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Pairings: Sasuke and Sakura

Rating: PG-13 for now.

Warnings: Violence, blood, probably language





Her skilled hands were covered in blood. It was not her own nor was it of her enemies. Sakura's eyes were blurred with tears and blood that trickled from her forehead. Those same eyes were bloodshot from fatigue and exhaustion and full of pain, denial… sorrow.

"No! No! No!" Sakura screamed, press her hands against the deep wound on the body before her. Her delicate hands glowed with chakra, attempting to stop the bleeding…. Save a life.

Sakura shook her head, droplets of tears falling down onto her arms and the face of her comrade.

"Sakura…" His voice was weak; his chakra depleting as the life seeped out of his body. He knew she could do no more, but she would keep trying until it killed her. "Sakura." He spoke louder, his voice barely reaching her pounding ears.

Sakura's head jerked up, her eyes wide, hysteria infecting her mind. She knew that look. She'd seen it on other ninja's faces as they died. "Don't look at me like that, Kakashi-sensei!" She shrieked hysterically, her entire body shaking uncontrollably. This was not happening. This was not happening. This was not happening.

If the man didn't have on his mask, she would have been able to see the smile on his lips. "Stop, Sakura. You've done enough."

She refused to stop, shaking her head rapidly; the blue light in her palms flickering. She was near her limit. "No! You're going to live! The wound's not that deep!"

"Sakura." Kakashi addressed her in the tone he used when she was a genin under his tutelage. She stopped, the light fading from her hands as she stared at him, trembling; her face begging for some sort of miracle to take place. Kakashi's eyes softened; his skill pale from blood loss, his body nearly completely numb.

Tears leaked from her eyes continually as she just stared at him, accepting defeat. "It's not supposed to happen this way…" She whispered, jade eyes glazing over.

Kakashi looked over at her, lazy eyes regarding her as if it were just another day in Konoha. "You've become a fine kunoichi. But, I have a gift for you."

Sakura raised her eyes to look at him in the eyes. "What…?" She stopped what she was saying when she saw what he was doing. "No! Kakashi-sensei, I can't accept that! That's…!"

"My gift to you. Take it. It's my dying wish. You won't have any problem using it."

His skin was cold to her touch but she knew she would be disrespecting him if she didn't take his gift. "I accept your gift, Kakashi-sensei…" She whispered as she reached forward and took the legacy Kakashi left her.


When the ANBU squad found Sakura's team, they found the enemies completely obliterated, one chuunin with critical injuries, three dead bodies of their comrades and one hypothermic kunoichi covered in blood and mild injuries; the worst of the blows being to her head.

As the ANBU captain approached her he stopped and stared at the body that lay beside her. "Oh my God…"

Sakura looked up wearily, staring at the white animal-like mask of the figure before her. Her hair was tangled and covered her face. She'd managed to cover her head with a ragged cloth that covered a good portion of her head from being so big. She looked away, not being able to look at the person. She had failed her duty. She was a disgrace.

"Let's clean up here and get these two to the hospital ASAP."

With those words, Sakura allowed her body to give out, slumping over and into unconsciousness.


When Sakura awoke she found herself the familiar room of the hospital, injuries bandaged and mild cuts healed. She turned her head to the sound of the door opening. Tsunade looked grave as she walked to Sakura. The woman looked tired and weary. She sighed and sat down on a chair beside Sakura.

"I'm glad my work is helping you to recover quickly." Tsunade began, indicating she had been the one to treat her prize pupil. "I can't ask you to explain to me what happened until you're in a better state of mind, but once you're able to I will need a full report of… the mission." She murmured, massaging her temples.

Sakura nodded, turning her head to look out the window.

"But I have a question." Sakura turned her head back to listen, not speaking a word. Tsunade regarded her face before Sakura held up her hand and looked wearily at Tsunade. "You don't have to finish. I know what you're going to ask. And yes, he gave it to me."

Tsunade nodded softly. "Then that would explain it."

"Yeah…" Sakura trailed off, staring out the window, eyes heavy with fatigue. "Wake me for the funeral. I need to pay my respects…"

"Of course."

End Prologue.

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