Chapter 15

"Thank you so much for letting me stay here, Karen," Haley spoke as she walked inside. Keith ran up and scooped Dakota out of Haley's arms. Haley smiled.

"It's not a problem, Haley. You know that... but I thought you and Nathan were getting on track. What happened?" Karen asked as she poured two cups of coffee and handed one to Haley.

"Well, ever since Nate died things haven't been the same. I don't know if they ever will... but things were definitely beginning to look up. Nathan agreed to try and have another baby," Haley smiled as she talked about another baby, "but I came home from the park with Dakota and Nathan and Tim were on the couch high as a friggin kite. The house reeked of pot."

"Nathan hasn't smoked in years," Keith added.

"Yeah, that's what I thought too... I don't like him when he gets like that and I don't want my daughter anywhere around him like that either. So I left... You know, I drove around for hours before I called you to come over. Nathan hasn't even called to see where I'm at or anything. It's like he just doesn't give a damn anymore," Haley started crying.

"He does give a damn. As long as he is Nathan Scott, he'll give a damn about you and your daughter," Keith added.

"He's just not himself right now. That's all. Maybe it's his way of acting out after losing Nate. He didn't really get the chance to grieve like you did, Haley." Karen spoke as she rubbed Haley's back.

"You're welcome to stay here as long as you need to. You can stay in Luke's room," Keith smiled.

"Thank you guys. You don't know how much this means to me. And I apologize in advance for Dakota waking up and screaming her lungs out at 1 in the morning," Haley tried to smile through her tears.

Keith took Haley's bags into Luke's room as Haley and Karen followed. There was a knock on the door. Karen ran to get it. It was Brooke.

"Hey Karen, is Haley here by chance?" Brooke asked.

Karen nodded and motioned for Brooke to follow her to Luke's old room. Brook watched as Haley played with Dakota on the bed.

"Hey... How's it going, mommy?" Brooke asked as she walked into the room.
"Not so great..." Haley sighed, "but than I play with Dakota and her smile just makes everything better somehow."
"She looks so much like Nathan, ya know? Look at that dark curly hair shes growing!" Brooke laughed.
"I know. She's beatiful... I know Nathan sent you here..." Haley whispered.
"Actually, Nathan is passed out on the couch of the house. You weren't home, so Lucas called Karen and she told him that you were here and that you and Nathan had a fight. I thought you might want a friend," Brooke smiled as she squeezed Haley's hand.
"Thanks Brooke. That means a lot. Something happened today to Nathan. I don't know what it is exactly but it had to be bad. I came home and found him high."
"Ashley... It had to be my bitch of a cousin! He did go see her today, didn't he?" Brooke asked.
"Yeah. He did... Come on, we're going to that hospital to talk to your cousin," Haley stood carrying Dakota out to Keith and Karen. They agreed to watch her and Haley and Brooke got in the car and sped to the hospital.

"Brooke! I'm so glad you came to see me today." Ashley squealed.
"I didn't come here for you... What did you say to Nathan today? He's acting really weird."
"I'm having his baby, Brooke. Can you believe it? It's a miracle," Ashley grinned.
Haley came into the room when she heard.

"You're having his baby?" Haley asked in shock.
"Yeah, it kinda makes up for the one he lost, huh?" Ashley winked.
"You bitch!" Haley lunged for her throat but Brooke jumped in the way.
"Haley, we need to go talk to Nathan right now." Brooke sighed.
"It's on, bitch!" Haley threatened pointing at Ashley.

Brooke pulled Haley out the door of the hospital and into the car.

"What am I gonna do Brooke?" Haley asked.
"Be there for Nathan. Don't let her come between you guys anymore."
"You know what this means don't you? Nathan and I will have to raise her baby. She can't possibly do it from jail after they convict her for Nate's death..."
"This would be the perfect chance for Nathan to pull a Dan. He needs to give up his rights to her baby..."
"I don't know that he would do that," Haley sighed as she started to cry.

Brooke pulled into the driveway of Nathan's home. The front door opened and Nathan stood there watching as Haley got out of the car. He ran over to her and hugged her tight.

"I'm so sorry Hales. You have to believe me..." he cried.
"How can we possibly get through this. Ashley is having your baby, Nathan..."
"I don't want her baby..."
"You can't be like your dad, Nathan."
"I know..." Nathan cried as he dropped to his knees.. Haley kneeled down beside him.

