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I don't know if you're even reading this or not but on the slight chance that you are I just feel like I need to explain to you what I'm going through right now. I left Tree Hill because I couldn't stand knowing that I was the reason you gave up your dreams. We each have dreams that are in our reach and I don't think that we should just give up on them because we got married. I love you very much. Never doubt that for one second. I just need to know that we both tried for our dreams and didn't hold eachother back... I'm going to be staying in New York for awhile until my record is released. I signed the deal this morning, can you believe it? Anyway, I know you're probably extremely angry with me, but please just try to understand. I want the best for you too, Nathan. Good luck with everything you do. I love you, Nathan Scott!

Love Always,

"Can you believe her? She's giving up on us for her career,"Nathan sighed as he sat with Lucas and Brooke at Karen's Cafe.

"Technically, she's doing it for both of y'alls careers... She says she wants the best for you too," Brooke added as she sipped her water.

"I've known Haley all my life and I would have never expected her to do this to you," Lucas spoke as he folded Nathan's letter back up and placed it in the envelope. Haley hadn't even bothered to call Lucas or Karen to tell them she was okay. Infact, Lucas was starting to feel some resentment towards his former best friend and sister in law.

"What am I supposed to do now? I don't want to lose her..." Nathan leaned over, holding his head with his hands.

"You could always go to New York... We have the return address right here," Lucas tossed the letter back to Nathan.

"Will you guys come with me?" Nathan asked, suddenly feeling a rush of hope.

"I think this is something you should do on your own..." Broke spoke as she reapplied her lip gloss. Lucas just nodded.

Nathan's trip to New York a week later was not as successful as he had hoped it would be. He showed up at Haley's hotel room with two dozen roses only to be told she was in the studio all day. He took the receptionists directions to Haley's studio, only to see a rather close moment between Chris and Haley. He threw the flowers on the ground and took the first flight home.

His friends tried to be there for him the best they could. They took turns hanging out with him so that he wouldn't be alone. Of course Lucas was with him the most. Nathan decided to the only way to let Haley go was to put everything he had into basketball. So he did.

"Haley, you've puked like ten times this week... Are you okay?" Chris asked concerned as he held Haley's hair while she was leaned over the trash can.

Once she was finished she took a few sips of water from her water bottle and walked back into the recording room to finish her record. She was more determined than ever to finish this record and get back home to Nathan if he would take her. She knew that he had tried to see her in New York. She found the roses on the floor of the studio and the receptionist of her hotel had described Nathan to a T.

"Maybe you should get this whole sickness checked out by the doctor... You know, your songs tend to sound better when you're not on the verge of throwing up," Chris tried to joke as he and Haley sat listening to her six finished songs.

"I made an appointment for this afternoon," Haley sighed as she looked at her watch, "in fact, I should be going right now. I'll catch up with you later, alright?"

Chris just nodded as Haley picked up her bag and left the studio. She loved New York. It was so different from the peacefulness of Tree Hill. It was so busy. She liked that New York kept her busy and from dwelling on Nathan. Haley lowered her glasses to read the sign on the door of the building she was standing in front of. Yep, this was her new doctor while she was in New York.

"Hi," she spoke up as she signed in at the receptionist's desk, "I'm Haley Sco..er, James. I have an appointment for three o'clock."

"It'll be a few minutes. Just sit over there and fill out these papers and we'll be with you shortly," the nurse smiled.

Haley did as she was told and finally the doctor was able to see her. They ran several tests on her before coming to a conclusion.

"Haley James? I'm Dr. Forbes, I'm one of the specialists here. I was just checking out your test results and it's exactly what we all thought it would be. You're pregnant. Congratulations!" The doctor smiled at Haley.

Haley's mouth dropped.

"Now, you're lucky. We have some OBG-YN's here, and it just so happens one of them is free right now, if you'd like to see them and make sure everything is alright."

Haley just nodded, picking up her bag and following the doctor to another room. The OBG-YN ran several more tests and gave Haley several pamphlets and vitamins to prepare her for her baby.

6 months later

"Nathan, how does it feel to be signing with Duke?" a reporter asked.

"Couldn't feel better," Nathan smiled.

"How do you plan on celebrating?"

"Well, my girlfriend, Ashley, has something planned, so I'll have to get back to you on that."

