Title: Because of the Mistletoe
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: PG for yaoi, shounen-ai
Pairing: SasuNaru, NaruSasu

Disclaimer: Naruto doesn't and never will belong to me. Because if it does, the anime would have more action than the kissing that Sasuke and Naruto did in the first episode. XD


Because of the Mistletoe

"Ch', you're such a bastard, you know that?" Naruto stuck his tongue out at the Uchiha in front of him, "I go through all the trouble here to your house to greet you a Merry Christmas, and you announce that you don't celebrate such a petty occasion. Man, what the hell is it with No. 1 rookies and their stuck up attitudes?" He grumbled under his breath, walking towards the door with his arms folded behind his head,

He didn't get a chance to open the door, though, for he was roughly turned about and pushed, his back harshly meeting the door. Before he could blink or scream even, he heard a familiar sound before his lips was seized by someone that could only be Uchiha Sasuke. His eyes widened, but finding how crushed their bodies were together, he figured that he wouldn't be getting out of this one. Relaxing slightly, he raised his arms to wound around Sasuke's neck, kissing back with the same force that the other boy used.

When they pulled back, that was when Naruto realized what happened and blushed fifty shades of red, cursing whoever when he found Sasuke smirking, his face just a few centimeters from his. Of course, you'd be embarrassed if something happened to you, something... something as absurd as this. Kissing your teammate, who happens to be the same gender as you, and who is supposed to be your all-time rival!

That's when Naruto noticed that one of Sasuke's arms were raised up. Following his arm, his eyes widened when he found a dagger clenched tightly around Sasuke's fist, with the dagger sticking something by the door.

A mistletoe.

Sasuke smirked even wider, aware that Naruto finally figured it out, "I don't celebrate Christmas, but I never said that I hated such traditions, especially when they're involving you..."

"Me...?" Naruto blushed, and shook his head, trying to hide his embarrassment, "W-What the hell?! You just go kiss me like that and --" He was cut off once again when lips found it's way to his, now with tongue action. He resisted the urge to moan, but nevertheless, kissed back.

When they pulled back, Naruto was having a hard time focusing his vision, "Was that supposed to be because of the mistletoe again?"

Sasuke grinned, "Go figure."