"I want to tell you that everything is going to be okay, but how can I possibly do that after what happened today? Instead of talking to me, you brought drugs into our home... What if something happened to me and I needed you to be responsible for Dakota? How could I have left her with you when you were like that?" Haley asked as she rubbed Nathan's back.

"Nathan, you really need to figure out what's important in your life. Until you do, Dakota and I can't stay with you... My parents called me today. They're in Texas for awhile. I'm thinkin about taking Dakota there for awhile..."

"You're leaving me?" Nathan asked as tears ran down his face.

"Not for good. We just need time to get past everything that's happened lately with Nate and with Ashley. I feel like I can't keep up this face I've had. I'm getting ready to break and I don't want to be around you when that happens because I'm probably going to say a lot of things that I'll never be able to take back."

"Haley, if you leave... you can't come back. I won't let you this time." Nathan said sternly as he stood up.

"I'm sorry you feel that way," Haley choked as she tried to hold her tears back. She turned and ran down the sidewalk. When she was about a mile away, she called Brooke.

"Haley, you can't leave him again... you can't," Brooke started crying.
"I... I... I... need a r-r-r-ide..." Haley barely managed to get out because she was crying so hard,

A few minutes later, Lucas pulled up beside Haley. He got out of the car and ran over to her wrapping his arms around her. He helped her into the car and drove to his moms house. When he finally parked the car he tried to talk to her.

"He means it this time, Haley," Lucas sighed.
"I know," Haley nodded, "but he's havin a baby with Ashley. He'll forget about me in no time."
"He's my brother..." Lucas started.
"It's okay Lucas. I understand you have to stick with him. I prefer it that way. Keep an eye on him, okay. I love you Luke." She kissed him on the cheek and ran inside. She quickly talked to Karen and Keith, then grabbed Dakota and her bags and began her trip to Texas.


"Haley, where's your head at right now?" a man asked as he sat down next to her in the bleachers of her daughter's junior league basketball game.
"Hey Jake. I was just thinking about that invitation we got in the mail to Keith and Karen's wedding."
"Oh, you mean the double ceremony with Luke and Peyton too?" Brooke asked as she plopped down beside them.
"That'd be the one," Haley laughed, "kinda weird, huh?"
"Hey mom, can Jenny and I split a cotton candy?" A cute, brown hair, blue eyed girl with pigtails wearing a cheerleading uniform asked.
"Yes, Aubrey. Since you got an A on your math test this week," Haley smiled as she handed her a five dollar bill.

After Haley had moved to Texas with her parents, she found out she was pregnant again. 9 months later, she had a bouncing baby girl. Aubrey James. She didn't want her new daughter to have Nathan's last name. It was bad enough that she looked just like him. While on tour, she had a nanny to keep the girls and her music was doing really well. She had 5 number 1 singles in three years. The money she was making while on tour allowed her and her daughters to live well off.

After Lucas and Brooke broke up she hopped on a plane and met Haley at one of her stops in Chicago. Brooke took the job of being in charge of picking out Haley's wardrobe plus she helped out with the girls a lot. She was Aunt Brooke after all. When Haley's tour stopped in Savannah, GA, they ran into Jake. Haley took him on as her opening act and they grew very close. Their girls had grown to be like sisters. One night, Haley and Jake got really drunk while Brooke was out on one of her many dates. They started talking about their children and decided they wanted to know what it was like to raise a little boy. The two slept together and it resulted in baby boy. Dylan James-Jagelski. Haley and Jake decided a relationship could never work out and became the best of friends.

"It would be kinda nice to go for a visit. None of us have talked to any of them in years. It could get pretty interesting," Brooke smiled.
"What do you think Nathan's been up to?" Haley asked as she bounced a 3 year old Dylan in her lap.
"He's probably married with 5 kids by now," Jake laughed.
"He is married... to me," Haley laughed.
"What? You two never signed the divorce papers?" Brooke asked in shock.
"There kept being problems with the papers... I would find something and then they would fix them and then he would find something..." Haley smiled.
"You two are busted. There's faith after all. Naley lives on forever!!!" Brooke grinned.
"Does he know about Aubrey or Dylan?" Jake asked.

Haley shrugged her shoulders and then started screaming for her daughter, Dakota as she made the game winning basket.

