. Whilst purebloods are superior, no doubt, this Voldemort, is a direct descendant of Slytherin himself. He, wants to kill all the muggleborns.. Brutally. Philip came home from one of the meetings and was sick for a week. After a few more meetings though, I barely knew him. He is so cold."

"My Emmanuel is like that too."

"Phe, if we have a son, I don't want him to turn out like that. "

"Well if you do have a boy why don't you send him to be brought up by your brother inlaw?"

Cassiopeia began sobbing. Pleiades held her sister. "Lucius is already being trained up by Emmanuel, he will serve that self proclaimed dark lord, like his father. I can do nothing to stop it, but I swear I will not let Lythian become like him. You mentioned that a brother of Philip's was disowned and is now a blood traitor."

Cassiopeia nodded her head and wiped away her tears. "I will send him there. I will say that he died during birth. I will have more control over Constance, being a girl, so she can avoid his influence a tad... Lucius has been arranged hasn't he?"

Pleiades nodded "Yes, to Narcissa."

"You managed to get him pledged to the diamond of Hercules eye, his youngest daughter?" Cassiopeia chuckled.

"Our brother would do anything for his eldest sister."

"Too true Phe. Hercules married into the Snape's did he not?"

"Yes Cass. You really don't pay much attention to the politics do you?"

"I knew that Antares married the only daughter of the Mulciber's."

"Maia his wife is pregnant you know?"

"Another one? Regulus is what, Lucius' age now?"

Pleiades nodded again. "Antares and Maia both fully support this dark lord. Our brothers children will become servants to the lord, no doubt... Did you hear about the Evans'?"

"They had a daughter didn't they?"

"Yes. Petunia I think her name is."

"Maybe I could get a marriage arranged between Petunia and James..."

"You may want to re think that when you hear about that child's power."

"What do you mean Phe?" Cassiopeia asked, obviously confused as to where the conversation was going.


"You do know that the girls father is His son?

"His line isn't dead?"

"It appears so. He would be turning in his grave if He was given one. They have run into the Muggle world. Ashamed. She's pregnant again though. Swore that they would live as Muggles."

The two women sat in silence for a while.

"The house of Black is fading isn't it sister?" Pleiades asked.

"Aye Phe. I think it is. This Dark Lord's ruthlessness will get the males killed. I think our fall is sealed."

"Aye Cass. What about the generation after that. This dark lord should be dead by then."

"Then we bring back the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black."

The two sister sat in silence each reflecting on how to ensure the rise of the house in the future.

"Your first born's first born, if he married my first born's first born..."

"Then the house of Potter and Malfoy would merge back into the house of Black." Cassiopeia finished. She then thought for a moment and spoke up again. "And with Constance and Lythian married... their children..."

"I like it. But with the pending war coming."

"We perform Debeo Animus."

The two sister pulled out their wands and used them to cut their wrists allowing a slow trickle of blood. They placed the wounds over each other.

"I Cassiopeia Black-Potter herby invoke the Debeo Animus pledging the heir of my heir to the heir of Pleiades Black-Malfoy's heir."

"I Pleiades Black-Malfoy call on Hecate and the triad to seal the pledge of Cassiopeia Black-Potter's heir's heir to my heir's heir. Seal it in blood."

"Seal it in magic." Cassiopeia intoned

"Seal it in life." came from Pliades, followed by.

"Seal it in death." in unison from the two witches. Two balls of light appeared, one crashed into Cassiopeia's womb, the other flew and surrounded Lucius who was busy playing with Regulus.

The effects of this spell were not to be seen for a long time.