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Two Different Things

By LT Magnus

Shalimar stood from her chair and quietly excused herself from the training room where she'd been watching Jesse and Brennan practice their moves. She headed down the hall not really sure of what was pulling her away. She walked past Emma's room and paused to look in her slightly opened door. She peered through the crack of the door and slowly nudged it open only an inch or so more. She noticed Emma was standing in front of her mirror in just her bra holding up different shirts in front of herself.

Shalimar found herself unable to keep her gaze off the breath taking psionic. She starred at her friend with lustful eyes and hoped she didn't detect her presence. The more Shalimar watched the beauty the more she wanted her. She fought the uncontrollable urge inside her to bust through the door and wrap her arms tightly around the psionic. She wanted to see that bra thrown to the floor by her own desire filled hands. The only thing she wanted to see Emma wearing was her. Shalimar knew she was the only thing that would look good on the psionic.

She often wondered if she was the one destined to be by her side. She couldn't bring herself to mention it to her friend as they'd never really discussed a love that deep before. She wanted to tell her so many times before. Every time she spoke to the psionic she wanted to tell her of how deeply she loved her and no one else. How she had stolen her heart since the first day they'd met. How ever since their first touch she'd never wanted to feel anyone else's. How she knew in her heart no one could ever mean anywhere as much to her as Emma did.

When she spoke to the psionic she felt with her heart and spoke with her head. She never fully confessed everything she was feeling. She never told Emma the whole truth. She was always holding back a part of her. Some of her heart always remained in the shadows and unseen by her secret love. Everyday she hoped she'd feel safe enough to shine some light on the hidden parts of herself. She hoped she'd be ready to let her soul bare itself to the psionic. She wondered if maybe Emma would confess the battle of expressions between her own heart and mind if she did.

Shalimar watched as Emma removed another top from her dresser and held it to her chest. She recognized it as the one she'd given the psionic only a week ago. She smiled as Emma held it close against her and ran her hand over her chest so slightly. Shalimar wished more than anything she could take the place of that blouse in Emma's hands and be caressed and held close to her body. She wanted Emma to smile at running her hand over her body. She desperately desired to be the only thing Emma wanted close to her. She looked on as Emma slipped the top over her perfect form and smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. She wondered if Emma admired herself as much as she did.

Shalimar didn't realize she was leaning forward more as she nudged the door open farther to catch the attention of the psionic. Shalimar quickly pretended to be stopping by for a quick visit and knocked on Emma's door as she turned around at the unexpected intrusion.

"Hey, Shal," Emma greeted her with a sweet smile. "Come on in."

Shalimar smiled and led herself into the bedroom hoping she might be able to tell the psionic all the things that ran through her heart and mind every time she saw or spoke to her.

"How are you?" Emma asked as she began to put the other clothes away.

"Fine, you?"

I'm great after seeing you look so beautiful as always.

"I'm good." Emma smiled and gestured to the bed. "Why don't you sit down and hang out for a while?"

"I'd love to."

There's nothing I'd rather do and nowhere I'd rather be than here with you.

Shalimar smiled and made her way across the floor to sit on Emma's bed.

"So what are you doin'?"

Does your whole world suddenly become brighter every time I walk into the room the way it does for me whenever I see your beautiful face?

"Just picking out an outfit."


Why wear anything at all? Nothing compares to your amazing, unmatched natural beauty.

"I decided on this one you gave me. I love it." Emma smiled in the mirror at Shalimar behind her.

"I'm glad."

I wish you felt the same way about me.

"I was gonna wear this one," Emma said as she held up another top that was thrown across her chair beside the dresser. "Brennan gave it to me, but I think yours is much better." Emma smiled sweetly at the feral.

What a hideous top. It's nowhere near good enough to be worn on such a magnificent and perfect body such as yours.

"Me too," Shalimar agreed. Emma set the top in her dresser and continued folding the rest of her shirts to place them back inside the drawer.

"You always know what I like."

"It's a gift," Shalimar shrugged with a soft smile.

You're a gift. You're a perfect gift from God. I wish everyday I was lucky enough to call you my own. I'd shower you with gifts and love like no one else ever had before.

"I'm gonna go get some work done on the computer," Emma said as she placed the last shirt in the drawer. "You wanna come?"

More than you know. I'd go anywhere with you and do anything for you. You make everything so special and memorable.

"I'll join ya a little later. There's something I need to get from my room," Shalimar said as she stood from the bed.

"Ok, well, see ya." Emma smiled and embraced Shalimar in a long and loving hug.

Don't ever go. I need your sweet touch more than words can say.

"See ya later."

I love you more than you could ever imagine.

They broke their embrace and each headed for the door. They turned to smile at each other once more before heading off in opposite directions down the hall. Shalimar felt her heart breaking after being separated from the psionic. She hated the tidal wave of emotions brewing inside her that she seemed to have absolutely no control over. Emma always stirred things up inside the feral well beyond her control. Shalimar let out a long, deep sigh as she headed down the hall to her room wondering why her heart and her head always felt to say two different things.