A couple weeks later, Haley, Brooke, Jake, Jenny, Dakota, Aubrey, and Dylan loaded up Haley's tour bus and drove to Tree Hill, North Carolina for a concert. While Jake and Brooke were still sleeping one morning, Haley got up and got the kids ready and walked over to Karen's Cafe.

"Mom, what is this place?" Dakota asked.
"I used to work here when I was in high school," Haley smiled.
"It smells funny," Aubrey made a disgusted face and held her nose.
Dylan started laughing and then copied his sister.
"It doesn't usually smell this way. Smells like burnt coffee. Here, Jenny, take your brother and the girls and go sit at that table over there," Haley said pointing towards a table in the corner as she walked to the counter.

"Hey, anybody know a good place to get some coffee around here?" Haley asked smiling. Her smile dropped when she saw Lucas walk out from the back. He nearly dropped the plate he was carrying.

"Haley?" Lucas asked in shock as he put down the plate and walked around the counter to hug her.

"Hey Luke. I didn't know you would be here. I was looking for your mom."
"She's still on her honeymoon with Keith. She was upset you missed the wedding... You're a sight for sore eyes..." Luke grinned.
"I have a trainer," Haley laughed.
"So how have you been?" Lucas asked.
"I'm great. Better now that I've seen you. Ten years is too long Lucas."
"I know. I'm sorry. I tried to call you a few times. Your manager never let me through. I tried keeping up with you in magazines and the internet and stuff. You know they say you're the most private celebrity ever..." Lucas laughed.
"I know. I like it that way." Haley smiled, "Congratulations on you and Peyton's wedding by the way. I'm sorry we missed it."
"It's probably better that you did anyway. Nathan and his son flew here from New York... He's a big sports agent up there now... hey, who's this little guy?" Lucas nodded towards the little boy pulling on Haley's pants.
"Mommy, mommy... Aw-bey says we gonna die cuz we hat-nt eat yet," Dylan looked scared.

"Oh, honey, I told you not to listen to your sister. She's mean... Dylan, this is mommy's old friend Lucas. Can you say hello?" Haley grinned as she picked him up.
"You had another son? Who's the dad?" Lucas asked.
"Come over to our table and meet my girls, Luke," Haley walked over to the table. He noticed that two girls looked almost identical.

"That's Aubrey, the mean one," Haley laughed," and you remember Dakota... and that's Jenny Jagelski."

"Hey guys, I'm Lucas...You know Dakota, I held you and changed your diaper when you were a baby..." Dakota started blushing.
"Dakota is the star of the girl Atlanta Junior Leagues," Haley grinned.
"It's that Scott blood in her," Lucas laughed.
"You know our dad?" Aubrey asked.
"You're a Scott too?" Luke asked.
"Yeah, our dads name is Nathan," Dakota added, "I have pictures of him from when I was a baby. Mom says we look just like him."
"You do," Lucas agreed, "hey, I'm done with my shift here, how about I take you girls to the River Court and we can shoot some hoops?"
"Yeah!" Dakota and Jenny grinned.
"No thanks. I hate that kind of stuff. Aunt Brooke says girls shouldn't play basketball," Aubrey stuck up her nose.
"Aunt Brooke?" Lucas raised his eyebrow at Haley. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders.
"Jenny and Dakota know my cell number. Have them call me when you guys are done," Haley grinned as she, Dylan and Aubrey left the cafe to go back to the tour bus.

At the River court, Lucas played the girls in a game of two on one. They were killing him.

"So, Jenny, you're dad is Jake, isn't he?" Lucas asked.
Jenny nodded.
"And Dakota, I know you and Aubrey's dad is Nathan..." Lucas continued.
"And I know that you're our uncle Lucas. Mom talks about you all the time and I have pictures of you holding me when I was a baby," Dakota added.
"Busted!" Luke laughed.
"You know Mommy used to cry every night when she went to bed until Aunt Brooke and Jake started living with us. I know it's because my dad didn't want us anymore after my brother Nate died," Dakota looked down at the ground.
"When your twin brother died it was hard on all of us. But your mom and dad wanted to be so brave for each other that it made both of them go crazy..."
"But why hasn't our dad tried to see us?" Dakota asked getting a little upset.

They were interrupted by a little boy.

