In The Quiet Of Christmas Morning

The presents had been opened, the Christmas breakfast (French toast with real maple syrup, honey-cured bacon and fresh-squeezed orange juice – Blair thought it was okay to splurge once in a while) had been eaten, and Jim and his lover were now cuddled together in front of the fireplace on the couch. Jim was combing his fingers slowly through Blair's hair, just enjoying the quiet, content to be with his mate.

"Mmmm…" Blair nuzzled further into Jim's chest, never waking from his half-doze.

Jim smiled at this show of trust, liking the fact that Blair was at peace. He normally spent all day on the go, 24/7. But even his little Energizer Bunny needed to recharge his batteries once in a while.

There were plenty of things he could do today – for one thing, he could clean the breakfast dishes up, throw away the used wrapping paper and bows – but he thought he'd rather just stay right here, with Blair in his arms.

After all, it was moments like these that you came to cherish. He could clean up later.