Harry Potter and the Debeo Animus


Lythian & Constance Malfoy

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Chapter 5

Vari's Happy Birthday


Constance shook herself out of her stupor and spoke to the assembled Potter family members.

"Well it is getting late and things have to be put into motion for you to do your stuff." Constance said as she took the portrait down from the wall.

Just like with the box she cast a spell on the picture and shrunk it so it was able to fit in a pocket of her robes.

Unheard by the woman Edwina asked her sister in-law who the woman was and Pandora said that she was the only person that could help the family, and bring them all back to the land of living, this last comment she said under her breath.

"I hope you are all holding on as this is going to be a bumpy ride." With a flick of her wrist and a few choice words coming from the pictures current inhabitants they vanished, leaving the house permanently devoid of life…………….for now.


Hogwarts School of Wizardry & Witchcraft

"Ah! Severus, there you are!"


"I just came to bring down a list of potions I need."

The dower man sighed.

"Headmaster, did I not tell you that I was leaving today to attend to my summer employ?"

"Ah! Of course Severus… But could you just do these few… they will only take a few days… I could contact them for you?"

"I am sorry Albus, I must leave now."

"Allow me to escort you there then… I need to chat with mister Malfoy anyway."

Severus Snape sighed.

"Come along then Albus."

The tall imposing figure of the Potions master scared off the few students who were not in the dorms packing as he made his way to the front of the school, the grandfatherly figure of Albus Dumbledore almost running to keep up.

As they approached the two large wrought iron gates a large black vehicle pulled up. A spectral figure opened the door, admitting Severus. When Albus went to get in, the figure stood in his way and closed the door.

"I will see you in on the 28th of August Headmaster. I have left the list of supplies I need with McGonagall."

The black vehicle drove silently away, leaving an angry headmaster in it's wake.

Dragon Crest Manor

Varian Malfoy was jumpy. That's the only word for it. Lythian and Constance were resigned to the fact. 2 months of tutelage from Varian's favorite 'uncle' was the cause.

"Varian, just sit down, it's not a very Malfoy thing to do you know."

"Yes Father." Drawled the young male, whilst Constance chuckled.

The wait of young Varian's was soon over, when a large, imposing figure appeared in the doorway.

"UNCLE SEV!" the 6 year old boy ran into the afore mentioned mans arms.

"Look at you young Varian. Looking good. You must have grown a whole 3 inches since I last saw you."

"Come in Sev." Constance walked over and gave the man a peck on the cheek. "It's been too long."

"Well met Severus." The two older males embraced (In a dignified manly fashion befitting of a Snape and Malfoy of course).

"How's work Lyth, Connie?"

"Same old, same old. There's not much work at the moment, things are quiet. They send the odd ancient manuscript for Connie, and the odd request for spell development to me, but our real trade… well nothing since Moldies disaperance."

The man nodded. Lythian and Constance were a couple of the top members of the Department of Mysteries, both top assassins and spies. They were also researchers, Constance in translation of runes and lost languages, Lythian in the developmental area. Both were highly qualified in the all aspects of magic, be it modern or arcane.

"How about you Sev? The old coot still medaling?"

"Of course Connie. It's what he does. Otherwise though, work is fine. Of course many of the new students lack any skills in Potions. Dunderheads the lot of them. Now Varian… You are going to let me get him his masters I hope?"

"What ever Sev..."

As they were chatting they moved into the library, Varian and Severus sitting together on one couch, Lythian and Constance together on the other.

"Well Varian, let's see your report card."


"In your fathers study, on the pin board."

"Thanks Mum!" the little boy ran out of the room to get his report to show 'Uncle Sev'.

"You look troubled Connie?"

Lythian looked at his wife for a second before answering for her.

"She went to Godrics Hollow and picked up some of the salvageable goods of James and Lily's. Varian is getting them for his birthday. She only got back today."


"UNCLE SEV! Here you go!"

The sheet of parchment was thrown onto his lap, face down.

Report for Varian Malfoy.

Magical Education: Varian Malfoy's strengths lie in all aspects of Magic. I feel he would benefit from the tutelage of a master in all core areas, as well as private tutelage from your persons in the more shady areas of which you know much.

Physical Education: Varian Malfoy shows great agility and dexterity, and can pack quite a punch for a Six year old. I would like to see him specialize in some of the fighting arts next year.

Non-Magical Education: Varian Malfoy shows great strength in many aspects of Non Magical education, although it is easy to see that he finds many of the subjects "Stupid" (especially physics, where the rules can be bent through magic). It is clear however that he can apply all taught aspects of NME to a magical environment (he seems to enjoy chemistry, mentioning that some of the principals taught in said subject can be applied to potions – he notes it is a shame many potions masters dismiss it)


Magic: Transfiguration: Excellent (A)

Magic: Divination: Acceptable (C)

Magic: Potions: Excellent (A)

Magic: Charms: Very Good (B)

Magic: History: Very Good (B)

Magic: Other: Excellent (A)

Physical: Fitness: Excellent (A)

Physical: Hand to Hand combat: Very Good (B)

Physical: Armed combat: Excellent (A)

Physical: Other: Good (C+)

NME: English: Excellent (A)

NME: Math: Excellent (A)

NME: Chemistry: Excellent (A)

NME: Physics: Acceptable (C)

NME: History/Geography: Satisfactory (D) nb: Fell asleep during a lecture!

NME: Information Technology: Very Good (B)

NME: Other: Excellent (A)

"Well Done Varian. Although one D and 3 C's?"