"Uncle Luke! Pass me the ball!" a little blonde hair boy yelled as he ran over from a car.
"Hey Matt. Where's your dad?" Lucas asked the boy.
"Talking to grandma on the phone," Matt answered as he shot the ball in the hoop.

Lucas watched as Nathan got out of the car and started walking over. Lucas looked over at Dakota. Her eyes got really big.

"My dad?" Dakota asked. Luke nodded. Nathan walked over to the bench Lucas was sitting on with the girls.

"Babysitting?" Nathan asked.
"Yeah, actually you know them..." Lucas started.

Nathan's eyes got big as he began to recognize Haley's features in the girl combined with his own.

"Dakota?" Nathan asked.
Dakota nodded and stood up to hug her dad. Nathan held her tight.

"I'm really sorry that I haven't been around until now. Your mom and I had a huge fight and she didn't want me around you guys anymore... What are you doing here? Does your mom know your here?" Nathan asked as he took the little girl in.

"Moms on tour with my friend Jenny's dad, Jake and she's playing here... But Uncle Luke brought us down here so we could school him on the basketball court." Dakota spoke up.

"You play?" Nathan asked. She nodded.
"She's on the girls all-star junior league team in Atlanta," Luke added proudly.
"Wow, that's awesome. I'll have to watch you play sometime... Where's your mom right now?" Nathan asked.
"She took Dylan and Aubrey to the bus with Jake and Aunt Brooke so she could practice for tonight."
"Are Dylan and Aubrey your siblings?" Nathan asked upset.
"Yup. Aubrey is 11 months younger than me. We look like we could be twins," Dakota smiled.
"What about Dylan?" Nathan asked.
"Dylan is 3 years old. Mommy and Jenny's dad wanted a little boy so they had one," she added.
"Jake?" Nathan asked,
"Jagelski…" Lucas added.
"Yeah," Jenny spoke up, "he's my dad. Haley said that you guys all grew up together."
"We did," Nathan replied, "Dakota, I want you to meet someone. Matt, come here."

Matt, who was playing basketball, ran over.

"Yeah, dad?" Matt asked.
"This is your sister, Dakota." Nathan smiled.
"Hey Dakota. I'm Matt. Dad talks about you all the time. He has a picture of you and Nate when you guys were babies by his bed," Matt smiled.
"He does?" Dakota asked.
"Yup. It's really cool that you're here now. We can shoot hoops together," Matt grinned.
"I don't know how long we're going to be in town," Dakota sighed.
"I'll talk to your mom," Nathan smiled as he squeezed her hand, "How bout we play a quick game and then we'll go see your mom."

Dakota grinned and nodded. It was Nathan and Dakota vs. Lucas, Jenny, and Matt. By the end of the game, Nathan and Dakota had won. Nathan knew without a doubt his daughter was more talented than even he was. Lucas, Nathan, Dakota, Matt and Jenny piled into Nathan's rental car and drove to wear Haley's tour bus was. They saw Jake sitting outside with his guitar talking to Brooke who was holding a little boy. Another little girl was practicing what looked like cheerleading a few feet away. Jake and Brooke looked up when the car came to a halt. Their mouths dropped when Lucas and Nathan stepped out with the kids.

"Aunt Brooke, Jake, I found my dad!" Dakota smiled. Jake and Brooke stood up as the guys walked over to them.
"It's been awhile, huh?" Brooke asked as she quickly hugged Nathan and Lucas.
"Where's Haley?" Nathan demanded.
"She's practicing at Tric right now," Jake spoke up.
"Daddy, you need to meet your other daughter, Aubrey while you're here. She'll be so happy," Dakota grinned as she pulled Nathan to where Aubrey was cheering.

"Aubrey, it's our dad. Look," Dakota smiled. Aubrey looked at her questioningly.
"I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about Dakota. Your mom and I only had you and Nate together…" Nathan spoke confused.
"No. Mommy was pregnant when we moved from here… Grandma and Grandpa had to help her."
"But she never told me…" Nathan choked.
"Dad, it's okay. We can all be together now," Aubrey smiled as she hugged her dad.
"Aubrey, we have another brother too… His name is Matt, he's over there by Uncle Lucas," Dakota pointed.
"This is like the best day ever!" Aubrey shrieked. "Wait 'til mom finds out!"

"Wait til mom finds out what?" Haley asked unaware of anything while she was digging for her cell phone in her purse. When she found it, she looked up and dropped it.

