A Christmas Story

Description- If you were given one wish….what would it be?

Timeline- Season 7 of Buffy

Disclaimer- all BTVS characters belong to Joss.

A/N- This is sort of a repost of the story. I went back and fixed a bunch of stuff and now I'm replacing all of the chaps. The story is still the same though. Hopefully it will be complete before Christmas this year.


Spike opened one of his swollen eyes. The room was dark. At first he was overcome with the fear he was blind but soon he could make out the walls of the cave in the blackness. He struggled to tilt his head. He wanted to scan the whole room to see if the First and its new friend were in tonight. A part of him was glad that they didn't appear to be there. Another part of him hoped they were hiding somewhere. He wasn't sure if it was night or day, but he hoped it was day. He couldn't stand the thought that that thing could be out there after Buffy.

Another few minutes passed. Spike called out to the creature partly hoping it would show its ugly face. When it didn't come he got another idea. He could get out. The First itself couldn't stop him from leaving. Only the vampire and the harbingers could. Neither of which appeared to be around. The problem he faced however was getting out of the chains. Even at his full strength it would have been a tough job.

He began to pull at the chains with all the might he possessed, but to no avail. He pulled again. Nothing.

"Need some help?" Spike glanced up at the figure that now stood before him. The one he hadn't heard enter the room.

"It's just…well that doesn't look very comfortable." The girl smiled up at him.

He knew that smile. He knew this girl. But who was she?

"You do remember me right?"

The look on Spike's face told her he didn't.

"Carley. You know…Carlemorous…goddess of desire."

Oh right. He remembered now.

"Long time…no see...pet."

"Yea well I've been around." She snapped her fingers and the cave lit up. "That's better."

"Carley, luv, what are you…?"

"Doing here? Well see I'm like a new agent of the First. I was told to come here…" she looked around "...to this…very interesting place. Not very posh is it? I mean you would think being the First evil and all you would at least have a nice place to stay." She had begun looking around the room. "But you know how ancient evil is…….got to stick to the old." She looked back at Spike who seemed to be deep in thought.

"So do you want out of those chains or what?"

He thought and moment and nodded. Could this be a trap? He hoped not. She moved toward him but stopped about a foot away and looked at him strangely.


She crinkled her brow. "I owe you something….don't I?"

Spike looked confused.

"I can always tell if I owe people things. I don't get favors done for me often you know. So when I do…I remember."

Favors? Ahh yes. South America…1927.

"I remember."

She frowned.

"Well you know I don't like doing good things for people, but I never leave debts unpaid. So what do you want?"

He snorted. What did he want? Ha. "What exactly are you proposing, pet?"

"Well I'm proposing a wish, but nothing too fancy. I don't bring back the dead or anything like that. And since you're all good now let me make it clear that I can't destroy evil." Off his look she continued. "Yeah don't think I haven't heard about your new found soul. It's all over the underworld. Everyone wants to kill you."

"Good to know."

"Yeah so back to the wish…"

He thought a minute.

"What's today?"

"Do I look like a calendar?" Carley asked. Then she replied. "The 23rd why?"

"Just curious."

She eyed him suspiciously.

"Say, if you knew that I had a soul then why did you offer to unchain me?"

"Told you. I thought it looked uncomfortable. I'm not completely heartless you know."

He nodded.

"You never were."

"So you know what you want yet?"

"Yeah, I think I do."