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She dances in shadow; like a shadow is her hair.
Her eyes hold midnight captive; like a phantom, fell and fair.
While the woodlark sings the measures that her flying feet retrace.
She dances in the shadows like of darkling grace.

Ever since she was young, she had always been a talented dancer; the best Allafawn had ever seen. She had been the pride of her family, and her town.

At the early age of six summers, she had received dancing lessons from an old widow, Gilsa, who said she was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Not that the lessons were necessary; she was a natural dancer, it just came to her. Gilsa had said she was most certainly the most talented dancer she had ever met, or even heard of. Soon after starting them though, Gilsa said they were useless, that she could only teach herself. That was how good she was.

So after the lessons stopped, she continued to dance everyday for as much time as she could spare, or however long she wanted to. She would dance at town festivals and parties, though she never minded; performing was the way to show off how good she was, in a polite way at least. She once even danced for a Herald at her father's request, as well as the Herald's. The Herald had been breath-taken.

Even after Gilsa's lessons had stopped, she continued to go to her house. Gilsa was the mother she never had; her real one had died when giving birth to her. She would always find time to go to Gilsa's, whether it was to dance or talk or whatever else they wanted to do.

Life had been great, until she was cursed…

Not that there is any use thinking of the past, she thought bitterly. I am cursed and nothing is going to change that.

She looked up from the ground and saw the first light of dawn creeping over the horizon. It made the dew on the leaves sparkle, and the lake in front of her glistened. She sighed and walked slowly to the cave beside the lake. The entrance was small about half her height and a bit smaller length-wise. But when she ducked down into it, it was revealed that the cave was much bigger than at first sight. It was tall enough that she barely had to hunch-over, and she could have lain eagle-spread on the floor and still have extra room.

She did just that, and laid down on the mattress of old leaves and grass, covered by cloth. She looked out of the entrance to the cave and saw a light slowly rising, steadily blinding her. She felt her eyelids get heavier, and went to sleep with one thought echoing in her mind.

I am cursed, and nothing can change that.