Title: Mistletoe KISSU
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG for shounen-ai
Pairing: KiruGon, GonKiru

Disclaimer: Hunter X Hunter does not and never will belong to me. They all belong to the great Yoshihiro Togashi-sama!


Mistletoe KISSU

"Bye, Bisuke!" Gon chirped happily, waving at Bisuke from her living room, all the while walking towards the door. Killua walked beside him, giving Bisuke a small wave, but that was that. When the two were already at the doorframe, they suddenly felt the whole room darkening. Darker and darker, the atmosphere falling down on them heavily...

"Oh, Gon, Killua..." Bisuke called out,

If someone could make them this scared, it was Biscuit Crugar. Slightly dreading the next scene, both boys turned their heads slowly to look at each other. Gulping, they turned to the girl a few meters away from them.

Bisuke had the most mischievous look ever, like she was plotting some bad. When it comes to her, everything she thinks of are worse than bad. Her lips twitched up into a crooked smile, her eyes twinkling with mischief, her hands on her hips, and it was possible, Killua and Gon swore that they saw fires ablaze behind her. "You guys didn't give me a gift. I told you that I was fine with that, but I guess I changed my mind..."

Killua turned back and patted his butt towards Bisuke's direction, "I told you already, onna! We don't have any money!" Killua stuck his tongue at her, only to fall back when the fires strengthened,

"Oh, you don't need money for this..." Bisuke grinned and pointed up,

Gon and Killua gulped again, feeling butterflies in their stomach. The bad kind of butterflies. Looking up, their jaws practically dropped to the ground.


The room lost it's darkness, even the fire disappeared. All that was left in the middle of the normal living room was a 57-year-old doll clothes-wearing person looking like a lovesick school girl with hearts floating all around her. "Mistletoe! Killua-chan, Gon-chan, KISSU!"

Gon laughed nervously, feeling the sweat fall down the sides of his face, and turned to Killua, pointing to the mistletoe above them, "Anou... You don't have to, Killua, if you don't want to..."

Killua twitched, and looked at Gon with an eyebrow raised, with the most pissed look you've ever seen, "I don't want to? You gotta be kidding me." Then ignoring the girl that was cheering at them, and definitely ignoring the fact at how embarrassed he is, he put one hand around Gon's waist, the other around his shoulder to rest on the other's head, and pulled, crushing their bodies and their mouths together.

Gon's eyes widened, blushing fifty shades of red but seeing that he wouldn't get out of this one, relaxed his body and kissed back.

"Yatta!" Bisuke grinned widely and danced around, twirling and pumping her fists into the air with a look of triumph across her features, "Kawaii! You two look so cute! It must be good to be young! Um... Gon? Killua? You two can stop now... Gon?! Killua?! Oh... Oh well." Then she returned back to her television, plopping down on her couch and grabbing a can of soda.

When Killua was sure that Bisuke was occupied, he pulled away, blushing harder than he ever did in his whole life. "Gon, I --"

Gon cut his off with a quick peck on the lips, smiling widely when he pulled back, "Merry Christmas, Killua."