Rediscovering Destiny

By theladyknight

Summary: Fame was never something they sought. But after the defeat of Malomyotismon, it was all they received. Fame pulled them apart, corrupted their crests, and put the digital world in danger again. Now they must join together as an old enemy returns and rediscover their lost friendships and powers to save both worlds.

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Chapter 1: Sick and Tired of this World

A wave of bright blue-green light illuminated the old campsite. The inhabitants there shielded their eyes and as the light began to lessen, Haruhiko Takenouchi looked one by one at the faces of the other parents. "Do you think…"

"They have really gotta fix these landings!"

Susumu Yagami rolled his eyes. "I'd say that's a safe assumption."

"Taichi! Hikari!" his wife shouted.

The gathered crowd turned in the direction of the new clump that had just appeared. A face belonging to a teen with gravity defying hair was the first to untangle himself. "Hey everybody!"

"Mom, dad!" his little sister exclaimed, running over to greet her parents.

One by one the remaining Japanese digidestined, in addition to their digimon, the children they had saved, and, of course, their digimon freed themselves from the clump and found their families.

"Daisuke, you don't know how proud of you we are." His father patted the boy warmly on the back while his mother and sister beamed at him.

Hiroaki Ishida and his ex-wife Natsuko Takaishi both hugged their sons. "You boys have done it again. Yamato, Takeru you guys have saved a lot of people."

"Aw, mom," the younger blond laughed, "we were just doing our job!"

His older brother released himself from his mother's grasp and looked around. The kidnapped children were all experiencing a joyous reunion with their families and from the looks of things, so were the digidestined. There was Koushiro and his parents, the Kidos, Mimi, the Yagamis…wait a second, Mimi?

"What are you doing here?"

She smiled at his confused look. "The portal sent me back here. I don't really know why, but I can't say I'm complaining. I'm sure mom and dad won't mind if I stay here a few days."

"It'll be just like old times." Another voice entered the conversation, andYamato felt a soft hand interlock with his. He grinned down at his girlfriend of a little more than a week. "I can't believe it's over."

"I know. It appears the digiworld is finally safe." Koushiro added, joining the group.

Jyou, seeing the formation, walked over as well. "It seems like we just went into the digital world and now our adventure is over."

"But we saved it. That's the important thing." Little Iori added. He looked in the direction of Noriko, the child who seemed to be at the heart of the kidnapping. "And they are all safe."

The other chosen faced Noriko and her family, and Taichi and the others all gathered around. "This was our best work yet, team." The brunette responded. "It almost appeared to be…"

He was cut off by the sound of sirens. "What's that?" Miyako wondered.

There was a crunching, crackling sound, and it sounded like many people were running in their direction. From behind a cluster of trees, a large group appeared.

Two police officers made their way to Noriko's family and began questioning them. Bright lights began flashing and clicking could be heard. "I guess Noriko's mom called the police." Mimi replied.

"Yeah, and somehow a group of reporters and writers got a hold of this." Takeru murmured.

"Look, are those the children?"

"I think they are!"

The mass dashed over to where the chosen were standing and began shouting out requests. "I'm so and so from the so and so journal." They would all cry in unison. "Please give us your story!"

"All these people are making my head spin!" Ken Ichijouji whispered to Daisuke.

"How was it that children were able to make these creatures disappear? What is special about you children?" the reporters continued to shoot off questions and snap pictures until one of the officers stood in front of them.

"You will all have a chance to ask these children questions later if their parents agree to it. For now, we ask that you leave them alone! We will issue a press release later in the night."

Disappointed, many of the reporters took one last shot before packing their things up and leaving. A few remained but after the police talked to them once more, they hastily left.

"It looks like you all are going to be celebrities. I don't know what you did back there, but whatever it was…thank you!" the police officer said before walking back over to Noriko's parents.

"Celebrities?" Taichi and Yamato replied in unison.

Mimi bit her lip. "Why would we be? There are hundreds of digidestined around the world. Why are we so special?"

"Probably because you were the first set of chosen," Shin Kido explained. "When word of what happened gets out to the world, everyone's going to want to talk to you. You all will be overnight celebrities!"

The chosen glanced at each other and were not sure how to reply to that. Luckily, Sora's father saved the day. "Sora, it's time for us to go. I'm sure you'll be seeing everyone tomorrow."

The other parents all informed their children it was time to leave as well. "Wait, there's one thing before we go." Taichi stated. The digidestined all stood in a circle, and their leader put his hand in the middle. The others, starting with Hikari, put their hands in as well. "Okay guys, no matter what happens next…no matter if we become famous or not, rich or poor, normal or celebrity, we're going to stay friends and not change. We all are going to live up to our crests and be the same nice normal people we've always been and stay friends no matter what. Agreed?"

The children looked each other in the eye and all at once responded. "Of course…"

-5 Years Later-

A lone figure glanced out at the digital world from behind a set of thick trees. He glanced both ways and thankfully saw none of the Dark One's spies. Knowing he had to get the supplies to Gennai, the teen threw caution to the wind and sprinted to the cave.