"Ones a C+ Sev!"

"Oh alright, I will live up to my end of the promise then. You can help me brew Wolfsbane at the end of our time together, but ONLY if you agree to work really hard with me."

Constance and Lythian smiled, walking out of the room together leaving the two to talk. Varian was one of the few that Severus would act freely with. He was not even as open around Lythian, and the two were practically brothers.

Dragon Crest Manor was almost quiet for nearly a month. The usually boisterous voice of Varian was not heard often – apart from when the two brewers were dragged up for meals, in which case there was usually a race between the seven year old and the thirty something year old potions master – which was always a source of amusement for the other two occupants. The normally dour potions master was seen on many an occasion smiling – which had anyone else been there could have caused a coronary, and also laughing – which defiantly would have caused a coronary. July 31st quickly approached, and one of the two 'master brewers' (as the spectrals, mistress and master of the house had come to call them), had completely forgotten. The younger one.

"Varian, what say we go and get some more ingredients from Diagon Alley?" Severus asked his young protégé.

"Sure Uncle Sev!"

As Severus was about to floo out, Constance leaned over to him. "Give us a couple of hours… say 2pm?"

"Sure…. Diagon Alley!"

During the trip the two boys – or rather one man and one boy visited almost every shop in the major part of the alley – and a few in Knockturn Alley as well. At exactly 2pm, Severus ushered Varian into the floo. When they stepped out, the room was covered in darkness.


The lights suddenly flaired and the room was filled with family friends. There were a few people Varian recognized, the head of the French ministry of magic, the head of the Unspeakables (although most members of the Ministry thought that he was a cleaner), the members of his mother and fathers special unit along with a score of other people.

"Uncle Sev? What's the party for? Is it your birthday?"

Severus chuckled. "It's July 31st Varian, which if I remember correctly is YOUR birthday?"

Varian scrunched up his face in thought... "So it is!"

Everyone chuckled lightly, whilst Varian was dragged arround to meet everyone.

Four hours later, after much cake and icecream, the last guest entered the floo.

"Ready for our presents Var?"

Constance put down a collection of packages. Severus also pulled out a small box. He looked at Lythian's questioning gaze and nodded.

The first few were inconsequential things, a broom servicing kit, a couple of books, private box at the quiditch cup.

As they were getting to the 'deep and meaningfull' presents, Lythian spoke up.

"How about we do Uncle Sev's gift now?"

Severus handed Harry the small box. Inside sat a small ring with the Snape family crest.

"Lythian. I will probably never marry, you know that?"

"Uncle Sev?"

"That means I will never have a child. But I think of you like a son, and... I ... wanted you to have this. My father gave me this, as is tradition, on my 8th birthday. Now I give it to you. I Severus Snape, first heir of the Snape family, third heir of the Drian family, ask Varian Marius Malfoy to accept the position of first heir to myself."

The young child smiled, as a couple of tears rolled down his face. He knew what this meant to the man. In response, he put his small arms arround the neck of his kneeling 'Uncle'.

"Varian, you have to respond darling." Constance prodded.

"I, Varian Marius Malfoy the First, Heir to the Potter household, Third Heir to the Malfoy household, Third Heir to the Black household, Heir to the Snape household, Fourth Heir to the Drian household, son of Lythian Rhane Malfoy, Head of the Potter household, Heir to the Malfoy household, Heir to the Black household, Third Heir to the Snape household, Second Tier Unspeakable, Lord of Dragons Crest, Lord of Godrics Hollow, Duke of Hogswarden and Shadow Lord, son of Emmanuel Johel Malfoy, son of Roden Fhar Malfoy the second, son of Michael Renald Malfoy, son of Roden Fhar Malfoy the first, am honoured to accept."

"Witnessed and decreed" spoke Lythian and Constance in unisen.

Next Constance handed over a small, thin package. Inside sat the shrunk potraits.

"I found these at the home of your birth mother and father. They decided to come live here... maybe they can ... t. tell you a. about th. the. them..." Lythian pulled his wife onto his lap and held her.

"The box is also your parents. We don't know what's inside. You may want to open it alone."

Varian hugged his parents, then Severus.

"Thankyou, mum, dad, uncle."

Varian's Bedroom – Dragon Crest Manor

That night, Varian sat talking to the portraits from his birth parents home.

"So in this box is the Evans chain and the Potter pendant?"

"Yes boy."

"And the Evans chain was made by?"



"Arghhh... Surely your father has told you about HIM!"

"Ohhh.. Him!"


"Why didn't you say so?"

"I did."

"Why can't you just say his name?"

"Because, the name was imposed upon him by the great Albus Dumbledore." the name Albus Dumbledore was spat out with distain. "His first name is unknown to all but a few. He was found by Dumbledore in an orphanage at the age of 11, taken to Hogwarts, given that... name... and then killed by him 15 years later, just for making waves in the water. Just because he killed a few ministry officials, called for Albus Dumbledore to be questioned and not blindly followed, for bribery to be made illegal, and for the rules about Dark Arts to be properly defined, instead of slapped willy nilly on any spell the average joe can't perform, they labled him a dark lord, using his policy which they later adapted anyway, on muggle secrecy as a reason."


"Study hard boy. You have more connections than most. You will be able to change the world. It is your duty to change the world."

Varian nodded and lay back on his bed, thinking about the many faults of the wizarding world, and how he, Varian Marius Malfoy the first, could change it.