"Nathan?" Haley asked.
"Hey Haley," Nathan walked over and hugged her, "we need to talk."
"Yeah," Haley agreed as she followed him to his car. They got in and drove off.

"Don't worry. We'll just all stay here and watch your kids," Brooke screamed jokingly. Lucas laughed.
"So, what have you two been up to?" Lucas asked.
"Making music, raising kids… That's pretty much it," Jake smiled.
"I design Haley's wardrobe and I help out with the kids too," Brooke grinned.
"Brooke and children, I never thought I'd see that," Lucas said.
"Yeah, well, those kids love me. Just ask them," Brooke spoke back.
"I believe you… What about your love life?" Lucas asked curiously,

"I don't think that's any of your business," Brooke answered.
"Well, I'll just call Peyton to come and get me and Matt. I'm sorry we bothered you guys." Lucas walked away holding his cell phone to his ear.
"Luke, wait. I didn't mean to snap at you. It's just been a long time since any of us have talked and frankly we've all changed. We just need to continue accepting that and keep moving on with our lives," Brooke sighed.
"I agree with you Brooke, but don't you think that things need to be different now for the kids sake. Nathan is not going to let Haley keep his girls from him anymore. Not now," Luke replied.
"Hey, he's the one that told her not to come back," Jake stepped in.
"Whatever, come on Matt. We'll walk," Lucas yelled.

Matt ran after Lucas. Aubrey, Dakota, and Jenny walked back over to Brooke, Jake and Dylan.

"Come on guys, you need to get ready for the concert tonight. Your mom said you all could go," Brooke spoke as she waved them onto the bus.

Meanwhile, Nathan had driven Haley to the pier where they had their first tutoring session. They both ordered something to drink and then sat down.

"You look great, Hales," Nathan smiled.
"Thank. So do you," Haley replied," Listen. I'm sorry I kept the girls away. I never should have done that. Even if you told me not to come back.
"No, its my fault. I never should have told you not to come back. I've been seeing a shrink. I've realized all the mistakes I've made and I'm really sorry about everything," Nathan spoke.
"I'm to blame too. It's just that after Nate died, I held you responsible. Even if I said I didn't, I did. When I found out Ashley was pregnant too, I lost it. I didn't want you to see any of that," Haley added.
"She died, ya know," Nathan spoke up, "I pressed charges against for baby Nate dying. She had my son, Matt in jail and she died while giving birth."
"I'm sorry," Haley said as she put her hand on top of Nathan's.
"I'm not. She deserved it. Our son died because of her. I'm thankful for Matt, but I hate that it cost us our relationship and getting to watch our girls grow up. Dakota and Aubrey are beautiful."
"They look like you. Dakota, she's 10 now. She's the shy one. The only time she likes to be seen is when she's on the basketball court. She's really good," Haley smiled.
"I know. She and I played a game at the River court. She's a lot better than I ever was."
"And Aubrey," Haley continued, "she can be mean. She's very girly and very spunky… I think that it has a lot to do with Brooke being around so much."
"You were pregnant with her when you left?" Nathan asked.
"Yeah, I didn't find out until I had been in Texas for a couple months. I had my parents to help me. Even Taylor came around and helped out a lot."
"Why didn't you call me?" Nathan asked.
"We were finished. You said it yourself. And I wasn't ready to come home and face everything that had happened yet."
"And you have another son… with Jake?" Nathan asked.
"Yes. Dylan is 3. He's so funny," Haley laughed.
"How did that happen? Are you guys together now?" Nathan asked.
"No. I just wanted another baby. A little boy. Jake did too. IT just happened. There's really nothing romantic about it at all. He's just my best friend."
"Like Lucas was?" Nathan asked.
"Yeah. Exactly. Jake has helped me out a lot with the girls and everything but he knows that my heart already belongs to someone else."
"Haley, I want to be a part of our daughters lives… I want to be a part of your life too."
"You don't know how long I waited to hear you say those words… but, I need time. We have a lot of other people to consider now… Just give me some time, okay?" Haley asked.
"Yeah, okay… Come on, I'll drive you back to your bus."

Nathan dropped Haley off at the bus. Later that night, Nathan, Lucas, Peyton and Matt were sitting at a table at Tric. They were waiting for Haley to perform. Nathan noticed Brooke sitting at a table with Aubrey, Dakota, and Dylan. She nodded her head for them to join them. Nathan, Matt, and Peyton walked over.