He continued looking around him and when he saw a dark silhouette immerging on the horizon, forced his legs to move faster. Finally he reached the cave but didn't stop running until he saw the digital being before him.

"Ken, were you spotted by anyone?"

"No, but I saw one of his henchman about a mile away."

Gennai hastily walked over to their computer and pushed a few keys. "Digital barrier on-line!"

"This should keep them away and keep our mission safe." Wormon, who had just come from the sleep quarters, stated.

Ken nodded. "But for extra protection…" he walked over to the computer and turned the holographic projector on, concealing the elaborate computer system. "We can't let them get to the computer or these." The teen held up a set of compact discs and Gennai beamed at him.

"Good work, my friend. We must view them now and see…the worst."

Both Ken and Wormon knew what the worst referred to. The worst was the fate that had befallen the digidestined after coming back to the real world. The worst was something Gennai had never imagined would happen to the chosen. The worst is what had caused the Digital World to be in its horrible current state.

The being inserted the first disc into the makeshift computer. Ken took out his digivice to record everything. It would be their backup copy. Gennai had installed a program on Ken's D3 making it capable to do so.

"Taichi Yagami, age 19, residence New York City, USA, and bearer of courage." The computer read off the file and launched into Taichi's story.

Ken didn't have to listen because he knew the story so well.

The digidestined left the campsite five years ago not knowing what was in store for them. The next morning, after news reports from around the globe had come in; each chosen received hundreds of calls asking them to tell their story.

Taichi, still being the leader, called a meeting at the park to discuss what they were going to do. "It seems to me, gang, that we have two options. We can either ignore everything…"

"…or get sucked in." Mimi answered.

The boy cracked a smile. "That's not how I was going to put it, but I think you summed it up, Meems."

Jyou cleared his throat. "If we do decide to do this thing, I think we should all go in it together. If one person doesn't want to do it, then we don't."

"I agree." Sora nodded. "Shin was right yesterday when he said we'd be celebrities. But I know I for one never wanted to be a celebrity like this. All we did was what we had to do. Wouldn't anyone do that?"

Hikari shrugged. "Not all people will do what they can if they won't receive anything in return. What do you guys think we should do?"

"Avoid it." Iori voiced his opinion first. "I just have a very bad feeling about this."

Takeru shook his head. "I don't know. I can see both some good and bad in it."

"I don't see what the harm of doing a few interviews is," his brother answered. "Maybe if we just tell them the story, they'll leave us all in peace."

Koushiro nodded. "I believe this is a powerful opportunity. One day it may be possible that everyone on earth possesses a digimon, and we want people to know the truth about them, not some fabricated myth someone else makes up."

One by one the group began showing their agreement until even the youngest member consented. "When you put it that way, well…I'm in…"

"Yamato Ishida, age 19, residence Miami, FL, USA, bearer of friendship."

It had started off simple enough. The digidestined had released to the press, through a press conference held at the end of the week, they would be open to do interviews together, placing heavy emphasis on the word together.

Instantly worldwide requests came flying in. It seemed every nation wanted to talk with these "saviors of the world" as one magazine had dubbed them.

Their first interview took place on David Letterman. (Not mine!) While the chosen had all admitted they wanted their first real interview to take place in Japan, it seemed America persisted until the country finally got what it wanted. America had to be the first to break this news to the world. Shortly after, the group appeared on news programs, talk shows, radio broadcasts, and the likes.

"Sora Takenouchi, age 19, residence Tokyo, Japan, bearer of love."

This continued on for months. The crew had thought this fame would only last for a few days, a few weeks, maybe even a month at the most. But they had been wrong. From America they headed back to Japan, then traveled to Germany, Australia, Brazil…the list went on and on. Their parents all got together and decided to hire a few private tutors to go along with them because they were about to miss the beginning of the trimester at school.

They had no trouble affording some teachers. Money was never an issue. Companies offered high prices for everyone to come travel to their city or country so they could claim to have "hosted the chosen". They had lit the Christmas tree in Times Square, opened a new display at Tokyo Tower and even met the queen of Britain. The profits were astronomical but yet throughout all this fame and fortune, the destined all stayed true to their beliefs.

"Koushiro Izumi, age 18, residence Paris, France, bearer of knowledge."

But that's where the problems emerged. The media began digging for information into their personal lives. They'd had a field day when they learned there were some romances within the digidestined. During a radio interview in Germany, Miyako had accidentally let it slip that Sora and Yamato were dating. Immediately everyone had wanted to know every little detail about their relationship.

"We're only fourteen!" Sora had explained. "Neither of us know if this relationship will last, but we're happy with it the way it is. He gets me and I get him, it's as simple as that."

Rumors began spreading about their love lives and the fact that a few of the other digidestined, particularly Taichi were jealous. "I'm not jealous of them. I'm happy for Sor and Yama. They go really well together…"

"Mimi Tachikawa, age 18, residence Hollywood, CA, USA, bearer of sincerity."

