By: babykelyse

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She sat gazing in her mirror and she thoughtfully brushed her long black and pale blond hair. She'd done a muggle thing called 'dyeing' her hair a couple of months back and she'd instantly fell in love with the result. Her thoughts returned back to the original road they'd been on. She muttered a spell and her hair instantly went up into a high ponytail that cascaded down her back. She'd been thinking of him all day. It was pathetic, really. Ever since that day in the hall, she'd been thinking of him non-stop. No matter how hard she'd tried, she couldn't stop thinking of his soft eyes, his more than touchable hair, and his deep, but soft voice.

She knew she had no chance with him. They were too different, their values and morals eons apart. But a girl could dream right? Pansy sighed to herself and she got herself ready for the day. She put on a white tank top and then her traditional school shirt. She then pulled on her gray skirt, tucked her shirt in and sat down to pull on her socks and shoes. Once she finished, she observed herself in the mirror, smiled at what she saw and put on her robes over her school clothes.

Pansy grabbed her bag and wand and headed out of the 7th year girl's dormitory. Pansy had changed in the years she had first come to Hogwarts. Gone was the annoying pug faced girl, and in her place a classic beauty with just enough deviousness in her to show she was a Slytherin. She was by no means any nicer than she was when she was a first year, but she had mellowed out. She no longer tormented Gryffindors, but instead let them make fools of themselves and laughed in enjoyment.

She had long gotten over her silly crush with Draco Malfoy and they were now best friends. He was quite content with his youngest Weasley anyway. It had been a shock to her and everyone in Slytherin when he'd begun dating the girl, but after she'd proven herself against a known slut in Slytherin, their respect for her strengthened ten-fold and she was held in regard as a true Slytherin Princess, though she was in Gryffindor. Pansy herself, had begun a tentative friendship with the girl and it blossomed as she began to learn more about Ginny. She still felt the same about her prat of a brother Ron, of course.

Pansy was so enamored in her thoughts that she didn't notice a certain green-eyed boy heading her way, his head down. Too late, she looked up only to crash into a rock solid chest. She let out a small 'oomph', as she most ungracefully landed on her bottom on the cold hard floor. To save herself from further embarrassment, she quickly dusted herself off and proceeded to pull herself up.

"Let me help you."

Pansy gasped inaudibly at the sound of the familiar voice, the same voice that had been haunting her for weeks. The boy stuck his hand down and she debated quickly over whether or not to grab it or not. She made her decision quickly, and lightly grasped his hand. Both started at the shock that passed between them, but said nothing about it.

Pansy dropped his hand quickly once she was standing on her own two feet. Slowly she brought her eyes up to the boy that had been invading her dreams every night. He was tall, almost at 6'1, with long legs, a muscular build most likely from his rigorous Quidditch training. His hands, from the brief moment she'd touched them, were rough with calluses from gripping his broom during matches, his hair was, as usual, messy and all over the place. But somehow, he managed to pull it off as a sexy look. His eyes were a shocking emerald green covered with his trademark glasses. Above that, on his forehead, was the trademark lightening bolt scar.

Harry Potter.

".... alright?"


Pansy shook herself out of her musings to stare up at the handsome boy.

"I asked if you were alright."

"I'm fine, Potter. No thanks to you."

Pansy winced at her abrasive tone, but she had to keep up her standards. She ignored Harry as she bent done to pick up her books, quills and parchment. She was surprised when Harry bent down to help her pick up her things. At the same time, they both reached for her bottle of ink and they're fingers brushed. Neither was able to deny the spark that shot through them this time.

Emerald eyes met cerulean, and they stared at one another for what seemed like hours. Finally, Pansy broke his hypnotic gaze and grabbed her inkbottle, shoving it in her bag. She stood up abruptly and slung her bag over her shoulder.

"If you'll excuse me, Potter."

She hurriedly walked down the hall unaware of the green gaze that followed her until she turned a corner. Once Pansy was out of sight, she leaned back against the wall and fought to keep her breath. Her hand still tingled from where Harry had brushed it when they both reached for her inkbottle.


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