Haley's stomach sank as she heard Nathan mention his new girlfriend. Chris, who was sitting next to her on the couch saw the pain in her face. He and Haley had gotten an apartment together as friends and nothing else. He thought he should be there for her while she was pregnant. She hadn't told Nathan and she wasn't sure if she was even going to. Haley spoke to Karen a lot. She was the only one in Tree Hill that would still talk to her. But, Karen knew nothing about Haley's pregnancy. Haley was now 7 1/2 months pregnant. Her record was finished and they had already relased one song only a month ago.

"Chris, do you think that I should tell Nathan about the baby?" Haley asked.

"You tried, he blocked your phone number," Chris stated as he flipped through the channels.

"But I know I could still get a hold of Lucas and Lucas would make him talk to me," Haley added thinking wishfully.

"I doubt it babe. From what you told me of your conversations with Karen, Lucas hates you too... The only way to tell them, would be to go to Tree Hill."

"Nate has a new girlfriend."

"Surely he wouldn't pick his girlfriend over his wife and child."

Haley shrugged her shoulders and went back to eating popcorn and watching t.v.

"Awesome party, Ash! I didn't know you had it in you," Brooke smiled as she hugged her cousin.

"Only the best for my amazing boyfriend," Ashley added as she smiled at Nathan from across the room. He winked back at her.

"Nate, my mom heard from Haley a few days ago..." Lucas whispered as they sipped their beers.

"And your point is?' Nathan asked hostily as he kept his eyes on his girlfriend, Ashley who was talking to her cousin Brooke.

"Mom says she doesn't sound too good. Not the same 'ole Hales we all loved."

"Well, what do you expect. She hasn't even had a song come out yet, and here I am... Newly signed to Duke."

"Maybe we should call her..." Lucas suggested.

"You can, I have plans right now," Nathan smiled as he got up and followed Ashley upstairs to her room. Lucas pulls out his cell phone and quickly dials Haley's cell phone number.

"H-hello?" the tired voice asked.

"Haley?" Lucas asked back.

"Lukie? Is that you? I thought you hated me... What's wrong? You're not hurt are you? OMG! It's Nate isn't it.... What happened?"

"Hales, chill. Everyones fine here. How about you? Mom says shes worried about you.."

"Oh, I'm fine Lucas. A little exhausted. But other than that, I couldn't be better... Um, how's my husband?" Haley asked.

"What husband, Haley? Nathan's moved on..."

"I know. I heard on ESPN today..."

"Haley, what were you thinking when you left? You hurt not only Nathan, but me too... We were supposed to be best friends."

"I don't expect any of you to understand right now. But, soon you all will see the big picture. I mean, if I were still in Tree Hill... Nathan wouldn't have just signed with Duke... Oh, I'm so proud of him, Lukie."

"Haley, you were the best thing to ever happen to Nate... and you know that. He was happy. He didn't need basketball to make him happy. You filled that spot in his heart."

Haley started crying and ended up hanging up on Lucas. Lucas let out a sigh and returned to the party, looking for Brooke. He found her, really wasted on the couch.

"Lucas," Brooke started giggling hysterically, "my cousin and your brother are totally having sex upstairs... I walked by the room." Lucas smiled at Brookes current state of mind and raised his eyebrow at her. She nodded her head and he followed her upstairs to their own private party.

Meanwhile, Nathan had turned on the stereo in Ashley's room. He was waiting for her to come out of the bathroom. He propped his head up on a pillow and just thought about how great things were right now. Ashley opened the door of the bathroom, wearing nothing but some really fancy lingerie. Nathan smiled at her and she smiled back. She crept into bed with him. They started kissing and heavily making out. As soon as he had her completely undressed, he regretted turning on the radio.

"Tonight, debuting at number one Haley J. Scott with Broken Promises. She wrote this song herself and this is what she had to say about it." The d.j. spoke out of the radio.

Nathan become completely still and soon heard her familiar voice.

"I wrote this song because I just recently went through the biggest heartbreak of my life. It was almost impossible to do anything besides work. Anyway, this song is about a couple who mean everything to eachother and then how one day everything can change and you suddenly feel like you never knew eachother at all... It was really difficult to sort through all the emotions but I hope that everyone loves it and can relate to it one way or another."

Haley's sweet, gentle voice soothingly filled the air. Unbeknownst to her, her "husband" made love to his new girlfriend through out the entire song. Unbeknownst to him, his "wife" just went into very premature labor in New York.

To Be Continued.