I dont wanna be anything other than what I been tryina be lately...

"Luke," a young Haley James said from her place in the bright green grass under the stars. She sat up and leaned her chin on her hand. Lucas Scott, her best friend since... wow, since they were just babies looked at her intently. His bright blue eyes staring intensely back into her own deep brown eyes. "Do you think I'll ever find love...?" she whispered.

"Yes," Lucas said as he pulled her into his lap softly. He laughed and ruffled her hair playfully as she squealed. "But Hales," he continued. "We're only freshmen, I think you have until AT LEAST Junior year for that."
((End Flashback))

"So Hales," Lucas said, interupting her reminiscing day dream as he shoved the last bits of his lunch into his mouth. He looked around the cafeteria at all the loud, obnoxious kids screaming about and was quite content on his quiet conversation with his best friend. "What's up for tonight? You comin to my game - or what? It is my first game as a Tree Hill Raven, you know."

Haley grinned widely. She could see how excited he was because he got these little winkles in the corners of his eyes whenever he spoke about it. "No," she said flatly, sarcastically, and without any emotion. The smile drained from Lucas's face, as he looked at her questioningly. Then she grinned again. "Luke, we've only been making these plans since the summer - when you first realized you were even going to play basketball.. of COURSE I'm coming."

"Oh yeah, I guess I forgot, huh?" he said with a sly smile. "So um... after the game - uh... theres this party at Tim's..."

"No," Haley said sternly, cutting him off. "We're not going to a party. Well, you can... but I'm not. And, why would you want to go anyway - I mean, its all those basketball players and you don't even like half of them. Don't get me started on the major one that you can't stand..."

"Hales, its not even really a party, it's just... the basketball boys and a couple of friends," Lucas said as he grabbed her hand and patted it. "Come on..." he pleaded. "Please? For me?" He gave her his sad puppy dog face with his bright baby blues all big and droopy.

She looked straight into his face, and then soon figured out it was quite a bad idea if she intended to win this conversation. "Well..." she started, but the class bell rang. "Okay, call me when you're on your way tonight - I have to tutor someone today, not even sure who, so I won't see you right after school. Now, GET TO CLASS!" Haley instructed.

Lucas nodded, and mumbled, "Okay mom." He kissed her forehead and dissappeared out of the lunch room.

Haley sighed and headed to the library with a huge smile lighting up her face. She loved spending time with Lucas, he was the only one that really saw her for her. She went through the huge library doors and choked up. There he was. The infamous Nathan Scott.

"Oh, hello Haley," the Librarian said as she smiled brightly at her. "Theres not much work for you to do today, so I guess you're on your own. You just have to file a few books back on the shelves."

"Okay, I'll get right to it," Haley was talking but her eyes were plastered on the back of Nathan's head - sending death rays his way.

'What is he doing in here? Hes a stupid jock, he doesnt know a damn thing about books.. I'd be suprised if he even knew how to read..' She thought angrily. She sighed, "Oh well," she muttered outloud to no one in particular. She grabbed onto the cart and pushed her way along the shelves of books. Ten minutes into filing, someone bumped into her.

"Excuse me," Haley said. She turned around and came face to face with none other then Nathan Scott.

"Yeah," Nathan said rudely as he kept searching for whatever book he was looking for.

Haley looked at him, eyes opened wide. "Well, that was polite," she whispered as she continued down the rows of books, shelving a book here or there.

"Muttering under one's breath is never considered that nice either," he said without turning to even glance at her.

"If you say so," she said as she continued her work.