From Yamato and Sora's relationship, the focus shifted to the other's relationships, or lack thereof. It seemed none of the chosen could not go anywhere without some television network claiming they had hooked up with someone, even Iori. The media first made up stories about Mimi and Taichi being involved. Then they decided Mimi and Koushiro were meant to be, then Mimi and Jyou.

Mimi was the prime focus for many of their stories. She was the pretty one, the most energetic, bubbly girl everyone wanted to know. When she had moved to America right after the first time they'd gone into the digital world, she had taken up drama and acting and fallen in love with it. When she'd mentioned she had wanted to get involved in the arts during an interview, the first bomb had dropped…

"Jyou Kido, age 21, residence London, England, bearer of reliability."

It had been one year and half to the day when Mimi had announced she'd been offered a few movie roles and a possible recording contract. She told the others this was something she had always dreamed of but would turn it down if it would ruin their friendship and cause tensions. But the chosen had all encouraged her to go for it but warned her not to forget about them. Unfortunately, it happened that way…

"Takeru Takaishi, age 16, residence Kyoto, Japan, bearer of hope."

Mimi had rose to even more fame and glory overnight. Sure, all the digidestined had been praised and lauded and taken to new extremes. Many football teams (A/N: as in soccer...)showed interest in Taichi and Yamato's band was thrust into some major publicity. But Mimi was an instant star from her acting and the first to drift away from the group.

"Hikari Yagami, age 16, residence Tokyo, Japan, bearer of light."

Jyou was the next to leave. He had always wanted to be a doctor, and he felt being stuck in the limelight was degrading his chances of making that a reality. So Jyou took off to England, leaving ten destined left in the group.

"Daisuke Motomiya, age 16, residence Calgary, Canada, holder of courage/friendship digimentals."

The next to go were Koushiro and the younger chosen. Koushiro had been offered multiple spots at major computer companies when it was revealed he had a near genius IQ in the area of computers. The younger chosen, Takeru, Hikari, Miyako, Daisuke, and Iori, all were placed back in school. Their parents had been worried about the effects this fame had on them and wanted to get them back on their normal routines…

"Miyako Inoue, age 17, Las Vegas, NV, USA, holder of love/sincerity digimentals."

The group now numbered four, as the other eight slowly began to loose touch with their friends. A variety of elements, both from humans and nature, seemed to do what they could to keep the destined apart.

Ken had always wondered why his parents didn't want to bring him back, but he realized he had spent time in the spotlight before back when he was Kaiser. That experience had humbled him, once he had realized how horrible he'd been acting, and Ken had been the one to keep his head the most during this situation.

"Iori Hida, age 14, Tokyo, Japan, holder of the digimentals of reliability/knowledge."

Only he, Taichi, Yamato, and Sora remained. They tried their hardest to keep the group together but all their attempts failed. They vowed to stick together, but it all dissolved when Yamato's band was offered a recording contract no man would be able to turn down.

Ken remembered the day Yamato had left like it was yesterday. He and the band were boarding their own private jet, part of the deal, and saying their final goodbyes. "I never thought this would happen. I figured we'd all be together forever." Yamato had told Taichi.

The brunette forced a grin and gave him a…manly…hug, trying not to break down. "We're gonna miss you, hot shot. Just don't get sucked up in the fame like everyone else and you'll do fine."

"Keep it strong yourself. I don't want to hear your name in the news for some stupid reason." Yamato responded before moving onto Ken. "Look after these two. They're probably going to need some guidance and keep in touch with me for all the times I'll need it."

"Of course, Yamato. Good luck."

And then he'd moved onto his girlfriend. "If I could take you with me, I would, baby. But we're going to make this thing work no matter how far apart we are. Don't forget I love you so much, and I always will love you."

Sora wiped the tears out of her eyes. "I love you too, Yama-kun. I wish it didn't have to happen this way. I wish we could be together and this whole media thing had never happened. I wish you wouldn't have to leave me." Ken saw the regret in the blonde's eyes for accepting this proposal and saw his hand jump to his coat pocket. "I love you too and I will never stop loving you…"

"Ken Ichijouji, age 17, residence unknown, bearer of kindness."

Yamato had gotten on the plane and, for awhile, they had kept contact, but then things fell apart. Taichi moved onto America after seeing his best friend, and the strongest member of the digidestined succumb to the pressure. Sora remained in Japan with her mother, still hoping the destined would one day renew their friendship. Ken didn't really know where her relationship with Yamato stood. They tried their best to keep in touch but Ken had a feeling, they like the others had drifted apart as well…

"We're going to need to get them here." Gennai snapped Ken out of his thoughts. "We've tried our best to hold them off by ourselves but now we know we can't do it alone. If there's any hope of saving the digiworld, it lies in the digidestined reuniting and rediscovering their lost friendships and power."

Ken looked up at his mentor. "Do you think we can do it?"

"I'm not sure." The being replied. "But there's only one way to find out…"

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