"Hey Brooke. You look great!" Peyton smiled.
"Thanks. So do you. Married life must be treating you right." Brook replied.
"Yeah, it is," Peyton grinned as she hugged her former best friend.
"I asked Haley to be a part of my life again," Nathan whispered to Brooke.
"I know, she tells me everything," Brooke grinned.
"Well, do you know what her answer is gonna be?" he asked.
"I don't know. Just like I didn't know you two were still married," Brooke whispered back.
"What?!" Peyton asked.
"Yeah, I couldn't do it… I just couldn't do it," Nathan laughed.
"Yeah, well neither could she, so there ya go," Brooke laughed.

Jake came out on stage and performed. While he was in the middle of his set, a waitress brought a note over to Nathan. He opened it.

Always and Forever.


Nathan smiled.

"Girls, I think we're going to be a real family," Nathan grinned.


8 years had passed since Haley had sent that note to Nathan the night of her Tree Hill concert. They had never been happier. Nathan bought a new house in Tree Hill so that they could make new memories and start over fresh.

"Haley, baby, I can't find my tie," Nathan said puzzled as he walked out of his closet. Haley found his tie and walked over to him to help him with it. He kissed her.

"I love you so much, Nathan," Haley smiled.
"I love you, too Hales."

"Mom! Matt won't get off the computer!" Aubrey screamed.

Haley and Nathan laughed. He kissed Haley's forehead and walked out of there room to the computer room.

"Matt, you need to finish getting ready. We have to leave in 10 minutes," Nathan spoke sternly.
"Sorry dad, but Coach sent e-mails about summer practice and I had to make sure I got the dates right," Matt replied.
"Well, Dakota is graduating in 30 minutes. If you're not ready, I'm leaving you here. Aubrey?" Nathan asked.
"Yeah dad?" Aubrey answered as she walked into the room.
"Did you help Dylan and Noah get ready?" Nathan asked.
"Dylan is 12 years old. He can get ready himself and Noah is in the living room with Aunt Brooke and Uncle Jake and Melissa and Jamie," Aubrey answered.
"Is your aunt Peyton and Uncle Lucas here?" Nathan asked.
"No, they called and said they were riding with grandma and grandpa and Aunt Karen and Uncle Keith."
"Okay, well you and your brother need to start getting everyone in the car," Nathan said before walking back into his and Haley's room.

"Everyone's ready, honey," Nathan announced.
"I can't believe our little girl is graduating high school, Nathan," Haley cried.
"I know, and then she'll be packing up for Duke in two weeks," Nathan sighed.
"Dakota is a strong girl, she's gonna be fine, isn't she?" Haley asked.
"She will, and we'll go to all her home games. It's going to be fine. I promise." Nathan kissed Haley's forehead again. She took his hand in hers and they walked outside where everyone was waiting.

That day Dakota Lou Scott graduated high school and was set to play women's college basketball at Duke.

Her brother Matt Scott would be captain of the Tree Hill Ravens the following year. His and Aubrey's senior year.

Aubrey had become the Brooke Davis of the school. She was very popular, student body president, captain of the cheerleading squad and she had a 4.2 GPA.

Dylan James-Jagelski lived with his mom Haley and his step dad Nathan but his father, Jake was still very much a part of his life. Jake and his wife Brooke came to see Dylan and the Scott's almost every day. Jenny Jagelski was attending UNC as an English major. Jake and Brooke had also had children. Melissa Jagelski was 8 years old and Jamie Jagelski was 2 years old.

Peyton and Lucas were still married. They patched their friendships with everyone and agreed to be the childrens god parents because they didn't want their own. However, Peyton had become pregnant in the Scott tradition and she was now 5 months along.

Haley and Nathan had another son named Noah. He was now 5 years old. Haley and Nathan loved their large family and agreed to always work out any problems they had ever had. Haley continued her music but mostly only as a song writer so she could stay home with her family. The money she had earned from her days of touring left her and her family very well off. Nathan kept his sports agency open in New York but only as the owner. He flew there every few weeks to check on things but other than that he was focused on his family and coaching the Tree Hill Ravens boys basketball team. Whitey had requested that Nathan take over when he was no longer able to do so.

The END!

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